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A Airport Map (with airport sized by number of passenger per year)
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march 2019 by robhawkes
EU-DEM v1.0 is a digital surface model (DSM) of EEA39 countries representing the first surface as illuminated by the sensors. It is a hybrid product based on SRTM and ASTER GDEM data fused by a weighted averaging approach. The statistical validation of EU-DEM v1.0 documents a relatively unbiased (-0.56 meters) overall vertical accuracy of 2.9 meters RMSE, which is fully within the contractual specification of 7m RMSE (European Commission 2009).
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august 2018 by robhawkes
GIS files — European Environment Agency
Information on the environment for those
involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental
policy, and also the general public
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august 2018 by robhawkes
Home page - European Data Portal
Home page - European <strong>Data Portal</strong>
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august 2018 by robhawkes
I love exaggerated relief maps. I have one of Southwest Asia, too.
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august 2018 by robhawkes
Open a current account in the UK | Monese
Apply for and open a UK/EUR current account from your phone. Our mobile banking service has been built to help you manage your money better
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may 2018 by robhawkes
Best roads to drive around the world - INSIDER
There are millions of miles of roads in the world.

While some offer no more than a dreary commute, others provide incredible views.

From an oceanside cruise in Hawaii to treacherous hairpin turns in the Swiss Alps, these roads prove that sometimes the journey really is the destination.
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november 2016 by robhawkes
Top 10 Roads : Driving Routes : Greatest Roads in Europe: View now with Ultimate Drives
Discover the greatest drives in Europe with our Top 10 roads.  All roads ratings are based on our teams personal drivng experiences, from the high alpine passes of the Alps, to the forest trails of Schwarzwald and vineyards of Chianti - all have something special to reward the driver, and can truely be considered an Ultimate Drive
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november 2016 by robhawkes
The boutique hotel in the heart of Switzerland | Hotel Villa Honegg Bürgenstock
Hotel Villa Honegg is a unique 5-star boutique hotel on the Bürgenstock near Lucerne. Find out more about us.
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september 2016 by robhawkes
10 European Roads to Drive Before You Die
Wending their way through national parks, following hairpin bends high up into the mountains and crossing dramatic bridges, these famous European roads are sure to inspire you to get behind the wheel.
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august 2016 by robhawkes
Great UK Roads | Driving for Pleasure
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july 2016 by robhawkes
Europe Remotely - EU friendly remote dev jobs
Get a weekly list of job opportunities exclusively from companies that are happy to work with remote developers from European time zones.
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december 2015 by robhawkes
A robust semantic-aware utility to convert CityGML data to OBJ, featuring decoupling of objects and conversion of attributes to colours.
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february 2015 by robhawkes
Gives you deep insights into open data deployment trends across Europe.
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february 2015 by robhawkes
How small companies and freelancers can deal with the VATMOSS EU VAT changes
Over a month ago I wrote a post detailing the Horrible Implications of the EU VAT Place of Supply Change, and over the last few days the issue seems to have properly picked up interest from communities of micro-businesses. This post is not to debate the ruling, I personally think it a terrible move for small businesses and am frustrated that HMRC did not advertise it more widely. That said, as a business we have to comply with all kinds of things and so this post is just to try and state what complying with the change means.

I am not a VAT expert, however I have experience in running a VAT Registered business, dealing with the current EC Sales returns and am registered for MOSS. The HMRC and European documentation tends to assume businesses are VAT Registered and have some basis for understanding of things such as “place of supply”. This is not the case for many micro-businesses. I continue to collect links and information over on my EU VAT GitHub site, make a pull request or just email me new stuff that you find and I’ll keep it up to date as a resource.
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november 2014 by robhawkes
CKAN instances around the world | ckan - The open source data portal software
The CKAN data management platform is in use by numerous governments, organisations and communities around the world. Being open source, we don’t know of all the instances, but here is a showcase of the ones we are aware of. We are proud and excited to see all the different uses being made of CKAN – if you would like to see your CKAN instance here – let us know!
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august 2013 by robhawkes
Home -
A comprehensive list of open data catalogs curated by experts from around the world.
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february 2013 by robhawkes

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