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Stoplight Studio | OpenAPI Design, Planning & Modeling Tool
Build first-class APIs with a collaborative, powerful, visual editor that allows you to prototype and share your API within minutes
api  design  mock  testing  documentation 
3 days ago by robhawkes
Build apps with HERE Maps API and SDK Platform Access - HERE Developer
High-quality location APIs and SDKS from HERE Technologies, including documentation, code samples and developer support.
geography  mapping  data  location  directions  api  vizicities  label:try_out  geocoding  tiles  isochrone 
february 2019 by robhawkes
TravelTime Maps
Draw a travel time area on a map using the TravelTime API. Create isochrones using driving, cycling, walking and public transport times. Try it now!
mapping  geography  travel  time  isochrone  inspiration  api  distance 
august 2018 by robhawkes
Did you know that Windy has generous ? You can utilize most Windy functions. This flight tracker shows real-tim…
API  from twitter_favs
march 2018 by robhawkes
Wachete - Monitor web changes
Select content on any website you want to monitor or pick to monitor entire portal with subpages.
api  tracking  monitoring  scraping  research 
march 2018 by robhawkes - Barcode database with over 130 million products
Search our EAN database with over 130 million products by EAN, UPC, ISBN or product name
product  shopping  upc  code  lookup  barcode  database  api  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker
To enhance your Amazon shopping experience we provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser addons.
shopping  barcode  product  api  upc  lookup  code  database  ean  amazon  asin  history 
march 2018 by robhawkes
Barcode Lookup | UPC, EAN & ISBN Search
Use Barcode Lookup to search any UPC, EAN and ISBN code to find product information including images, pricing, reviews and places to purchase online.
product  shopping  upc  code  lookup  barcode  database  api  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
UPC Lookup - Semantics3 Product Database / Semantics3
Use our UPC Lookup tool to find product attributes for any UPC or barcode, including price, images and listings on various retailers. Easily do one-off UPC searches.
shopping  product  barcode  lookup  database  api  code  upc  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
Semantics3: Data Solutions to Power the Next Generation of Ecommerce
Semantics3 offers the world's most extensive UPC and Product Lookup API. Get product data solutions to power the next generation of ecommerce.
lookup  product  shopping  barcode  code  database  api  upc  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
UPC Database | Free information on thousands of products
Since our launch in 2010, we've gathered more than 1.5 million barcode numbers from all around the world. Codes are added to the database from users like you.

Our database contains a mixture of barcode types from the standard UPC numbering system, the worldwide EAN numbering system, and the Bookland numbering system. Our database provides information such as the product name, price, quantity, and manufacturer. We also take this one step further by providing an image of the item, a rating system, and a product alias for shopping list applications.
shopping  product  barcode  lookup  code  api  database  upc  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
UPC Lookup Database with API access over 142 Million Unique UPC numbers
With over 142 million unique UPC/EAN numbers, is the largest UPC lookup database where you can search a broad range of UPC numbers to find related product information, images, barcodes, online shopping guide and more.
product  shopping  upc  code  lookup  barcode  database  api  ean 
march 2018 by robhawkes
Insomnia REST Client
Debug APIs like a human, not a robot
Finally, a REST client you'll love
api  endpoints  testing  debug  rest  app 
february 2018 by robhawkes
Helsinki map service
Helsingin internet-paikkatietopalvelu. Palvelussa julkaistaan sekä kaupungin eri hallintokuntien ylläpitämiä että ulkopuolisia aineistoja.
satellite  helsinki  gis  mapping  3d  buildings  tiles  transport  vizicities  citygml  finland  api  elevation  demo  inspiration  terrain  height  obj  geography  data 
august 2017 by robhawkes
HSL HRT Open data - Home page
Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) offers access right to the old Reittiopas (Journey Planner) interface and the new Digitransit platform for applications and services that support public transport usage and transport information availability.
routes  helsinki  mapping  live  gis  transport  vizicities  finland  gtfs  roads  trams  api  demo  buses  inspiration  realtime  network  geography  data  trains 
august 2017 by robhawkes
mapbox/mapbox-gl-directions: Directions plugin for mapbox-gl-js using Mapbox Directions API.
A full featured directions plugin for Mapbox GL JS using the Mapbox Directions API. Quickly add UI to display driving, cycling, or walking directions on the map. The Mapbox Directions API is powered by the OSRM routing engine and open data from the OpenStreetMap project.
MapBox  mapping  geography  car  api  routing  route  directions 
july 2017 by robhawkes
Weekly road fuel prices - GOV.UK
BEIS publishes weekly prices for road fuels.
uk  england  transport  car  suv  petrol  diesel  data  travel  prices  api  camper_van  gas  driving 
july 2017 by robhawkes
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update - Energy Information Administration
Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
america  transport  car  suv  petrol  diesel  data  travel  us  prices  api  gas  driving  camper_van 
july 2017 by robhawkes
Gasoline and diesel prices by country |
Current data and information about unleaded gas and diesel prices by country.
transport  car  suv  petrol  diesel  prices  data  travel  api  gas  driving  camper_van 
july 2017 by robhawkes
Apex Ping – Uptime monitoring tool for websites and APIs
Uptime monitoring for websites and APIs, with flexible alerting, rich reporting, and weekly summaries.
server  alerts  uptime  ping  api  endpoints  monitoring  stack  ops 
march 2017 by robhawkes
pplapi - Home
pplapi is a virtual database of the entire human population.
Easily incorporate pplapi into research, products, and decisions.
socety  mapping  population  people  database  api  data_visualisation  geography 
january 2017 by robhawkes
Cache Fetched AJAX Requests Locally: Wrapping the Fetch API
This article demonstrates how you implement a local cache of fetched requests so that if done repeatedly it reads from session storage instead. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to have custom code for each resource you want cached.

Follow along if you want to look really cool at your next JavaScript dinner party, where you can show off various skills of juggling promises, state-of-the-art APIs and local storage.
vizicities  fetch  cache  api  offline  label:try_out  ajax  javascript 
september 2016 by robhawkes
googlemaps/google-maps-services-js: Node.js client library for Google Maps API Web Services
Use Node.js? Want to geocode something? Looking for directions? This library brings the Google Maps API Web Services to your Node.js application.
directions  google  mapping  javascript  elevation  api  geocoding  roads  node.js  maps  geography 
august 2016 by robhawkes
Snowboy Hotword Detection
Might also be able to use but thats designed for ‘hot word’ not sure if it could train with a buzz
iot  api  keyword  hardware  sound  raspberry_pi  audio  from twitter_favs
august 2016 by robhawkes
edent/BMW-i-Remote: A reverse engineered interface for the BMW i3 Electric Car
A reverse engineered interface for the BMW i3 Electric Car, created initially by Terence Eden, with some code modified by Quentin Stafford-Fraser.
car  bmw  api 
august 2016 by robhawkes
Paw – The most advanced API tool for Mac
Paw is a full-featured HTTP client that lets you test the APIs you build or consume. It has a beautiful native OS X interface to compose requests, inspect server responses and generate client code out-of-the-box.
debugging  tool  mac  app  api  label:try_out  rest  testing 
august 2016 by robhawkes
Design and Build Your Own JavaScript Library: Tips & Tricks
Libraries: we use them all the time. A library is packaged code that developers can use in their projects, which invariably saves work and prevents reinventing the wheel. Having reusable packages, either open or closed-source, is better than rebuilding the same feature, or manually copying and pasting from past projects.
testing  documentation  library  deploy  web_app  api  release  architecture  javascript 
june 2016 by robhawkes
tflearn/tflearn: Deep learning library featuring a higher-level API for TensorFlow.
TFlearn is a modular and transparent deep learning library built on top of Tensorflow. It was designed to provide a higher-level API to TensorFlow in order to facilitate and speed-up experimentations, while remaining fully transparent and compatible with it.
machine_learning  data  api  analysis  tensorflow  deep_learning 
april 2016 by robhawkes
Project-OSRM/osrm.js: REST client for the OSRM server API
Client library for Open Source Routing Machine - OSRM that uses the REST http API that is exposed by osrm-routed.
routing  transit  rest  transport  geography  javascript  node.js  osrm  roads  mapping  api  openstreetmap 
april 2016 by robhawkes
ApiAxle - Free, on-premise, open API management
Use our advanced analytics collection system to derive business insights and monitization opportunities.

Flexible and competitive support contracts. ApiAxle is flexible; we can build it around your existing infrastructure.
server  keys  proxy  api  authentication  stack  usage  analytics  rate-limit  security  throttle 
april 2016 by robhawkes
Sensu | Monitoring for today's infrastructure.
Monitor servers, services, application health, and business KPIs. Get notified about failures before your users do. Collect and analyze custom metrics. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.
failure  stack  stability  server  alerts  tool  health  monitoring  servers  notifications  api  status 
april 2016 by robhawkes
Mapbox GL Style Reference | Mapbox
The Mapbox GL style is an object that defines what data to draw, the order to draw it in, and how to style the data when drawing it. The JSON structure follows the renderer implementation very closely. It provides the basic building blocks out of which more complex styles can be built.
style  3d  json  2d  webgl  geography  vector  vizicities  tiles  reference  api  mapping  mapbox 
march 2016 by robhawkes - A spatio-temporal open data platform
Plenario is a centralized hub for open datasets from around the world, ready to search and download.
search  demo  mapping  vizicities  api  open_data  label:try_out  geography 
march 2016 by robhawkes
How to turn static into a queryable ? Check out magic 's ?:
WHERE  GeoJSON  API  from twitter_favs
march 2016 by robhawkes
Stop writing thousands of lines of specification code.
Our intuitive visual editors significantly cut down on design time, and are spec agnostic.
Generate OAI (Swagger) and RAML specification code on demand.
api  documentation  web_app  community 
february 2016 by robhawkes
SODA Playground
Map of open data portals powered by Socrata Nearest data portals
library  transit  geography  canada  transport  cities  socrata  demo  vizicities  portals  us  mapping  reference  api  open_data 
february 2016 by robhawkes
jakiestfu/himawari.js: Download real-time images of Earth from the Himawari-8 satellite
Himawari 8 is a geostationary weather satellite deployed by the Japan Meteorological Agency. It takes photographs Earth every 10 minutes.
planet  space  imagery  realtime  satellite  javascript  earth  weather  timelapse  node.js  api  photo 
february 2016 by robhawkes
a documentation system so good, you'll actually write documentation
comments  vizicities  documentation  markdown  community  html  api  node.js  label:try_out  json  javascript 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base is not easy — especially since great resources on how to do this are hard to find. This page is a collection of the best articles, videos and presentations we've found on the topic.
testing  debugging  structure  performance  javascript  patterns  vizicities  memory  tools  programming  profiling  api  design  label:look_into 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Making A Service Worker: A Case Study – Smashing Magazine
There’s no shortage of boosterism or excitement about the fledgling service worker API, now shipping in some popular browsers. There are cookbooks and blog posts, code snippets and tools. But I find that when I want to learn a new web concept thoroughly, rolling up my proverbial sleeves, diving in and building something from scratch is often ideal.
serviceworker  javascript  api  cache  label:to_read  offline  proxy  vizicities 
february 2016 by robhawkes
bipio-server/bipio: The API Server is a nodejs based web automation framework that runs 'bips'. A Bip is a web automation agent. A Bip can connect many different web services and perform useful work. It can act on your behalf or perform at your command.

Bips can take actions in sequence or in parallel, and chain web services together as you like. They can be put to work via Web Hooks, Email or Trigger when something happens.
automation  ifttt  zapier  transformation  data  api  cartographer  streams  open_source  node.js  docker 
february 2016 by robhawkes
cantino/huginn: Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!
Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph. Think of it as a hackable Yahoo! Pipes plus IFTTT on your own server. You always know who has your data. You do.
automation  ifttt  zapier  transformation  data  api  cartographer  streams  docker  open_source 
february 2016 by robhawkes
WebCAT – ‘The greatest map-geek invention ever’ – TfL Digital blog
WebCAT is an acronym for Web-based Connectivity Assessment Toolkit. One of TfL’s responsibilities is to ensure that transport connections are taken into account when new buildings are planned anywhere in London. The planning rules require that major developments concentrate in areas with good public transport.

Developers and town planners are used to working with some indicators of transport connectivity when deciding what to build where. TfL’s Planning directorate initiated WebCAT in order to give information on these indicators in an interactive, graphical way.
vizicities  demo  label:try_out  geography  mapping  travel  time  tfl  london  transport  tiles  2d  heatmap  api  data_visualisation 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Leave geospatial data where it lives and transform it into GeoJSON, CSV, KML, a Shapefile, or a Feature Service dynamically.
express  format  kml  javascript  github  shapefile  geojson  vizicities  data  geography  arcgis  esri  gist  mapping  openstreetmap  label:try_out  convert  transform  socrata  api  ckan  csv  node.js  cartographer 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Koop is Express middleware for simplifying geographic data consumption across many different providers and in many different formats.

Koop provides a flexible server for dynamically transforming 3rd party data sources (APIs) into Feature Services and standard geographic data formats (GeoJSON, Shapefile, KML, CSV). This project is meant to provide a versatile platform for experimenting and working with various datasets within the global geospatial data ecosystem. Koop aims to allow easier access to any open data API and to make third party data easier to use within the realm of Esri's geospatial web products.
geojson  esri  geography  express  socrata  vizicities  gist  mapping  api  javascript  arcgis  node.js  data  github  transform  convert  format  ckan  openstreetmap  csv  kml  shapefile 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Kibana: Explore, Visualize, Discover Data | Elastic
See the Value in Your Data
Flexible analytics and visualization platform
Real-time summary and charting of streaming data
Intuitive interface for a variety of users
Instant sharing and embedding of dashboards
elasticsearch  logstash  database  storage  realtime  timeseries  analysis  geography  mapping  logs  vizicities  stack  rest  api  search  query  data_visualisation  gui  web_app  dashboard 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Logstash | Elastic
Process Any Data, From Any Source
Centralize data processing of all types
Normalize varying schema and formats
Quickly extend to custom log formats
Easily add plugins for custom data sources
elasticsearch  database  storage  realtime  timeseries  analysis  geography  mapping  logs  vizicities  stack  rest  api  search  query  label:try_out 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Elasticsearch | Elastic
Actionable Insight at Your Fingers
Distributed, scalable, and highly available
Real-time search and analytics capabilities
Sophisticated RESTful API
elasticsearch  database  storage  realtime  timeseries  analysis  geography  mapping  logs  vizicities  stack  rest  api  search  query 
february 2016 by robhawkes
How to Open Data
A practical guide to opening data, for government employees whose job it is to make that happen.
open_data  guide  reference  publishing  license  api  ckan  pdf  tools 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Asynchronous I/O with Generators & Promises
The article covers designing a JavaScript API to deal with asynchronous data inputs and outputs using generators to succinctly describe a set of operations. Promises can also be used to chain other operations after the output has been registered.
label:try_out  node.js  es6  article  generators  asynchronous  javascript  yield  iterators  rest  api  promises 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Improved Roads Open Data – Car Parks & JamCams – TfL Digital blog
We continue to make improvements to our roads open data, with London Underground live car parking spaces availability now available through the Unified API, as well as live video JamCams that give a far better indication of how traffic is flowing in the Capital.
tfl  vizicities  traffic  roads  geography  mapping  label:try_out  transport  transit  realtime  api  live  london  video  cameras  feeds 
february 2016 by robhawkes
Pressure is a JavaScript library that makes dealing with Apple's Force Touch and 3D Touch simple. Force Touch for new Macs and 3D Touch for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, all bundled under one roof with a simple API that makes working with them painless.
Pressure gives you a handle on browsers that do and don't support Force or 3D touch so you can plan for the users experince if they don't support it.
Pressure Browser Test (click me)
javascript  pressure  mobile  3d_touch  api  interaction  weight 
february 2016 by robhawkes
cotto/www-workflowy - Perl
unofficial reverse-engineered Perl 5 interface to Workflowy
workflowy  api  perl  productivity  notes 
january 2016 by robhawkes
An unofficial WorkFlowy API written in PHP.
workflowy  api  php  productivity  notes 
january 2016 by robhawkes
EcmaXp/wfapi: Workflowy API for Python
Workflowy's Unoffical API for Python3.

Note: This api is UNSTABLE. I suggest use this api with shared note for limit view.
workflowy  api  python  productivity  notes 
january 2016 by robhawkes
Learning to Code: Siri, meet Todoist – Michael Truskowski
So I have not exactly been good about checking in here with my New Year’s Resolution, and now the year is nearly a quarter over. But this does not mean I have been ignoring my promise to learn to code this year. In fact, I have my first functional piece of software, an AppleScript based app that takes reminders – like the ones you get when you use Siri – and transfers them into Todoist, my to do app of choice these days.
todoist  productivity  applescript  api  curl  tasks 
january 2016 by robhawkes
ServiceWorker Cookbook
The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web apps. Tip: Open your Developer Tools console to view fetch events and informative messages about what each recipe's service worker is doing!
documentation  push  service_workers  offline  javascript  cache  communication  vizicities  proxy  label:try_out  fetch  reference  notifications  api 
january 2016 by robhawkes
Functions and classes available to Web Workers - Web APIs | MDN
In addition to the standard JavaScript set of functions (such as String, Array, Object, JSON etc), there are a variety of functions available from the DOM to workers. This article provides a list of those.

Workers run in another global context, DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope different from the current window. By default methods and properties of Window are not available to them, but DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope, like Window, implements WindowTimers and WindowBase64.
javascript  web_workers  api  reference  threads  performance 
january 2016 by robhawkes
Bring your cloud applications together. Build custom integrations. Automate your workflow.
api  web_app  startup  productivity  tool  label:try_out  streams  vizicities  optimisation  pipes  automation  inspiration  fbp  cartographer  ui 
january 2016 by robhawkes
spatialdev/PGRestAPI: Node.js REST API for PostGres Spatial Entities. AKA: SpatialServer
Node.js REST API for PostgreSQL Spatial Tables.

A few key uses for PGRestAPI:

Create Mapbox Vector Tiles on the fly from PostGIS or shapefiles. more...
Serve pre-created Vector Tiles .mbtiles files
Serve pre-created PNG .mbtiles files (like TileStream)
REST API for querying Postgres tables - Supports spatial intersection, tabular queries and aggregation queries
REST API returns GeoJSON, CSV, Shapefile or esriJSON
Templates for creating custom web service endpoints - (Execute custom SQL functions, for example)
Rasters in PostGIS offer basic intersect operations and zonal stats. Find sum of raster values that intersect a polygon, for example.
geography  mapping  vizicities  label:try_out  database  postgis  rest  api  vector  tiles  shapefiles  mbtiles  raster  geojson  csv  stack  infrastructure  node.js  postgres 
january 2016 by robhawkes
3YOURMIND - 3D-Printing Software API
Simply integrate the 3D Printing Software into your program, web service or website. Start 3D printing immediately.
3d  printing  api  repair  providers  vizicities  label:try_out  imaterialise  shapeways  sculpteo  comparison  preview 
january 2016 by robhawkes
Home |
This is the site for open data about crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can download street-level crime, outcome, and stop and search data in clear and simple CSV format and explore the API containing detailed crime data and information about individual police forces and neighbourhood teams.

You can also download data on police activity, and a range of data collected under the police annual data requirement (ADR) including arrests and 101 call handling.

All the data on this site is made available under the Open Government Licence.
data  geography  mapping  police  crime  uk  api  open_data  vizicities  label:try_out  demo 
january 2016 by robhawkes
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