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Scratching the Surface — 104. Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron
"Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron are two of the founders of, a knowledge sharing platform that combines the creative back-and-forth of social media with the focus of a productivity tool. Before working on Arena, Cab was a digital artist and Chris a graphic designer and in this episode, they talk about their desire for a new type of bookmarking tool and building a platform for collaborative, interdisciplinary research as well as larger questions around open source tools, research as artistic practice, and subverting the norms of social media."

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circaVie | Create and Share Timelines
"circaVie, or "times of your life," is a place to celebrate your life in an exciting new way ... chronologically through an interactive timeline. Tell your life story or the story of your latest road trip, a day to remember, or a trip around the world. An
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