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SpeEdChange: What I wish Bill Gates had learned about education from Microsoft
"What most frustrates me is that Gates doesn't even seem to have learned the lessons which his company could have taught him. It is a classic case of a smart person letting what he doesn't know overwhelm what he does, which is turning out sad for all of us....

What are the Microsoft Lessons for Education? 1. Finding trumps knowing ... 2. Learning doesn't take place via lessons ... 3. There are loads of ways to do things... 4. People fall behind and they race ahead, where you are at any moment really doesn't matter... 5. The blank sheet is better... 6. It takes educators to let learners use the tools in front of them."
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july 2010 by robertogreco
SpeEdChange: Why "Standards-Based" and "Accountability" are dirty words [see also comment thread]
"every time we speak of "age appropriate goals," "grade level expectations," & "academic standards" we force students into 2-tier system...create disability & rob people of their human right to develop in way that serves them best... "evidence based practice" which is code for treating education the way a steel mill treats iron ore...real inclusion means abandoning our notions of "standards," "accountability," "evidence."...many of our basic conceptions of what schools look like...embracing the individual learner and not the group." ... ""that's not the "hidden curriculum" of schools, it is "the curriculum."...probably why America's most creative businesses are usually run by those who - at one point or another - found school either intolerable or irrelevant."
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july 2009 by robertogreco

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