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Locus Online Perspectives » Cory Doctorow: Cheap Writing Tricks
"So my favorite, foolproof way to start a story is with a person in a place with a problem, preferably in the first sentence. A named person in a defined setting is a signal to the reader’s human-being-simulator to get started assembling a skeletal frame upon which to hang future details about this ‘‘person.’’"

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february 2014 by robertogreco
Outstanding Video About Modern Knowledge Construction
"I shot this amateur video at the Constructionism 2012 Conference in Athens, Greece. It is a recording of Dr. Mike Eisenberg‘s remarkable plenary address based on his paper, “Constructionism: New Technologies, New Purposes.”

Anyone interested in learning, emerging technology, creativity, the arts, science or craft would be wise to watch this terrific presentation."

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Wolf Lepenies: Banished to the banlieues - signandsight
"Paris' social sciences institutes have been ordered to move to the suburbs. To experience first-hand what they otherwise only talk about."
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