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"Via @janchipchase is this $80 Android phone from Huawei, which, although suffering from limited memory and battery-life problems, is apparently selling very well in Kenya. Making the OLPC look less like a failure and more like a mistake in product category."
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august 2011 by robertogreco
This Life - A Plugged-in Summer -
"I concocted a scheme. During weekends this summer, I would pursue the opposite of an unplugged vacation: I would check screens whenever I could. Not in the service of work, but in the service of play. I would crowd-source new ideas for car games and YouTube my picnic recipes. I would test the prevailing wisdom that the Internet spoils all the fun. With back-to-school fast approaching, here’s my report.

For starters, the Web supplied an endless font of trivia and historical tidbits to enliven our days. I learned that a great debate still rages over who was the “Benedict” in eggs Benedict; that ancient mythologists believed fish were so afraid of the ospreys that they turned up their bellies in surrender; and that care packages like the one we sent my nephew at camp had their origins feeding starving Europeans in World War II and initially contained liver loaf and steak and kidneys…"
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august 2011 by robertogreco
SpeEdChange: Of Cognition and Memory, Technology and Cities, Learning and Schools. Part I
"what would it look like if we're enabling next instead of present?…What happens to cognition & collective memory, when every student at every age has phone in hand linking them universally & able to connect intimately & via projection?…augmented reality. To ask any question of anyone? These are present, not yet ubiquitous, technologies. As they appear & cognition changes…what do we educators do? What happens to teaching? spaces? curriculum?…Forget "no teaching wall," is there even "teaching floor"—& what does that mean?…age-based grades vanish…subjects…very notions of "student" & "teacher" altered. As info becomes more free, expertise becomes more distributed & controls of grade-level-expectations, standardized tests & textbooks become irrelevant. Does fixed time schedule survive? Is it possible to imagine school which prepares students for their future? Which operates w/, & builds skills for flexibility which humans require if they are to succeed when world changes?"
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july 2010 by robertogreco
A Is for App: How Smartphones, Handheld Computers Sparked an Educational Revolution
"What's at issue is a deep cultural shift, a fundamental rethinking not only of how education is delivered but also of what "education" means. The very word comes from the Latin duco, meaning "to lead or command" -- putting the learner in the passive position. Rabi Kamacharya is an MIT engineering grad who returned to his native Kathmandu from Silicon Valley to found a software company and started OLE Nepal, the network's most established branch, in 2007. Kamacharya talks about technology putting "children in the driver's seat" -- to overcome the limited skills of teachers: "Even in urban areas, teachers who teach English, for example, do not know English very well. Children are at the mercy of the teachers, who may not be motivated or have sufficient materials to work with. We want to enable them to go forward with self-learning and assessment.""
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march 2010 by robertogreco
BLDGBLOG: The Atomized Library
"The basic idea was to scatter smaller information spaces throughout the city: buildings, kiosks, cafes, computer labs, public-access WiFi envelopes, media production centers, "teen spaces," public meeting rooms, and more. Importantly, though, the entire point of Young's investigation was to ask what libraries might look like if information was no longer accessed through books.

Think of it as a network of partially prefab, rapidly deployable, plug-in, book-less micro-libraries, with potential for global distribution. EasyLibrary, perhaps.
In fact, it raises an interesting question: when it comes to public libraries, whether we're referring to New York City or Ciudade del Este, what is the architectural equivalent of One Laptop Per Child? Is the future of the community library a modular shed, or has an entire building type been made obsolete by handheld devices?"

[larger images at: ]
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february 2010 by robertogreco
OffMaps: Offline Maps for iPod Touch and iPhone
"OffMaps lets you take your maps offline. It is the ideal companion for any iPhone and iPod Touch user, who wants to access maps when travelling abroad (and avoid data roaming charges) and who wants to have fast access to maps at all times. This app (and the icon) just has to be on the right hand side of Apple's built-in maps app. OffMaps uses OpenStreetMap that include a lot more information than simple road maps: from ATMs and train stations to restaurants and pubs! You choose which areas to download instead of buying a new app for every city you want to visit. Our guides include all data from OpenStreetMap and lets you browse a wide array of points of interest offline. Check out the Guides section to see our ever-expanding Guide library." [Update: Kottke approved]
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february 2010 by robertogreco
Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent
"Creating is reorganizing elements to form a new functional whole. In order to create, you have to evaluate. But in order to evaluate, you must be able to analyze. In order to analyze, you have to understand. And to understand something, you must be able to remember things about it. So, creating is the ultimate activity."
mobilelearning  iphone  pedagogy  comics  creativity  mobile  teaching  learning  ipod  handhelds  applications  ios 
october 2009 by robertogreco
School experiment leaves pupils to their own devices |
"A class of year 8 students at Shepparton High School are the first in Australia to use the iPod Touch in the classroom for a global "mobile learning" project.
australia  teaching  handhelds  ipodtouch  iphone  technology  learning  schools  edtech 
january 2009 by robertogreco
For teens, the future is mobile - Digital Media - CNET
"Marketers convened here this week to figure out how best to reach teens on the Internet. The answer: It's all about the mobile phone."..."The device is inconsequential compared to the content"
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july 2008 by robertogreco
"To create a mediascape, you start with a digital map of your local area. Using special, free software, you can attach digital sounds, pictures and video to places that you choose on the map."
location-based  annotation  mapping  maps  geography  googlemaps  gps  education  learning  pervasive  locative  location  howto  onlinetoolkit  uk  tutorials  tagging  internet  blogjects  everyware  multimedia  mobile  phones  handhelds  audio 
october 2007 by robertogreco Blog - Handheld Learning 2007 Nuggets
"Handheld Learning 2007 conference in London continued Thursday and Friday. Over 800 attended this year's gathering. Here are just a few nuggets from the conference:"
$100  handhelds  olpc  laptops  mobile  phones  learning  education  teaching  schools 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Tony Vincent's
"an educator's resource for using handheld computing in schools. You'll find lists of great software applications for Palm and Windows Mobile computers. You'll find resources for podcasting and eBooks. Also, there's a comprehensive listing of the best sit
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october 2007 by robertogreco
GoKnow Learning
"GoKnow Learning is the premier provider of educational software, curriculum, and professional development for mobile, handheld computers."
handhelds  innovation  learning  mobile  phones  education  software  curriculum 
august 2007 by robertogreco
Handhelds help turn kids into marine biologists | CNET
"On a clear day in March, a group of 10-year-olds were playing marine scientists from a lookout point in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, at a spot known for its views of humpback whales."
technology  children  schools  learning  handhelds  1to1  laptops  education  science  biology  hawaii  whales  wireless  marine  oceans  teaching  students  1:1 
may 2007 by robertogreco
Wireless Wanders » Blog Archive » Revolutionary - iPhone or Africaphone?
"If calling is the killer app, then giving that capability to another billion people on this planet really is revolutionary. In fact, the transformative potential of the mobile phone is heightened in areas where communications are otherwise poor."
africa  mobile  phones  technology  development  handhelds  texting  sms  motofone  africafone 
january 2007 by robertogreco
PassMe Nintendo DS MOD Chip roms
"PassMe is a device designed by Natrium42 based off of the first DS passthrough made by DarkFader using an FPGA dev kit. It redirects the DS to a GBA Flash cart, so you can run your own program (roms) on the Nintendo DS."
nintendo  ds  games  play  hacks  handhelds  nintendods 
february 2006 by robertogreco
Nintendo DS Mod Chip - Gizmodo
"PassMe, a pass-through mod chip from Natrium42, lets users load “homebrew” programs on their DS using the system’s GBA slot."
nintendo  ds  games  play  hacks  handhelds  nintendods 
february 2006 by robertogreco
pasta and vinegar » A butterfly-watching system with WiFi PDAs
"A mobile butterfly-watching learning system for supporting independent learning...It’s a butterfly-watching system implemented and tested at an elementary school in Taiwan aimed at being used to teach the different kinds of butterflies in the region."
ecology  children  technology  photography  science  learning  education  schools  animals  handhelds 
january 2006 by robertogreco

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