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Marc Laperrouza » Cities of science
"Is science the product of countries or of cities?The measurement of scientific production is usually done either at country level (patents filed in country for given year) or at organizational level (scientific papers published by university). In a recent paper a team researchers used a different unit of analysis, namely urban conglomerations, & sketched the evolution between 1996-98 & 2004-06 (see table on right).<br />
Provided you evacuate delicate question of what constitutes an urban conglomeration - here defined as distgances reachable by 40-minute commute from city centre - one finds the ‘usual suspects’ but one can’t fail to notice new comer in top 10, Beijing.<br />
<br />
Actually if one scrolls further down ranking, some other new kids on block are Seoul, Teheran, Istanbul, Singapore & Sao Paolo.<br />
<br />
Not surprisingly either, once you factor in the quality of research, i.e. the impact factor, ranking looks different, this time w/ Boston on top & only 2 non-US (Paris & Tokyo) in top 10."
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december 2010 by robertogreco
BLDGBLOG: The Helicopter Archipelago
"For those of us trapped in a cultural desert, Archigram had another solution: the Instant City, flown in by hot-air balloon and helicopter and deposited anywhere in the world. The roofs, domes and canopies of a new metropolis could earn an official post-
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april 2006 by robertogreco

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