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"I took two and a half years to get a San Francisco public library card, but I wish I had earlier. Sure, they have books, and I use them to catch up with printed comics (Fraction’s Hawkeye is great), but that’s not why I evangelise it.

No, the reason I do that are the ten ebooks you can rent at a time (with no risk of late fees), and the JSTOR and OED access (amongst many other databases, including newspaper archives and other academic search engines).

That’s just the selfish stuff for me, a rich white guy. I also recognise the space libraries give to parents who can’t afford new books for their kids all the time; those whose neighbourhoods don’t have bookshops; the jobless using them for access to computers (a huge part of public library usage these day); and those who can just use them as a rare uncommercial space in the US.

Libraries. Use them, and promote them, before we lose them."
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"“Should Jay have right to claim derived image isn’t fair use & ask for cease & desist? Yes. He’s not, as many are saying, a dick for his opinion. Should Andy have the ability to defend his stance that it is fair use. Of course. Should it take the kind of money that only either corporations or the very rich can easily afford to spend in order to get a judge’s ruling and find out? Definitely not. That’s the real problem here.”

James Duncan Davidson writing about The Maisel vs Baio Incident.

I strongly agree…Currently US (&, largely, UK) ration access to law on ability of both (sometimes prospective) litigant & defender to pay, rather than merits of case.

Another piece…mentions Shepard Fairey vs AP case (Obama Hope poster) would have made great case law. Instead…ended w/ out of court settlement. Shame.

(…another public service which has more demand than access—health care…UK largely rations through need, via NHS…US dependent on employment, age, & to nontrivial extent, mone)
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june 2011 by robertogreco Sticking With Delicious.
"I still find its pared-down interface slightly too minimal, & the ability to pull in feeds from Twitter and Instapaper has led to some people falling foul of link pollution. [Huge point.]

Frankly, despite the burst of migrations, my delicious network is still more full of good links, although it’s been starved of some of the most interesting posters…

(As a side note, I think this also proves beyond all doubt how important the social aspect of any service is. For all that individuals can download their links, the value I get out of the site is not my 3,500 bookmarks, but the 345,681 in my network. The continued utility of that is what’s most at risk.)

Anyway, since Pinboard can mirror from Delicious but not vice versa, I’m going to keep using the latter as my primary service. Pinboard can carry on being what it’s been for the last eighteen months: a hot spare, but not the service I really want to be using."  pinboard  paulmison  discovery  socialbookmarking  bookmarks  bookmarking  aggregation  twitter  linkpollution  social  networks  internet  2010  research  socialnetworking  from delicious
december 2010 by robertogreco The Post-Delicious World.
""what does the delicious network do that I can’t also do with an RSS reader and independent linklogs?"

… main issues are UI &, more seriously, discoverability.

The Delicious network page is built for links. It shows notes nicely, & also displays tags & who posted something in a compact fashion. (Pinboard network page does same, to be fair.) By contrast, generic RSS readers are, well, generic. In dealing w/ everything from links to photos to long form text to podcasts, they have to make compromises, but for browsing links, it makes them a poor interface.<br />
<br />
The more pressing problem…is discovery…1stly, below every link, both Pinboard & Delicious allow you to see who else bookmarked it, which can be useful for finding people with a similar set of interests. 2ndly, both provide a central place where you can enter someone’s nick & see if they exist. 3rdly, Delicious allows you to browse the network of another user, which is another route to finding people you may want to follow."  pinboard  social  discovery  research  paulmison  2010  networks  socialnetworking  socialbookmarking  socialboomarks  from delicious
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