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What Is It About 20-Somethings? - [This piece has popped up everywhere.]
"KENISTON CALLED IT youth, Arnett calls it emerging adulthood; whatever it’s called, the delayed transition has been observed for years. …“It’s somewhat terrifying,” writes a 25-year-old…“to think about all the things I’m supposed to be doing in order to ‘get somewhere’ successful: ‘Follow your passions, live your dreams, take risks, network w/ the right people, find mentors, be financially responsible, volunteer, work, think about or go to grad school, fall in love & maintain personal well-being, mental health & nutrition.’ When is there time to just be & enjoy?” Adds a 24-year-old: “…It’s almost as if having a range of limited options would be easier.”

While the complaints of these young people are heartfelt, they are also the complaints of the privileged.

The fact that emerging adulthood is not universal is one of the strongest arguments against Arnett’s claim that it is a new developmental stage. If emerging adulthood is so important, why is it even possible to skip it?"
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Can These Parents Be Saved: The Growing Backlash Against Over-Parenting - TIME
"Helicopter parents can be found across all income levels, races & ethnicities...even...grandparents...Why do grownups have to take over everything?...What boredom does is take away the noise...leave them w/ space to think deeply, invent their own game, create their own distraction...useful trampoline for children to learn how to get by...Other studies reinforce importance of play as essential protein in child's emotional diet...persisted across species & millenniums, perhaps as way to practice for adulthood, build leadership, sociability, flexibility, resilience...managers at JPL noticed younger engineers lacked problem-solving skills, though had top grades & test scores. Realizing older engineers had more play experience as kids...JPL eventually incorporated questions about job applicants' play backgrounds into interviews. "what produces learning & memory & well-being, play is as fundamental as any other aspect.''..."hurried lifestyle is source of stress & anxiety...depression.""
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