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Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy — Medium
"Let’s do justice to what we know. Platform cooperativism equals a more humane workplace equals real benefits. They say that big money talks, but I say that platform cooperativism can invigorate genuine sharing, and that it does not have to reject the market. Platform cooperativism can serve as remedy for the corrosive effects of capitalism; it can be a reminder that work can be dignified rather than diminishing for the human experience. Cooperatives are not a panacea but they could help to weave some ethical threats into the fabric of 21st century work."
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"Trebor Scholz is a writer, conference organizer, Assistant Professor in Media & Culture, & Director of conference series The Politics of Digital Culture at The New School in NYC. He also founded Institute for Distributed Creativity that is known for online discussions of critical Internet culture, specifically ruthless casualization of digital labor, ludocapitalism, distributed politics, digital media & learning, radical media activism, & micro-histories of media art. Trebor is co-editor The Art of Free Cooperation, a book about online collaboration, & editor of “The Internet as Playground and Factory,” forthcoming from Routledge…PhD in Media Theory & grant from John D & Catherine T MacArthur Foundation. Forthcoming edited collections by Trebor include “The Digital Media Pedagogy Reader” & “The Future University”…book chapters, written in 2010, zoom in on history of digital media activism, politics of Facebook, limits to accessing knowledge in US, & mobile digital labor…"
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Institute for Distributed Creativity
"The research of the Institute for Distributed Creativity (iDC) focuses on collaboration in media art, technology, and theory with an emphasis on social contexts.

The iDC is an international network with a participatory and flexible institutional structure that combines advanced creative production, research, events, and documentation.

While the iDC makes appropriate use of emerging low-cost and free social software (ie. peer-to-peer technologies, blogs and mailing lists) it balances these activities with regular face-to-face meetings."

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Internet as Playground and Factory :: Intro
"The revenues of today's social aggregators are promising but their speculative value exceeds billions of dollars. Capital manages to expropriate value from the commons; labor goes beyond the factory, all of society is put to work. Every aspect of life drives the digital economy: sexual desire, boredom, friendship —& all becomes fodder for speculative profit. We are living in a total labor society and the way in which we are commoditized, racialized, & engendered is profoundly and disturbingly normalized. The complex & troubling set of circumstances we now confront includes the collapse of the conventional opposition between waged & unwaged labor, and is characterized by multiple “tradeoffs” & “social costs”—such as government & corporate surveillance. While individual instances are certainly exploitative in the most overt sense, the shift in the overall paradigm moves us beyond the explanatory power of the Marxian interpretation of exploitation (which is of limited use here)."

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The Architectural League of New York | Situated Technologies Pamphlets 5
"In Situated Technologies Pamphlets 5, Julian Bleecker and Nicholas Nova argue to invert this common perspective and speculate on the existence of an “asynchronous city.” Through a discussion of objects that blog, they forecast situated technologies based on weak signals that show the importance of time on human practices. They imagine the emergence of truly social technologies that through thoughtful provocation can invert and disrupt common perspective."
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