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Beyond the LMS
"Let’s move beyond the LMS, back to and forward to an independent Web and let’s help our students take full advantage of it."
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september 2014 by robertogreco
Studywiz Spark » Studywiz Spark Mobile
"Studywiz Spark is the first and only Dynamic Learnspace with a dedicated mobile learning interface designed specifically the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Asus EeePC and other handheld devices.

Students can access Studywiz Spark Mobile to take tests, access real time information, check their calendars and even join in class discussion groups, increasing the opportunities for learning in their safe, personalized Dynamic Learnspace. Parents can also keep up to date with their child’s school life by accessing reports and viewing assignments anytime, anywhere."
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january 2009 by robertogreco
Light, Agile and Flexible: Collaborating the Web 2.0 Way ~ Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes
Stephen Downes's presentation on web 2.0 collaboration. Illustrates the collaborative process, tools and technologies available, trends, and the benefits of using an open network"
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june 2008 by robertogreco
The Ed Techie: The VLE/LMS is dead
"(but we'll probably take 5 years to realise it). Scott Leslie has coined the term Loosely coupled teaching, for the assembly of a number of different, third party apps to do your teaching with."
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november 2007 by robertogreco

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