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Ready-at-hand and Present-at-hand (Nokia Personalisation, Schulze & Webb)
"How does this interaction guideline change when we constantly switch between acting through the phone (to talk) and interacting with it (to consult an address book, or write a text message)? Does regarding the phone as an object of interaction prevent us
mobile  phones  design  interaction  zuhanden  vorhanden  nokia  personalization  heidegger  philosophy  human  mind  objects  sociology  technology  mattwebb 
april 2007 by robertogreco
Digital History Hacks: Luddism Is a Luxury You Can't Afford
"It turns out that what's really interesting about latter day Luddism is that it teaches you a lot about the visibility of particular technologies, and by extension, about the place of the human mind in the world."
technology  luddism  philosophy  psychology  heidegger  society  human  mind  extension  interface  zuhanden  vorhanden  objects  interaction 
april 2007 by robertogreco
Heideggerian terminology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Two of his most basic neologisms, present-at-hand and ready-to-hand, are used to describe various attitudes toward to things in the world."
philosophy  terminology  heidegger  human  mind  extension  psychology  objects  zuhanden  vorhanden  interaction 
april 2007 by robertogreco

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