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Tentacle | And Other Stories
"Plucked from her life on the streets of post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, young maid Acilde Figueroa finds herself at the heart of a Santería prophecy: only she can travel back in time and save the ocean – and humanity – from disaster. But first she must become the man she always was – with the help of a sacred anemone. Tentacle is an electric novel with a big appetite and a brave vision, plunging headfirst into questions of climate change, technology, Yoruba ritual, queer politics, poverty, sex, colonialism and contemporary art. Bursting with punk energy and lyricism, it’s a restless, addictive trip: The Tempest meets the telenovela."

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La mucama de Omicunlé ]

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ed4wb » Blog Archive » Nu Tek vs Old Tek
"I try to shift thinking by asking questions. Why is the “low tech” building we’re in cooler? Who designed it? Is it a new or old design? Did the native people (once referred to as savages) who designed these types of buildings hundreds of years ago know something that the architects in Philly didn’t? Who’s the more advanced architect: the one in Philadelphia, sitting behind a computer, or the Taino indian that used to build these structures in a day? How do we decide what’s low-tech and what’s high-tech? Does the place where you build have anything to teach or can it be ignored?"
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