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‎Dérive app on the App Store
"Dérive app is created as a simple but engaging platform that allows users to explore their urban spaces in a care-free and casual way. It takes the ideals of the Situationists and merges it with digital means in order to create a tool that allows for the exploration of urban space in a random unplanned way, as a game.

Too often in urban centers we are controlled by our day to day activities thus closing off urban experiences that exist around us. Dérive app was created to try to nudge those people who are in this repetitive cycle to allow the suggestions and subjectivities of others to enter into their urban existences."

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july 2018 by robertogreco
Old memories, accidentally trapped in amber by our digital devices
"Part of what humans use technology for is to better remember the past. We scroll back through photos on our phones and on Instagram & Flickr — “that was Fourth of July 5 years ago, so fun!” — and apps like Swarm, Timehop, and Facebook surface old locations, photos, and tweets for us on the regular. But sometimes, we run into the good old days in unexpected places on our digital devices.

Designer and typographer Marcin Wichary started a thread on Twitter yesterday about “UIs that accidentally amass memories” with the initial example of the “Preferred Networks” listing of all the wifi networks his computer had ever joined, “unexpected reminders of business trips, vacations, accidental detours, once frequented and now closed cafés”.

[image: screeshot of macOS wi-fi panel]

Several other people chimed in with their own examples…the Bluetooth pairings list, the Reminders app, the list of alarms, saved places in mapping apps, AIM/iChat status message log, chat apps not used for years, the Gmail drafts folder, etc.

John Bull noted that his list of former addresses on Amazon is “a massive walk down memory line of my old jobs and places of residence”. I just looked at mine and I’ve got addresses in there from almost 20 years ago.

Steven Richie suggested the Weather app on iOS:
I usually like to add the city I will be travelling to ahead of time to get a sense of what it will be like when we get there.

I do this too but am pretty good about culling my cities list. Still, there are a couple places I keep around even though I haven’t been to them in awhile…a self-nudge for future travel desires perhaps.

Kotori switched back to an old OS via a years-old backup and found “a post-breakup message that came on the day i switched phones”:
thought i moved on but so many whatifs flashed in my head when i read it. what if i never got a new phone. what if they messaged me a few minutes earlier. what if we used a chat that did backups differently

Similarly, Richard fired up Google Maps on an old phone and was briefly transported through time and space:
On a similar note to both of these, a while ago I switched back to my old Nokia N95 after my iPhone died. Fired up Google Maps, and for a brief moment, it marked my location as at a remote crossroads in NZ where I’d last had it open, lost on a road trip at least a decade before.

Matt Sephton runs into old friends when he plays Nintendo:
Every time my friends and I play Nintendo WiiU/Wii/3DS games we see a lot of our old Mii avatars. Some are 10 years old and of a time. Amongst them is a friend who passed away a few years back. It’s always so good to see him. It’s as if he’s still playing the games with us.

For better or worse, machines never forget those who aren’t with us anymore. Dan Noyes’ Gmail holds a reminder of his late wife:
Whenever I open Gmail I see the last message that my late wife sent me via Google chat in 2014. It’s her standard “pssst” greeting for me: “aye aye”. I leave it unread lest it disappears.

It’s a wonderful thread…read the whole thing. [ ]

I encounter these nostalgia bombs every once in awhile too. I closed dozens of tabs the other day on Chrome for iOS; I don’t use it very often, so some of them dated back to more than a year ago. I have bookmarks on browsers I no longer use on my iMac that are more than 10 years old. A MacOS folder I dump temporary images & files into has stuff going back years. Everyone I know stopped using apps like Path and Peach, so when I open them, I see messages from years ago right at the top like they were just posted, trapped in amber.

My personal go-to cache of unexpected memories is Messages on iOS. Scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the list, I can find messages from numbers I haven’t communicated with since a month or two after I got my first iPhone in 2007.

[image: screenshot of Messages in iOS]

There and elsewhere in the listing are friends I’m no longer in touch with, business lunches that went nowhere, old flames, messages from people I don’t even remember, arriving Lyfts in unknown cities, old landlords, completely contextless messages from old numbers (“I am so drunk!!!!” from a friend’s wife I didn’t know that well?!), old babysitters, a bunch of messages from friends texting to be let into our building for a holiday party, playdate arrangements w/ the parents of my kids’ long-forgotten friends (which Ella was that?!), and old group texts with current friends left to languish for years. From one of these group texts, I was just reminded that my 3-year-old daughter liked to make cocktails:


Just like Sally Draper! Speaking of Mad Men, Don’s correct: nostalgia is a potent thing, so I’ve got to stop poking around my phone and get back to work.

Update: I had forgotten this great example about a ghost driver in an old Xbox racing game.
Well, when i was 4, my dad bought a trusty XBox. you know, the first, ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together — until he died, when i was just 6.

i couldnt touch that console for 10 years.

but once i did, i noticed something.

we used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challenge. actually pretty awesome for the time it came.

and once i started meddling around… i found a GHOST.

See also this story about Animal Crossing. (via @ironicsans/status/996445080943808512)"
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may 2018 by robertogreco
Austin Kleon on Twitter: "I think a lot about how the phone call — hearing the sound of a real human voice — is becoming a more intimate, meaningful option in the face of 24/7 text/image connection…"
"I think a lot about how the phone call — hearing the sound of a real human voice — is becoming a more intimate, meaningful option in the face of 24/7 text/image connection

There’s a really interesting part of @dada_drummer’s THE NEW ANALOG, where he talks about how different phone calls became when they went digital — background noise was reduced, and so the sense of distance

He points out that the iPhone has 3 microphones, but they're not used to capture extra sound, they're for noise-cancelling — they're used to isolate signal from noise [image]

On the iPhone, “*what* is being said is very clear — but *how* the message is delivered is lost. Is the voice loud or soft? Are we being addressed intimately or publicly? Can we hear hints of other meanings in the speaker’s voice, or does the delivery match the words exactly?”

There’s a “cell yell” that @dada_drummer points out: when we're out in the world on the phone, we tend towards shouting — even though we can be clearly heard in a noisy environ thanks to noise cancellation — b/c the phone doesn't feed our voice back to us, so we can’t regulate it

"essay idea: how the rise of podcasts corresponds to the decline of (personal) phone calls for millennials"
[ ]

This is an interesting point. When I do podcast interviews, I have an extremely good USB mic and headphones to monitor my voice, so I can move closer to the mic, speak softer,

Maybe people like podcasts so much because they replicate more of what a real world or analog telephone conversation sounds like? Something to ponder!

Oh, I’m reminded now: @cordjefferson told a beautiful story at @PopUpMag about a voicemail message his mother left him, and how it changed the way he thought about phone calls. (I don’t think it exists online, or I’d link to it.)"
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BBC Blogs - Academy - How to improve your mojo skills by sacrificing a latte
"A journalist using only the pre-installed apps on their smartphone is like someone driving a Ferrari in first gear. At the risk of stretching the metaphor to breaking point, you can get your phone purring along in fifth with the addition of just a few well-chosen apps. But you’ll have to buy them – yes, by spending actual money.

Before I highlight some of my personal favourites and explain how they could improve your mojo (mobile journalism) output, here’s a quick question: how often do you buy a coffee during the day? Perhaps once on the way to work to get yourself going and again later to counter that mid-afternoon slump? Anecdotally from my face-to-face training for the BBC Academy, many people don't think twice about spending £3 for a triple decaf caramel dry latte (extra nutmeg) once or twice a day.

Yet ask those same people when they last spent a comparable sum on an app to soup up their smartphones and I find that it’s rarely within the last month. More often it is "never".

But if the money on just one coffee a week went instead towards an app, within a few months that smartphone would have acquired new powers (and you might even have lost a few pounds from your waistline).

The apps I’m writing about here are established favourites within the growing global mojo community - that is, producers and reporters who cover news stories and create related content using just their smartphones plus a few gadgets and gizmos like a tripod, a lens, a microphone and a spare battery.

You can also find an entire level of high end apps which stray more into cinematography than video for news and journalism, but I won't be dealing with those here."
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february 2018 by robertogreco
iMazing | iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager for Mac & PC
"Get a trusted software to transfer and save your music, messages, files and data. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Powerful and user-friendly, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC.

Go beyond iTunes. Get iMazing."

[via: "Why Apple Is Replacing the Battery on my iPhone SE" ]
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january 2018 by robertogreco
Welcome - TheaterEars — TheaterEars
"Family Members who can't speak English can now watch movies in the theater in their own language with the TheaterEars app."

"For too long, language has prevented families from coming together at the movies. Now your parents, grandparents, and other friends and family members have the freedom to choose their movie language with the Theater Ears app.

The Theater Ears app utilizes a new type of technology that enables you to sync to a movie directly through your phone's microphone. Once the connection is made, the full movie audio experience from dialogue, sound effects, and music plays directly through your earbuds in the language of your choice. "
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november 2017 by robertogreco
The genius strategy behind Google's new Pixel 2 smartphones
"But a decade into the smartphone era, specifications aren't enough. When considering which phone to buy, consumers are no longer looking at a simple list of features; they're considering how all the parts work together to make a device — and the broader ecosystem — more compelling. Giving consumers the most effective experience requires vertically integrating hardware, software, and services so that the experience can be seamless. For example, technologies like Google Lens, which lets users identify objects using the camera, rely on a variety of things working perfectly — from the computing to the imaging tech to the machine learning. The Pixel 2's likely excellent camera also comes with free cloud storage from Google, making the device even more compelling. In mimicking this integrated Apple approach, Google can also leverage a key advantage over Apple: a head start in AI, as Apple has come to the field later and more clumsily than its competitors, while Google continues to be a pioneer.

The upsides of this holistic approach are clear: When a tech company controls each point in an ecosystem, it is better able to produce the very best experiences for users, and evade the pitfalls and lag of tech partnerships. It's something the entire industry is slowly recognizing. Google also announced the Google Pixelbook, a high-end Chromebook with a touchscreen and pen. It instantly evoked both the Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro. The eerie similarity was symbolic: All three major computing companies are trying to achieve the same basic thing, locking consumers into an ecosystem.

There is a problem looming here for Google, though. In theory, the Pixel line is supposed to function like Microsoft's Surface in that it highlights the company's ecosystem at its very best, spurring on development from its broad range of partners. But inevitably, there are competing interests at work. Samsung is also recognizing that power lies in the stack; it developed its own voice assistant called Bixby rather than relying on Google's Assistant. You can, however, access both services on a new Samsung phone. It's redundant, and a little ridiculous, but perhaps demonstrative of the tension at work. Where once there was overlap and cross-pollination, things are tightening into vertical silos, and partnerships are a thing of the past. What remains to be seen is whether Google can keep on this path without alienating its partners — or, if push comes to shove, have Android continue to succeed on its own without them."
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october 2017 by robertogreco
You Have a New Memory - Long View on Education
"Last night I nearly cleaned out my social media presence on Instagram as I’ve used it about 6 times in two years. More generally, I want to pull back on any social media that isn’t adding to my life (yeah, Facebook, I’m talking about you). Is there anything worth staying on Instagram for? I know students use it to show off the photographic techniques they learn in their digital photography class. When I scrolled through to see what photos have been posted from the location of our school, I was caught by a very striking image that represents a view out of a classroom.

One of the most striking things about Instagram is how students engage with it (likes) way more than they do our school Twitter stream. I care about where their engagement happens since in the last two days of learning conferences, many students told me that they got their news through Snapchat. But neither Instagram nor Snapchat are where I have the interactions that I value.

This poses a serious challenge for teaching media literacy, but also for teaching the more traditional forms of text. With my Grade 9s, we have been reading and crafting memoirs. How does their construction of ephemeral memoirs on Snapchat and curated collections of memories on Instagram shape both how they write and see themselves?

Even though I understand how Snapchat works, I will never understand what it’s like to feel the draw of streaks or notifications. And with Instagram, I’m well past a point where I’m drawn to construct images that vie for hundreds of likes. I’m simply not shaped by these medias in the same way.

Beyond different medias, students really carry around different devices than I do, even though they may both be called iPhones. Few of them read the news on it or need to sift through work emails. But in both cases, these devices form the pathway to a public presentation of self, which is something that I struggle with on many levels. I’m happy to be out here in public intellectual mode sharing and criticizing ideas, and to reflect on my teaching and share what my students are doing, and to occasionally put out parts of my personal life, but I resent the way that platforms work to combine all of those roles into one public individual.

Just this morning, I received the most bizarre notification from my Apple Photos: “You Have a New Memory”. So, even in the relatively private space between my stored photos and my screen, algorithms give birth to new things I need to be made aware of. Notified. How I go about opting out of social media now seems like an easier challenge than figuring out how I withdraw from the asocial nudges that emerge from my own archives."
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october 2017 by robertogreco
Duo Mobile: Duo Security
"Secure Two-Factor Authentication App

Secure access to work and personal, cloud and on-premises apps with one simple app - Duo Mobile."

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august 2017 by robertogreco
Wake up to Gentle Birdsong with This New Smartphone App | Audubon
"For many people, the idea of waking to the sweet trills of birdsong is idyllic. But the reality isn't always as pleasant—will that Mocker ever be quiet?—and not everyone has a morning routine that aligns with the lives of their local songbirds. But now none of that matters, because there's a way to create your own avian wake-up calls thanks to Dawn Chorus, a new smartphone app from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History and its design lab The Studio.

The free app, available for iPhone and Android, lets you mix a birdsong alarm using audio files from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For each alarm, you pick five species (out of 20 options native to the northeast United States) whose songs play in the order you select at whatever time you set. As the melodies gently wake you, the app displays softly painted renditions of the birds by Sam Ticknor, an artist with The Studio. Ashley Cecil, Carnegie’s 2016 artist-in-residence, created the accompanying flower designs.

If you're a new birder, the alarm clock can also double as a learning tool. I was able to customize my alarm to mix birdcalls I know, like the Black-capped Chickadee’s buzzy chickadee-dee-dee, with others I still want to learn, like the Magnolia Warbler’s whistly weta-weta-weta. The app also offers descriptions of each bird, along with information about the museum and BirdSafe Pittsburgh, a joint project from Carnegie and the American Bird Conservancy that works to study and reduce bird-glass collisions.

<<Freebie Alert! Download our Audubon Bird Guide app, which offers detailed profiles, sound libraries, photographs, and range maps for 821 North American species. Available for iPhone, Droid, and Kindle devices.>>

Dawn Chorus still has some kinks to work out, especially for fussy sleepers. Some reviewers have noted that the alarm played for only a minute until it snoozed itself, a feature which could cause problems for those prone to oversleeping. On the other hand, light sleepers worry that the app will inadvertently keep them up; unlike the built-in alarms on most phones, Dawn Chorus does not sound when your phone is in silent mode. This means that to use the app, you also have to endure the pings of texts or phone calls while you are sleeping—a possible dealbreaker.

The rest of us, however, can now rise with the birds we choose, and on our own schedule. Download Dawn Chorus from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store."

[See also: ]
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Card Thief
"Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards.

In Card Thief you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief. Sneak in the shadows, extinguish torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. In your thief hideout you can use your stolen goods to unlock powerful equipment cards. Each heist you can use 3 equipment cards to become a skillful master thief.

Card Thief, the official follow up to Tinytouchtales excellent dungeon crawler Card Crawl, attempts to condense the classic stealth genre into a solitaire style card game. The game offers an accessible core gameplay with a deep layer of tactical planning and various risk reward mechanics on top. In 4 different heists you can test your skills against various enemy and trap types. By successfully completing heists you can unlock and upgrade 12 equipment cards each with a unique ability to improve your highscores."
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june 2017 by robertogreco
How I Made My Own iPhone - in China - YouTube
"I built a like-new(but really refurbished) iPhone 6S 16GB entirely from parts I bought in the public cell phone parts markets in Huaqiangbei. And it works!

I've been fascinated by the cell phone parts markets in Shenzhen, China for a while. I'd walked through them a bunch of times, but I still didn't understand basic things, like how they were organized or who was buying all these parts and what they were doing with them.

So when someone mentioned they wondered if you could build a working smartphone from parts in the markets, I jumped at the chance to really dive in and understand how everything works. Well, I sat on it for nine months, and then I dove in."
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april 2017 by robertogreco
Audm on the App Store
"Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators.

Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including:

* The Atlantic
* Foreign Policy
* The New York Review of Books
* Outside Magazine
* ProPublica
* London Review of Books
* Aeon
* Epic Magazine
* Pacific Standard
* Guernica
* World Policy Journal
* The Bitter Southerner
* The Marshall Project
* The Millions
* The American Scholar
* The Morning News

Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best.

If you enjoy your free trial, subscribe for continued access. You will be charged $6.99/month for access to the entire Audm catalogue, to which new stories are being added all the time. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period, and you will forfeit access to the Audm service for the remainder of that period.

Terms of use and privacy policy: "
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january 2017 by robertogreco
Hokusai on the App Store
"✳ The LARGEST COLLECTION of Hokusai's work EVER, over 1800 artworks from this great artist!!!!!!!!
✳ Welcome to the HD world of Japanese Art.
✳ HD collection of masterpieces of Hokusai + Interactive Biography Book + Many more other features= This App"
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december 2016 by robertogreco
Opera Free VPN - Unlimited Ad-Blocking VPN on the App Store
"Opera VPN blocks ads and lets you change your virtual location. Unblock more content and stop trackers from following you around the web — completely free.

With Opera VPN, you get:
- One of the fastest, most reliable VPN services
- Unblocked access via your choice of five virtual locations (with more coming soon)
- A built-in ad blocker for ads in Safari, Chrome and other apps
- A built-in tracker blocker to enhance online privacy

Opera VPN is one of the best and fastest ways to access more of your favorite online content for free. With super-fast VPN servers and other premium features included for free, Opera VPN is the smart choice for you.

Opera VPN includes free ad and tracker blocking! Block annoying ads and save time, battery life and sanity. You can also help prevent pesky sites from tracking your footsteps and activities on the web.

Opera VPN is a service provided by SurfEasy, Inc., an Opera company. Opera's 20-year history of web innovation enables more than 350 million people worldwide to do what matters most to them online. Get the performance you need from people you can trust."

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California Today: The Rise of a Design Capital - The New York Times
"Overseas, California as a brand is now a crucial selling point for product makers when it comes to technology, automobiles and architecture.

“If you’re able to say, ‘Hey, this is truly Californian,’ there is a real appeal to it,” said Kevin Klowden, the executive director of the Milken Institute’s California Center.

That cachet, of course, has been supercharged by Silicon Valley. Design scholars point to Apple’s devices. Even as its manufacturing moved overseas, the company added a line to its products: “Designed by Apple in California.”

But what does California design say to consumers?

Simon Sadler, a professor of design at U.C. Davis who is principally interested in architecture, talked about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Coast Highway, the open style of modern homes, as well as an intangible sense of “magic and possibility.”

“We don’t do monuments, we do nodes,” he said. “And this is how we end up with the most famous California design of modern times, which is the iPhone. You know, it’s barely there. It’s always just an interface.”

Kevin Starr, the California historian, said global enthusiasm for the Golden State was in some ways recasting landscapes well beyond the state’s borders. On the roads, cars by nearly every automaker that sell in the United States are now designed in California.

And take a look at architecture around the world, Dr. Starr added: “Places like New Zealand, Australia, Argentina — they are all beginning to increasingly look like California. It’s the internationalization of design out of California.”

Many design experts still point to New York, with its recognizable monuments, as America’s design capital. There has long been a feeling in architectural circles that New York looked down on California. But that may be changing.

“What is surely exasperating for our colleagues on the East Coast is whether or not we’re ditsy, we’re onto something,” Professor Sadler said. “And the ascent of California as a center of design has been unstoppable.”"

[and at the end]

"In the 1960s, when a new bridge bisected the largely Mexican-American neighborhood of Barrio Logan in San Diego, residents were outraged.

They responded by painting colorful murals on the bridge’s concrete columns that depicted Chicano heritage and heroes. Over time, Chicano Park, as it was named, became home to dozens of the soaring artworks along with sculptures and landscaping.

Now, a campaign is underway to designate the park as a national historic landmark.

Representative Juan Vargas, a Democrat in San Diego, introduced a bill last year that would require the secretary of the interior to assess the park’s suitability for the designation.

On Wednesday, the measure was unanimously approved by a congressional committee.

Nominees for the National Historic Landmarks program are chosen for their historical as well as aesthetic value. In California, 145 structures bear the designation, among them bridges, forts and churches.

In a statement, Mr. Vargas said Chicano Park deserved to be included, calling it “a cultural mecca that highlights the activist and artistic contributions of our local community.”"
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RUN and RUN / lyrical school 【MV for Smartphone】 on Vimeo
"lyrical school is a hip hop idol group with 6 members
and made a major debut with "RUN and RUN"!!
Its MV is a virtical movie, which is unprecedented and groundbreaking
with taking full advantage of smartphone.
You might feel as if your smartphone is taken over and operated on its own!
【RUN and RUNスペシャルサイトオープン!!】
【Music Video Youtube Link】 "
verticalvideo  video  music  musicvideo  mobile  phones  iphone  portaitvideo  lyricalschool  2016 
august 2016 by robertogreco
Transit Maps: Apple vs. Google vs. Us — Medium
"Transit maps are beautiful. You see them plastered on bus shelters and subway stops. Your parents kept one in their pockets. You might have one burned into your brain.

A transit map is much more than a list of stations. It’s the underlying anatomy of your city. It shows how people move, how neighbourhoods are connected, and how your craziest city adventures begin.

Of course, transit maps are also incredibly functional: they’re abstract diagrams that show you how your transit system works. They have rigid lines and fixed-angles. While they’re not geographically accurate, they do a pretty good job of helping you figure out how to get from A-to-B. Every transit line has a different colour, and intersecting lines show you where to transfer.

You can ask any transit agency designer: creating a transit map is a painstaking process. Transit agencies put lots of thought into making diagrams that are equally beautiful and functional…

…although no two cities approach transit maps exactly the same way.
Which is great!

Unless you’re trying to design a transit map for every city in the world.

Imagine that: every transit line in every city, condensed into one, single, beautiful, curvy, map. Millions of stops, thousands of lines, hundreds of agencies.

Google Maps and Apple Maps have tried to do it, but we thought we could do better.

They have lots of resources. We don’t. But then again… we have Anton.

In this post, we’ll show you how Anton, our algorithm alchemist, took on both Apple and Google. He’ll be posting a technical follow up soon, so if you’re into that, we’ll let you know on Twitter. (If you want to take our word for it though, maybe just download our app? See our transit maps in all their titillating, unadulterated glory.)"
maps  mapping  application  ios  mobile  android  iphone  googlemaps  applemaps  apple  google  transit  transitapp  publictransit  2016  design 
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"Set Your Homescreen Free

Cut "invisible icons" right out of your background, use them to push your other icons around, and do amazing things with your homescreen."
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december 2015 by robertogreco
This Beautiful App Lets You See the Cell Towers, Wifi Signals, and Satellites Around You
"You’re aware that your cell service comes from cell towers. And that your mapping app is made possible by GPS satellites. And that wifi signals deliver your fail videos. But the sight of that invisible world is breathtaking.

This summer, a Dutch artist named Richard Vijgen released a video of a project he was working on called the Architecture of Radio. It was an augmented reality app that revealed the waves and signals in a given room, pulling information from publicly available databases on cell tower locations and satellites. It revealed an unearthly, web-like network of invisible infrastructure that powers our world—and unsurprisingly, a lot of people wanted to try it for themselves.

Sadly, the app itself wasn’t ready for public consumption... until today. You can now download the $3 iOS app for iPhone or iPad. When you fire it up, you see a cobalt-blue screen where the app takes your GPS location and loads a series of datasets drawn from a global database that includes the cell towers around you and the satellites overhead (like this one). All in all, the database includes “7 million cell towers, 19 million Wi-Fi routers and hundreds of satellites.”

As you pan around your house, the app identifies signals and waves as you move: There’s a cell tower 589 meters to my left. If it was night, I could look out for a Russian satellite from 1964 passing to the south. It’s a bit like having x-ray glasses on.

The app warns that it is “not a measurement tool.” For example, the atmospheric waves and dots that texture the screen are an interpretation of waves, not a scientific reality. But the actual datapoints are real, based on your GPS coordinates and scraped from a database, which is pretty cool. Or terrifying, if you’re more of a tin-foil hat person.

“Most people seem to be amazed by the density of signals, some think it’s a bit scary, others just think it’s beautiful,” Vijgen told Gizmodo over email. In the end, it’s a lovely reminder of the vast network all around us, hidden in plain sight. You can get it here."

[See also: ]
applications  ios  2015  wifi  ipad  iphone  richardvijgen  celltowers 
november 2015 by robertogreco
Drafts | Agile Tortoise
"Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. In Drafts, text comes first – open the app and get a new, blank draft. Get your text down quickly, then act on it with powerful actions."
applications  ios  iphone  ipad  writing  notetaking  via:steelemaley 
november 2015 by robertogreco
Nuqta - Created by You, for You.
"The world’s first user-generated mobile museum of arabic calligraphy and typography. Created by you, for you."
arabic  typography  calligraphy  application  ios  iphone  ipad 
november 2015 by robertogreco
Telegram Messenger
"Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed."
messaging  application  ios  android  applications  mac  windowsphone  ipad  iphone  windows  linux  web 
october 2015 by robertogreco
Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App
"Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers.

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

applications  driving  gps  maps  navigation  traffic  android  ios  iphone  via:everyone 
september 2015 by robertogreco
The Sailor’s Dream | Simogo
"Inside every knickknack left behind is a treasure trove of memories and stories filled with joys and sorrows

A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity. Explore an ocean dream world, in which time passes even when you are not there, visit forgotten islands and piece together memories – some even existing beyond the screen of your device."
ios  via:senongo  game  gaming  videogames  toplay  simogo  srg  edgipad  iphone  applications 
june 2015 by robertogreco
Tempra on the App Store on iTunes
"Test and increase the accuracy and precision of your sense of time.

For each trial, your goal is to get as close as possible to the displayed target time.

Breathe... relax, and focus on your internal sense of time.

Designed and built by Che-Wei Wang
MIT Media Lab, Playful Systems"

[See also:

"It’s called Tempra. It’s a simple game about absolute time. If you ever played the 10 second stopwatch game, you’ll get this right away. It’s that, but 0.5 seconds to infinity.

Our internal sense of time is subjective. It is localized by our culture, swings with our moods, and is affected by body temperature. But time is absolute. One second is defined as “the time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation produced by the transition between two levels of the cesium 133 atom.”[google:1 second] If we handed out stopwatches to a million people and asked them to intuitively time one second, where would we land? What would the average be? the median? deviations? We all know what we think one second feels like, but do we know how accurate that feeling is?

Tempra encourages users to train their internal time production in sub-second to minute long durations. It’s a lightweight casual game that’s very much like a stopwatch, except you can’t see the numbers. To play you must rely on your internal sense of time. The goal is to get as close to a given time increment as possible. Each level in the game increases in difficulty by lengthening the duration you have to model in your head. Each trial of the game requires greater concentration, encouraging you to deepen your inward focus and continuously sharpen your internal sense of time.

Practice, like with any other skill, yields higher accuracy. However, we don’t know if accuracy is generalizable. For example, if your sense of two seconds is super accurate, does that also mean you’re good at dodging traffic?

We also don’t know if time production is a skill that you can exercise like a muscle. Can you strengthen that muscle? Probably. Does it atrophy if it isn’t exercised explicitly? We don’t know.

If internal time production is a muscle that you can exercise, and if exercising that muscle has generalizable attributes, then practicing with Tempra may have profound effects on your health and well-being.

To gain insights into how our brain distorts time and generates biases towards time production, Tempra anonymously collects data from time production trials from players around the world.

We won’t know unless we try."]
che-weiwang  cw&t  time  ios  applications  iphone  perception  2014  ios7 
march 2015 by robertogreco
iOS Continuity | dirtystylus
"I’ve been doing a lot of daily writing in Day One, mostly as a form of exercise. Today I started a post on the iPad and realized that the photo I wanted to use was only on my iPhone (it hadn’t synced to Dropbox yet). So I picked up the phone and finished the post there. I think that’s pretty cool, and it says something about how I expect my tools to be immediately in sync and transparently so.

I’m enjoying Day One, but boy do I wish I could adjust the leading in the editor (as well as the rendered posts). The lines are too tightly packed, and it just irks me every time I start to write."
continuity  ios  ipad  iphone  markllobrera  2015  writing  dayone  dropbox  syncing 
march 2015 by robertogreco
"A tool for sharing your homescreen and discovering apps.Share your screen to get started."
iphone  applications  betaworks  ios  homescreen 
march 2015 by robertogreco
Shitphone: A Love Story — Matter — Medium
"Shitphone gradually instilled patience. When the phone malfunctioned, or a call dropped, I assumed the mindset of a citizen trapped in a bureaucracy: I did what I must to navigate the system in which I was stuck.

I came to believe that shitphone had helped me reconnect with my immediate surroundings, but quickly realize it had not. My idle moments were filled with idle thoughts and actions of similar or lesser value to another glimpse at the internet. I looked at the sky more, which was nice, and I stopped looking at my phone when I walked, which was a terrible habit anyway. Sometimes I looked at other people buried deeply in their nicer phones and felt like I had ascended, somehow, in the slightest way possible.

I definitely had not: I had gone from compulsively checking my phone to watching others compulsively checking theirs. (I also came to believe, briefly, that shitphone is somehow a more honest device, as far as its relation to the global economy is concerned. An iPhone is instantly associated with Apple stores and book-length interviews with Jony Ive and Steve Jobs and America, all distractions from its provenance; shitphone marketing is flimsy enough, and pricing low enough, that there is nothing to distract you from the fact that these devices are made possible by companies willing to take thin margins and people willing to work for long hours and low wages, and that you will throw them away after two years anyway. If you look at any piece of cheap consumer electronics long and hard enough you will be able to see nothing but a collection of externalities; with shitphones, you get there faster. But this was a feeling, not understanding: I knew no more about the people and labor that created this phone than the people and labor that created my iPhone. If anything, I knew less.)

It had become clear, at this point, that there is a wide experiential gulf between my shitphone and my brandphone, and that, at this moment in the history of technology, there are reasons to buy, through subsidy or otherwise, a $650 device. But I still suspected that the smartphone industry’s weird narcissism of small differences has left it, or us, somewhat blind to what’s coming. I researched, and then began to covet, premium shitphones. I nearly bought another BLU — the company’s flagship device — but it was a little out of my price range, especially now that I was replacing one phone with two. I found a better match: The Posh Mobile Titan E500A. For $169.99, delivered. 177 customer reviews, 4.3 stars."

"If shitphones were ready for everyone, they wouldn’t be shitphones. As devices, they’re nearly there; as buying decisions, they’re still exotic. They represent a compromise and a risk. They are classic shitworld. Still, smartphone shitworld is already encroaching on brands, and smartphone brandworld is ceding to shit. Major carriers offer cheaper devices, though many of them are older devices from familiar brands; ZTE and Alcatel sell affordable smartphones through pay-as-you-go carriers Cricket and Boost Mobile as well as T-Mobile. More and more casual phone-buyers — people who either can’t or don’t want to pay $80+ a month for a traditional contract, or who don’t have good credit, or who don’t care to enter into a multi-year contract just to Snapchat with their friends — could be tempted to pair such options with cheaper prepaid plans, pushing the industry toward some kind of populist tipping point.

It is tempting to see this as the triumphant rise of the shitphone. But nothing from shitworld ever really rises, it just reaches up at whatever is above it and pulls relentlessly down. Brands that can escape before the pulling becomes too strong must then find, or invent, something new. These breakthroughs, or new features, or new categories, comprise innovation. Or are they just fresh economic inefficiencies waiting to be solved?

I look forward to my first good shitwatch. I trust I will not wait long."

[See also:

“A Preview of the Real Amazon Store”

“The Case For Buying A Shitty TV” ]
consumerism  apple  criticism  electronics  technology  iphone  johnherrman  commoditization  amazon  smarthphones  mobile  phones 
march 2015 by robertogreco
OneShot – for sharing iOS screenshots
"Highlight screenshots of text and share them to Twitter."
screenshots  ios  applications  iphone  ipad  twitter  oneshot 
march 2015 by robertogreco
How the iPhone and iPad transformed the art of David Hockney - Los Angeles Times
"He also loved the mobility. When the iPhone, with its brushes app, was released, Hockney was enthusiastic, making sketches with his thumbs. But when the iPad came out, with its larger screen, he got one right away.

It was bigger, but it still fit into the pockets he had sown into his jackets for his sketchbook. And now, when he traveled out doors and was inpired to make a sketch, he no longer needed to lug around boxes of drawing pencils and paints."

[See also this quote from Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative:

"Artist David Hockney had all the inside pockets of his suit jackets tailored to fit a sketchbook. The musician Arthur Russell liked to wear shirts with two front pockets so he could fill them with scraps of score sheets."

That quote comes via ]
davidhockney  2013  ipad  iphone  pockets  alterations  clothing  arthurrussell  preparedness  glvo  pesonaluniforms  urbanspacesuit  accessibility  access  tools  toolkits  portability  mobility  uniforms 
march 2015 by robertogreco
A love letter to the Pacific Northwest
"Snapping black-and-white shots on his iPhone, photographer Aaron Lavinsky reveals Washington state's colorless beauty"
washingtonstate  olympicpeninsula  2015  photography  iphone  cameras  aaronlavinsky  saraheberspacher  aberdeen  graysharbor  lakecrescent  hohrainforest  olympicnationalpark  lakequinalt  rubybeach  hurricaneridge  taholah 
february 2015 by robertogreco
Things do Jobs
"A visual comparison of two things [one analog, one digital] solving the same job"
mobile  phones  applications  ios  iphone  tumblr  toolbelttheory  analog  digital  interactiondesign  ux  tools  toolkits 
february 2015 by robertogreco
#patchwork app
"#patchwork is a simple drawing application for creating images using three basic shapes. Relax and emerge into wonderful world of abstraction and minimalism. Save your result to photo albums or email vector file to edit later on desktop."

[See also: ]
ios  application  drawing  shapes  via:tealtan  ios6  iphone  ipad 
january 2015 by robertogreco
About Pocket Storm
"The Pocket Storm is an environmental audio player which streams an hour-long, ever-changing thunderstorm — just for you.

It starts with a calm summer night. Soon you’ll hear thunder in the distance, then wind and a spatter of rain. After half an hour you’ll be in the thick of the storm. By the end of the hour it will have faded into the night again. Then the cycle begins again.

The Pocket Storm is not like other environmental audio apps. Every thunderstorm is different! Wind, rain, thunder — even chirping crickets — every sound is chosen from a library, with subtle variations of pitch and timing. The Pocket Storm weaves these elements into a tapestry of sound which will never repeat."

[via: ]
audio  iphone  nature  storms  ios  ipad  applications 
december 2014 by robertogreco
A Dark Room on the App Store on iTunes

"I've been totally immersed this weekend in the iPhone game A Dark Room -- minimalist, just text and tapping, and what a picture it paints.

Don't read any reviews, just play it with no preconceptions. Absolutely top fucking notch, best game I've played all year.

Once you have played, here's the development blog. " ]
games  ios  iphone  ipad  amiralirajan  gaming  edg  srg  gamedevelopment  gamedesign  applications  ios7  videogames 
december 2014 by robertogreco
"It’s beautiful.
Visually rich, clean, and elegant, Wire delivers a communication experience like no other. Write, talk, share pictures, music and video with people on phones, tablets and desktops — Wire is thoughtfully designed. For your every thought.

It’s pure.
With Wire you can easily move from messages and pictures to HD voice. Wire’s pristine audio quality makes it feel as if the people you are speaking to are right there with you.

It’s happening.
Photos on Wire display beautifully inline, SoundCloud music and YouTube videos blend nicely with text and pictures. So you can share your nicest moments, in the moment.

It’s everywhere.
Phone, desktop or tablet — Wire goes where you go. Wire for browsers will be available soon.

It’s on.
Wire is perfect for staying connected with any group. Create a conversation, name it as you wish, and add people — your groups will be taking off whether they’re about work, family or fun. Oh, and Wire groups are full democracy."

[via: ]
communication  applications  android  iphone  ios  skype  qik  janusfriis  chat  texting  telephony  conversation  groupchat  2014  multimedia  voice  slack  email  ios8  osx  mac  messaging 
december 2014 by robertogreco
Spyglass – Best Augmented Reality Compass, Maps and GPS Navigator for iPhone and iPad – Happymagenta
"Spyglass is an advanced compass and GPS nav app for iPhone and iPad. Spyglass comes in handy as a car, bike, boat, aircraft, vehicle or walking compass and GPS navigation to drive, cycle, sail, fly or hike off the road, in the field or woods, in the sea and in the air."
applications  ios  gps  iphone  navigation  compass 
november 2014 by robertogreco
Nuqta - Created by You, for You.
[See also:

"A new mobile app is the world's first virtual library for Arabic typography and calligraphy
The world's first user-generated mobile museum of Arabic typography and calligraphy was launched earlier this year. Known as NUQTA, which loosely translates to 'dot', the mobile application invites users to instantly post images of Arabic from anywhere in the world, whether it be graffiti on the streets or a work of art in a museum."]
applications  ios  arabic  nuqta  iphone  typography 
october 2014 by robertogreco
Citymapper- the ultimate transit app- New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan on the App Store on iTunes
"The ULTIMATE TRANSIT APP! * 2013 Apple's App of the Year (runner-up) * Apple Editor's Choice * Grand Prize Winner of MTA NYC App Quest 2013 * Best Overall Mobile App 2014 (GSMA/Mobile World Congress) * Designs of the Year 2014 - London Design Museum * Essential App of the Year- Stuff Magazine *

Live in: San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Boston. London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome. (more coming)

- "Citymapper is quite simply the best travel app to be introduced to New York City"- NYTimes
- "The most useful app I have on my Phone."
- "Its reason alone to get an iPhone. It's that good."
- "Life changing. This app really changes the way you travel."
- "I never thought I could love an app so much."

Citymapper is reinventing the everyday urban transit app and making the large complicated city simple and usable. A to B trip planning, real-time departure data on all modes of transit where available, weather, alerts, disruptions, cab booking through Hailo and everything you need and may not even realize that you need to manage your life in the city."

[See also: ]
ios  iphone  applications  maps  mapping  cities  android  via:robinsloan  transit  tripplanning  publictransit  publictransportation  weather 
october 2014 by robertogreco
Birds Near Me by Gerry Shaw
"Birds Near Me is a bird guide for everybody anywhere in the world. Find what birds are near you anywhere in the world or find pictures, songs, locations and information about any bird in the world.

Powered by eBird to provide an accurate list of birds that have beeen recently spotted in your exact area."

[via: ]
applications  ebird  birds  nature  birding  birdwatching  location  animals  ios  iphone 
october 2014 by robertogreco
On Being Let Down: iPhone 6 and the Politics of Disappointment — Medium
"And what we see now is, I believe, the opening of another sigh of great disappointment. Religion, drugs, space travel and digital culture: all of it has let us down. All of it left us disappointed.


It runs deep.

Capitalism promised great leisure and riches. We have been let down.

Politics promised great change. We have been let down.

Look at the fall-out from the Scottish referendum on independence. Look at the young men going to fight with IS. Look at political apathy and the overriding sense of cynicism. We are living in an age of almost universal disappointment.

In the 1580s Montaigne wrote that ‘to philosophise is to learn how to die.’ He could perhaps have written that it was to learn to deal with disappointment. Death, at its core, presents itself as the fundamental disappointment: after all that, is this it? Dust, rising for such a short while, only to return to dust?

The key question of our time is then this: how can we move beyond disappointment? In Montaigne’s terms, is there life after this death? Once we have faced up to the inevitability of our fall back into the earth, how do we then live? It’s to this question of resurrection — this ‘rising again’ — that Getting High turns as it concludes. The book is something of a memoir too in that this journey through religious, hedonistic, technological and political disappointment — and beyond — is a very personal one.

I don’t want to say too much more here — I’ll save your disappointment for when you read the final version — but suffice to say I believe that there is hope. But before that hope there what I believe we must do is get beyond denial. To accept not just that the iPhone 6 is disappointing, but that every other one will be too, and that all of these devices, all of our contrivances, all of our gadgets, all of our grand schemes and plans, all of it is going to let us down, just as certainly as we will be let down on straps into a hole in the ground some day, just as certainly as we will watch others being let down too.

The Apple is rotten; the promise of omniscience and immortality has turned out to be false. So then, how shall we live?"

[Also posted here: ]
kesterbrewin  2014  disappointment  capitalism  latecapitalism  meaning  meaningmaking  consumerism  materialism  hope  montaigne  philosopy  change  politics  religion  purpose  emptiness  iphone  iphone6  death  mortality  omniscience  immortality  micheldemontaigne 
october 2014 by robertogreco
Open Garden | /firechat
[See also: "FireChat – the messaging app that’s powering the Hong Kong protests"

"#BBCtrending: Hong Kong's 'off-grid' protesters"

"Faced with network surveillance, Hong Kong student demonstrators go P2P" ]

[Description here is from the iTunes page: ]

"FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid".
Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game or a trade show, camping in the wild or at a concert, or even travelling abroad, simply fire up the app with a friend or two and find out who else is there.

FireChat enables a new type of communication: “firechats”. These live and anonymous discussion groups can gather as many as 10,000 people simultaneously.

And you can also create your own firechats about anything that interests you - whether it's the NY Yankees, Game of Thrones, League of Legends or Italian food.

Get FireChat and start bringing people together.

Wait, how does this app work without an Internet connection or any type of mobile coverage? The magic comes from one of Apple’s iOS 7 most advanced technologies: the Multipeer Connectivity Framework, which FireChat is built upon.

We’re Open Garden. Welcome to a new era of open communications.

Please meet us on Twitter @OpenGarden and Facebook


• Instantly chat with anyone around you on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
• Works even without any Internet connection or cellular phone coverage
• Choose your own unique username and avatar
• Create your own ‘firechats’ for live discussions with up to tens of thousands of simultaneous users
• See what people are talking about in your country in the ‘Everyone’ mode
• Off-the-grid communications work with devices up to 200 feet of your location
• Multi-hop capabilities extend the range of off-the-grid communications
• No significant impact on battery consumption,

• FireChat is designed for iOS 7.

Please note that FireChat is not meant for secure or private communications. Other people nearby may see your messages. It's just like if you were playing music at home, people across the street might hear it too."

[See also: ]
firechat  messaging  android  ios  communication  decentralization  mesh  meshnetworking  bluetooth  meshnetworks  networks  organization  iphone  opengarden  p2p 
september 2014 by robertogreco
Secret Rule on the App Store on iTunes
"You are given a word.
It matches a rule that is unknown to you.
A rule could be: "Starts with H ends with R" or "Contains 'NN'" for example.
Your challenge is to find other words that match the rule."
games  wordgames  ios  iphone  ipad  applications  ios7  words 
september 2014 by robertogreco
Whited00r Community: free iOS upgrades, firmware and apps
"Whited00r is the biggest community of iOS modding and firmware cooking in the world. Here you will find full support for all Apple devices equipped with the ARMv6 CPU: iPhone 2G & 3G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G.

We provide free modded Software Updates for your device. Installing the Whited00r firmware will give you a fully optimized, speedy, and fluid device in just a few minutes with a simple restore of your iPhone or iPod Touch using iTunes. Your iPhone or iPod will be fast and productive again. Whited00r is the best solution for your Apple device suitable for both beginners or power users who like tweaking & modding their iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G.

Grayd00r: iPad 1G, iPod Touch 3G."
ios  iphone  ipad  ipodtouch  ipod  modding  unlocking  whited00r  grayd00r  firmware  software  upgrades  applications 
september 2014 by robertogreco
ALONE... on the App Store on iTunes
"ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner."
games  videogames  gaming  ios  applciations  via:tealtan  edg  iphone 
september 2014 by robertogreco
LINE : Free Calls & Messages
"Free Messaging Whenever, Wherever

Exchange free instant messages with friends whenever and wherever with one-on-one and group chats. LINE is available on all smartphone devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia) and even on your PC.

Free Voice & Video Calls
Real-time voice and video calls with friends are free with LINE. Don't wait to hear your loved ones' voices or see their smiling faces. Call NOW! Currently available on iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone(Voice), BlackBerry(Voice) and PC(Windows/MacOS).

LINE Stickers
More fun and expressive chats with over 10,000 stickers and emoticons, you can express a wider range of emotions. Have more fun with LINE stickers. Visit the Sticker Shop to find original LINE and world-famous character stickers.

From photo & video sharing to voice messages
LINE lets you share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and location information easily with your friends.

Get the latest news and special coupons for popular artists and brands.
Add Official Accounts of your favorite artists, celebrities, brands and TV shows as a friend to get exclusive news and coupons only available on LINE."
mobile  texting  messaging  line  applications  ios  iphone  android  windowsphone  blackberry  mac  osx  pc  japan  news 
september 2014 by robertogreco
Mobile Storytelling: The Rebirth of Reading and Writing on Vimeo
"“People say teens don’t read… I have some evidence to suggest completely otherwise,” says Candice Faktor. Wattpad has revolutionized the way novels are created and consumed. As a social platform, Wattpad offers writers an outlet to share their voice and have their stories resonate with a larger community, while allowing global access through mobile devices."

[See also:
"Wattpad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems about anything either online or through the Wattpad app. The content includes work by undiscovered and published writers. Users are able to comment and like stories or join groups associated with the website. Around half of the users are U.S. based; most users also come from the U.K., Canada, the Philippines, Australia, United Arab Emirates and more."]

[Wattpad: ]
2015  reading  writing  ebooks  community  mobile  margaretatwood  fanfiction  howweread  howwewrite  candicefaktor  wattpad  android  ios  application  iphone  kindlefire  blackberry  teens  youth  conversation  srg 
september 2014 by robertogreco
Hyperlapse from Instagram on the App Store on iTunes
"Create amazing time lapse videos with Hyperlapse. Using Instagram’s in-house stabilization, Hyperlapse shoots polished time lapse videos that were previously impossible without bulky tripods and expensive equipment."
instagram  ios  iphone  cameras  hyperlapse  stabilization  video  ios7  applications 
august 2014 by robertogreco
Jot. on the App Store on iTunes
"Jot is a private space for your stream of consciousness.

Start by answering one simple question: “What are you thinking?” and then instantly beam your thought to whoever you want in one tap.

Everyone gets notified immediately, which creates a spontaneous room for conversations to ignite.

REMEMBER: You control who can see what you say, so feel free to speak your mind.

Happy Jotting!"
applications  messaging  via:asimone  ios  iphone  ios7 
august 2014 by robertogreco
Marvin for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
"Meet Marvin. Your new eBook reader for iOS.

Get Marvin and find out why people are calling it "the most brilliant eReader for iOS to come out in a very long time".

Your books, everywhere. Dropbox. iTunes. Web. OPDS. calibre."
applications  ios  iphone  ipad  marvin  ebooks  reading  books 
august 2014 by robertogreco
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