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Tools of Engagement: The New Practice of User-Centered Design, by Robert Fabricant - Core77
"We have been operating under the assumption that the primary challenge is to convince businesses to focus on fulfilling user needs with higher quality products, with more meaningful experiences? But what if the 'users' themselves are the problem? ... Our design decisions are just one influence among many, not categorically different, and often not the most effective in motivating the user to achieve their desired aims. ... If we want to impact these ecosystems on a large scale we must increasingly design for social systems, not individual needs. ... Designers can exert tremendous influence by what we choose to (and choose not to) make tangible. ... John Thackara explains, we are "moving away from the idea that we have to make all of these decisions in advance, as designers or engineers. We need to enroll the creativity of our fellow citizens who used to be call consumers.""
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july 2009 by robertogreco
Disruptive Realism | Blog | design mind
"Disruptive Realism is an expression presented in an everyday context that disrupts peoples perceptions about different things. Expression can mean many things and it a way it's art but it's also much more expansive a term than just art." ... Examples: Bruno Taylor's swing at bus stop, Banksy's yellow street stripes extending into a flower and refrigerator kite in New Orleans (among others), Charlie Taylor's Improv Everywhere (Grand Central Station freeze), fake NY Times, Reverse Graffiti, Orson Well's War of the Worlds ... "humorous element to theor ability to play and have fun...engaging with the rest of the society [by] forcing them to break their patterns of thought ... stop their typical way in which they're going through the day and think about their particular situation even if they're not changing their habits ... maybe have a better day based on the instance... break people out of the pattern thinking."
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november 2008 by robertogreco

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