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Postnationalism Prefigured Caribbean Borderlands, by Charles V. Carnegie: Book Details | Rutgers University Press
"We do not consider it noteworthy when somebody moves three thousand miles from New York to Los Angeles. Yet we think that movement across borders requires a major degree of adjustment, and that an individual who migrates 750 miles from Haiti to Miami has done something extraordinary. Charles V. Carnegie suggests that to people from the Caribbean, migration is simply one of many ways to pursue a better future and to survive in a world over which they have little control

Carnegie shows not only that the nation-state is an exhausted form of political organization, but that in the Caribbean the ideological and political reach of the nation-state has always been tenuous at best. Caribbean peoples, he suggests, live continually in breach of the nation-state configuration. Drawing both on his own experiences as a Jamaican-born anthropologist and on the examples provided by those who have always considered national borders as little more than artificial administrative nuisances, Carnegie investigates a fascinating spectrum of individuals, including Marcus Garvey, traders, black albinos, and Caribbean Ba’hais. If these people have not themselves developed a scholarly doctrine of transnationalism, they have, nevertheless, effectively lived its demand and prefigured a postnational life."

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Dymaxion: Transnationality and Performance
"…I crossed an international border to install an app on my cellphone. That wasn't the nominal purpose of the trip, but if we step back from our understanding of internationalization & international copyright law, that interaction btwn border crossing & the performance of an effectively physical act is almost surreal. More surreal is possibility…that I could have simply traded my Icelandic SIM card for my US one &…effectively, virtually, performed that border crossing…

Like everyone else, my life is bound up mostly w/ those of some few hundred other people, & lived in a specificity of place mostly across some few square km. Unlike many other people, the future is rather more heavily salted into it, & that space is split over various countries. It is unclear if transnational culture or border performance will win, or how long a compromise of ever-increasing osmotic pressure can last. I dearly hope…immediate awareness of our ultimate interconnectedness will triumph regardless."
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Global Migration - A World Ever More on the Move -
"At least one other trait amplifies the impact of modern migration: The expectation that governments will control it. In America for most of the 19th century, there was no legal barrier to entry. The issue was contentious, but the government attracted little blame. Now Western governments are expected to keep trade and tourism flowing and respect ethnic rights while sealing borders as vast as the Arizona desert and the Mediterranean Sea. Their failures — glaring if perhaps inevitable — weaken the broader faith in federal competence.
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"Global Cities, urban and mobile society, cultural transnationality are popular catchwords, which are often cited subjects in multiple contemporary research and art projects. Surprisingly, there is still real potential for new and exciting works in the intermediate field between mobility, globalization, cultural and urban studies.

Many researchers drift off into this trend, either fascinated by the multiplicity of discourses or increasingly by a self-chosen way of life, a modern urban nomadism.

Once the decision has been made to live in a foreign city for a certain period of time, most will continue searching for places to spend another episode of their life in. The fascination of the unknown traps you, life abroad becomes an addiction, where urban space is seen and consumed as a resource"
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UCSD - VisArts - Mission Statement - "Artists at UCSD take advantage of large megalopolis stretching from LA across border to Tijuana."
"New efforts in Department address issues of trans-nationalism, border, globalization...on-going relationships with many divisions of university...Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts Major (ICAM) is fastest growing area of interest on campus"
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