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Data feeds - Network Rail
We have a number of operational data feeds available to developers.

We plan to add to the data feeds and hope that by providing access to our data we will encourage the development of apps and websites that are of interest to passengers and the rail industry, as well as our wider stakeholders.
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april 2016 by robhawkes
MTA subway data in GIS format | Spatiality
As promised, I’ve created an updated GIS data set of subway routes in New York based on MTA’s latest GTFS data, which I’ve posted below for anyone to use.  (I’ve also converted the latest MTA GTFS data to GIS format for NYC Transit bus routes, following up on my earlier post this spring.)  Scroll to the end of this post for the links.
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january 2016 by robhawkes
3D maps of every Underground station
3D maps of every Underground station 3D maps of every Underground station TfL has released another batch of docume…
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july 2015 by robhawkes
A tool for generating dynamic stylized transit maps that are easy to understand. Transitive takes in information describing specific transport network elements (routes, stops, journeys) -- typically produced by the OpenTripPlanner Profiler extension -- and produces a schematic map of those elements:
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february 2015 by robhawkes
List of London Underground stations - OpenStreetMap Wiki
A list of operational railway stations on the London underground and Docklands light railway.
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february 2013 by robhawkes

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