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SpeEdChange: Returning School to Humanity
"we expect students to be "on time" not because it is educationally important [NBIIEI]...but because we are training workers to be on time. We create "standards" for each grade level NBIIEI...but because we are teaching single-tasking & work conformity. We test individually, blocking collaboration (which we call "cheating") NBIIEI...but because we are manufacturing workers for assembly line.

While people worry about testing averages, about whether schools should be run as public goods or for corporate profit, about number of school days, about what topics to emphasize, the real question, as the 21st Century rolls on, needs to be the very designed structure of our schools. They were created by a certain kind of society for a certain kind of economic reality. Whether that was ever good or bad is a question for another time, but for today I believe we need to begin to return our schools back to the "natural humanity" of the time before the assembly line began to rule our lives."
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SpeEdChange: The School I'd Like
"No grades, No grades: The 2 "grading systems" would be gone...destructive & useless. I imagine a K-12 school...w/ 2 divisions: K-4 & 5-12. W/in these divisions children would progress at own rates & would work w/ groupings based on interests & capabilities...No subject divisions: Everything a student can study can, & should, bring every "subject" into play...Technological Freedom: students in "my school" would have tech freedom...encouraged to discover best ways to use media & ICT to support their learning, to build their "Toolbelts."...A part of the community: Students need some separation from "society." They need to be in a safe place where mistakes & failure are fine. But they cannot be "apart" from their society...A willingness to change...illustrates the trap so many educators fall into. They build, or enter, a structure, & then accept that structure as a "natural" & unchangeable experience. It should be neither.
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