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Inquiry Teaching and Learning - Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry - Got the right tool?
"Previously this was a private ning which started as a result of a teacher task team' on "inquiry teaching and learning". It was intended to be a way for us to communicate our findings, thoughts, and ideas. That has now changed. We have opened the site to public, hoping that this will encourage more participation in discussion and a wider range of ideas.

If you decide to join this Ning, please add some information about yourself, eg. your work and where inquiry teaching and learning plays a role, grade levels you teach, countries where you live etc. Also, please feel free to invite friends and colleagues whom you feel would benefit and/or share similar information that could enhance inquiry in a classroom. - Thank you all in advance for your contributions :)"
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april 2010 by robertogreco
Digital Youth Network: Empowering Youth Through Media
"Digital Youth Network gives students tools to be engaged, articulate, critical and collaborative. Facilitate the ability to become creators – designers, builders & innovators – who can envision new possibilities."

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june 2009 by robertogreco
Kids Create -- and Critique on -- Social Networks | Edutopia
"Digital Youth Network runs...Remix World...modeled on popular online social networks such as Facebook...students & mentors who use it have Web pages that contain pictures, profile information & links to their friends' pages. They can post digital artwork -- such as videos -- on their pages, comment on friends' pages & participate in discussions with other users through the Remix World forums. By providing students a place to share their work and ideas, Remix World allows them to solicit feedback and give constructive criticism. Some students have found the process of sharing on Remix World so compelling that they've gone on to post to public sites, such as YouTube or open social networks...Self-Directed Learning: When students are motivated to create work that they share online, it ignites an independent learning cycle driven by their ideas & energized by responses from peers...Internet makes it easier and less daunting for students to find information or plug into expert communities"
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june 2009 by robertogreco
Gamasutra - Interview: Aspyr's Treasure Troves To Use DS As 'Real-Life Treasure Hunt'
""We're creating a real-life treasure hunt, and the DS and this software is acting as your treasure map, your trophy case, and your audiovisual canvas," ... For example, each item emits a distinct sound, which include musical notes and phonetic noises; the items can then be replicated and arranged on a Mario Paint-like musical grid. Like items and other custom creations, these resultant compositions can be traded with other players. But Leingang may be most excited about the subtle real-world activities his game might inspire. "We're using the DS' capabilities as a portable device above and beyond just the fact that I can put it in my pocket or sit on the couch or sit in the bathroom and play it. We're taking this thing and really flexing its muscles as being something that can travel anywhere across this globe," he said. He went on to explain some of the surprising effects the game has had on his own everyday routine in an effort to uncover fresh hotspots."
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december 2008 by robertogreco
Environmental Health Clinic [at NYU]
"clinic and lab, modeled on other health clinics at universities. However the project approaches health from an understanding of its dependence on external local environments; rather than on the internal biology and genetic predispositions of an like this. You make an appointment, just like...traditional health clinic, to talk about your particular environmental health concerns. What differs is that you walk out with a prescription not for pharmaceuticals but for actions: local data collection and urban interventions directed at understanding and improving your environmental health; plus referrals, not to medical specialists but to specific art, design and participatory projects, local environmental organizations and local government or civil society groups: organizations that can use the data and actions prescribed as legitimate forms of participation to promote social change.."

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august 2008 by robertogreco
AppEngine - Web Hypercard, finally (Skrentablog)
"It feels like the web has been trying to claw its way back to the simple utility of Hypercard ever since Mosaic. GeoCities was the first massive-uptake anyone-can-build-here website haven. But it was all static html."
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april 2008 by robertogreco
The Long Tail: Social Networking is a feature, not a destination
"I'm sure huge and generic social networking destinations will continue to do well, but I'm placing my bet on the biggest impact coming when social networking becomes a standard feature on all good sites, bringing community to the granular level where it
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october 2007 by robertogreco
Don't Tell Your Parents: Schools Embrace MySpace -
"Elgg represents a shift from aging, top-down classroom technologies like Blackboard to what e-learning practitioners call personal learning environments"
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april 2007 by robertogreco

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