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Tina Brown's Must-Reads: Dictators : NPR
[1] "Johnson suggests even in private, North Koreans cannot tell the truth — that everything in their lives is fictionalized to one degree or another — & Brown says that's part of why his book is so original.

"Their own biographies are captured and rewritten and made to be the thing that you imbibe and live through, and that's why the freedom of the rower becomes such a haunting thing to Jun Do," Brown says."

[2] ""[York] writes about 'dictator chic,' which has now taken over as the fall of all these dictators from the Arab Spring brings all this flight money into Europe, & invades us with their taste," Brown says. According to York, 'despot decor' is increasing in certain spots around the world."

[3] "Murphy suggests that the Inquisition, rather than being a relic of the past, is a harbinger of modern times. Brown says that the sustained ability to create a system of fear, maintain records, & monitor people through communication systems & law reminds her of more modern examples."
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