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"What Are Tablets For? The trade-off is obvious. You win because you can show a bigger picture, which is important, & you lose because it just won’t fit in many pockets, which is important. It’ll go in most purses, though.<br />
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I know what I’ll use the Galaxy Tab for: to show off Android. The big screen just makes everything easier to see & point at, & graphics look outstanding, & it passes from hand to hand easily. Showing off Android is part of my job & this will help me do my job better.<br />
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Which leads to a general theory, reinforced by informal observation of hipsters w/ iPads in coffee shops: a tablet is, crucially, a more shareable computer. A laptop, w/ its fragile hinge-ware & space-gobbling keyboard, is just not comfy to share. A tablet is easier to bring to the café, easier to hand across the table or along the sofa, easier to seize in the heat of the moment, easier to hold up in triumph, easier to set aside when you need to meet someone’s eyes."
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ongoing · After Branding
So much great advice. I'm highlighting this one because I was just warning a friend about the same a few days ago. "8. Do not invest any time or money with anyone whose title, or company name, includes the words “Search Engine” or the abbreviations “SEO” or “SEM”. While one hears that there are a few honest souls out there, lots are just looking for sheep to fleece; don’t be one.
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