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A Hackathon Where 2G-Era Tech Is King | WIRED
"It’s a different perspective from the typical Silicon Valley mindset, which is all about speed and specs. But if you want to make smartphone applications that work for most people (not just most Americans), you have to think slow. Smartphones and the Internet are booming in the developing world. By the third quarter of last year, smartphones overtook feature phones. The world is going online — wireless Internet service grew by 83 percent in China last year, 84 percent in India, and 68 percent in Nigeria, according to Ericsson, which operates some 40 percent of global cellular traffic. But the mobile Internet in the developing world is a fundamentally different beast than the one we typically talk about. That includes everything from the devices people use to to the plans they purchase, and the networks they run them on."
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Ethan Marcotte - The Map Is Not The Territory on Vimeo
"When we create for the web, we participate in a kind of public art. We code, we design, we build for an audience, and our work feels successful when—if—it’s met with their delight. We shape digital experiences that provide a service, or that create joy, or that simply connect readers with words written half a world away. But in this session we?ll instead look at some ways in which our audience reshapes the way we think about our medium, and see where they might be leading us—and the web—next."

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