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Why social matters – Blog – BERG
"now feels natural to incorporate our friends into photo management, encyclopaedias & tracking our software are part of everyday Web design discourse. But it’s important to remember that for 10 years the Web was not a naturally social space, where conversations & creativity could flourish...and for many, now, it’s still not. That we’re prepared to give away our rights & privacy in exchange for leaving comments or joining a chat system in a game tells me that we’re still starved for social connection online. The fact that our hobbies are social again is great. Flickr builds social capital, Twitter builds social capital. The fact that are hobbies are social again is important. Social means showing off & sharing, & politeness & play. But social also means healthier, wealthier & happier & that’s a big, big deal. I believe that’s why social matters."
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october 2009 by robertogreco

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