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Phoenix live on Q | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio
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"We just tried to… let it be what it is supposed to be."

"We love to be control freaks in the studio. And then after that we let it go, but in the studio can be a neurotic experience sometimes."

"The idea is that there is no consensus because consensus leads to something in the middle, something that's not really interesting. It's more four strong political forces that try to make their point… We know each other so well since we were kids that we don't really need to talk… We just argue."

"It's the only record we made that revealed itself at the end… the last two weeks. … We accepted the songs… they became songs at the end."

"We are slaves to that thing we are reaching for."

"We are looking for something that we don't know what it is. But when it's there, there's a feeling of evidence — here it is finally. So exhausting it can be because you don't know how far you are. You always have the impression that you are very far. Sometime it just happens. [It's exhausting] Especially if you are not sure it exists."

"I like the [artistic] plateau image."

"We're no good alone as individual musicians. It's the foursome that brings the magic."

"We don't know how to play with other musicians. I tried with friends to do sessions a few times times and it was always a disaster."

"You know those big architectural masterpieces that they [ants] can built, but separately they are just ants. … We are a very small colony [of ants]."

"I wouldn't even want to do them [sessions with other musicians]. I wouldn't be good at it, I think I would be sad."

"We grew up with this idea that being skilled musicians wasn't the point really, it was about making good records. It made so much more sense than just spending twelve hours a day just ruining your fingers on an instrument."

"We were one of the first generations that could make an album in their bedroom that sounded good. We were lucky about that because that allowed us to be bad musicians."

"Boredom is the enemy of the human being."

"Our trick is to keep it very amateur, in a way. It demands actually a lot of effort. It is easier to be pro than to be semi-pro."

"When we have the choice between doing something on our own or doing it with very skilled individuals, we always prefer the amateur route, which brings more charm. We believe in charm more than in perfection. And, also the hardest part is on tour. Touring can bring you the most boring life ever, which is the rock star life. People should know it's the most boring thing ever, so we fight very hard every day to make something interesting. ["How do you do that?] We have bikes. You have to just escape this block where you our. We love sake [the drink]. One of our tricks is that we check where the best sake is in town. This is the starting point. Then hopefully you get advice from the people that own the shop."

["What would be the collective goal for Phoenix at this point? What are you reaching for as a band? What would you like to happen? Where would you like to be a few years from now?"] "I'm not sure we want to know what this would be. We like questions more than answers, I think. I'm not sure we want to know. Right now we are taking it a week ahead. There are some festivals coming that I don't think we are ready, but it makes it exciting that there's this tension, that there's a sense of danger, this idea that you can fail. That's something that you need to make something out of it. You need this possibility to fail."

"We see this big mountain and we immediately look for the north face because it's going to be more exciting. And then we climb it barefoot. And that's the beginning. And then we are there, hopefully, we go down and then there's another mountain. And that's another week."
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Donald Glover on Q | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio
From the audio:

"It's the time of the multi-hyphenist."

"I need people."

"I've never gotten a job that wasn't really meant for a white guy."

"The thing that makes Dan Harmon a genius and the writing staff… is that they watch us."

"Everyone is [super interesting]. If you knew everything about them… there's too much. You couldn't know everything. The show is about people forced to be together even though they have nothing in common."

"I am walking a line… You're not doing anything special if you're not scared."

"'Street cred' is code for real… means that you're not lying." [also in the video]

"People want the truth and that's the through-line in everything I do." [also in the video]

"The freedom, that's all I ever wanted… I'm in it for the power… which makes you less black because you can do whatever you want." [also in the video]
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march 2013 by robertogreco Player: Q: February 21, 2012
"Film critic Eric Hynes on documentary films, their audiences and the Oscars; singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten performs congs from her acclaimed album "Tramp"; David Suzuki on Japan changing relationship with nuclear power."
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march 2012 by robertogreco | Q | tUnE-yArDs on Q
"The lively Oakland, California-based experimental pop band tUnE-yArDs dropped by Studio Q today for an interview and trio of live performances from their new record w h o k i l l. Frontwoman Merrill Garbus discussed her history in theatre and puppeteering, the Afro-Caribbean influences in the band's music, and her role as a political artist. tUnE-yArDs also stuck around to record a web-exclusive performance of the song Powa. Hear all the music and Jian's conversation with Merrill below."
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