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Vagina Dispatches: what you didn't learn in sex ed - video | Life and style | The Guardian
"It’s not just about sex. Sex education should be giving us the information we need to feel in control of our bodies and make informed decisions about them – but it’s failing. In episode four of Vagina Dispatches, we speak to our moms, friends and sex educators to find out why. Then we give the basics on some topics that are missing from the curriculum, from discharge to menopause."
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march 2017 by robertogreco
Grammar snobs are patronising, pretentious and just plain wrong – Mona Chalabi | Comment is Free - YouTube
"Mona Chalabi argues that those who correct others’ language are clinging to conventions that are unimportant. She says grammar snobbery is often used to silence those who have less of a voice in society."
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september 2016 by robertogreco
FiveThirtyEight | Sending Email Via Carrier Pigeon
"Either we’d need to start sending fewer emails, or else the Earth would need to be inhabited by 243 times more pigeons than humans to cope with an Internet failure. Of course, if the apocalypse does come, our emailing needs might change. Those TPS reports might not be a top priority."
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march 2014 by robertogreco

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