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Tomtown ( 8 Oct., 2015, at Interconnected)
"The web is busy now. No bad thing. But much too busy to have a single place to gather my friends around photos, another around status updates, etc. I used to have one community online, and now I've got a hundred. And while I can shard them by app (business on LinkedIn, family on Facebook, my global village on Twitter), it's a lot of effort to maintain that. And it doesn't make any sense.


Tom Coates invited me to join a little community of his in Slack. There are a handful of people there, some old friends, some new friends, all in this group messaging thingy.

There's a space where articles written or edited by members automatically show up. I like that.

I caught myself thinking: It'd be nice to have Last.FM here too, and Dopplr. Nothing that requires much effort. Let's also pull in Instagram. Automatic stuff so I can see what people are doing, and people can see what I'm doing. Just for this group. Back to those original intentions. Ambient awareness, togetherness.

Nobody says very much. Sometimes there's a flurry of chat.

It's small, human-scale. Maybe it's time to bring all these ambient awareness tools back, shared inside Slack instances this time.

You know what, it's cosy. I've been missing this. A neighbourhood."
2015  mattwebb  ambientawareness  ambient  community  culture  presentationofself  twitter  flickr  slack  tomcoates  email  neighborhoods  scale  groups  groupsize  glancing  jaiku  dopplr  im  instantmessenger  openplans  offices  attention  socialmedia  noise 
october 2015 by robertogreco
Bye Dopplr | Magical Nihilism
"I learned a hell of a lot designing and building Dopplr. I still stand by a lot of the principles that we as a team tried to follow. Don’t build a website, build a part of the web. Be polite, playful and pertinent. Use copy as UI as well as possible. And perhaps most importantly in the last few weeks: always let the user leave – easily and gracefully, with all of their data."
mattjones  dopplr  design  2013  websites  webdev  networks  howtobeintheworld  ui  content  copy  playfulness  play  pertinence  dataportability  portability  data  politeness  connectivism  webdesign 
november 2013 by robertogreco
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: to be real
"…a bit more theoretical than many of my talks, but I wanted to make the point that things like trust and authenticity aren’t binary – these are built slowly, and gained in the minds of people by doing the right thing. Also that the best trust is from just doing your job, and letting your employees & customers tell their stories."
hownotto  howto  socialmedia  personalization  depersonalization  twitter  firstdirect  people  vimeo  37signals  iceland  nokia  ebay  newspaperclub  kickstarter  upcoming  flickr  personality  providence  history  business  branding  storytelling  heritage  moleskine  sweden  curatorsofsweden  bookdepositorylive  tumblr  generalelectric  net-a-porterlive  enoughproject  theyesmen  facebook  spambots  brompton  bromptonbicycles  hiutdenim  historytag  @sweden  douglasrushkoff  google  dopplr  copywriting  webdesign  craft  social  spam  russelldavies  online  web  internet  administration  management  howwework  chrisheathcote  2012  authenticity  trust  nextberlin  nextberlin2012  webdev  from delicious
july 2012 by robertogreco
History's New Gatekeepers - Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect
"Most people assume the past to be a fixed, known entity whereas the future is there for shaping. Except that the past is in fact pleasantly malleable - not in the sense of wanting to rewrite history which is interesting enough, but simply in terms of being able to recall history. Increasingly we offload the need to remember the minutiae our day-to-day lives to services such as Gmail, Dopplr, Evernote, Reader, and Facebook and the trend will only continue in this direction as we are increasingly able to draw new rich streams of data such as location and transactions.

What happens when these services become the front-end to a life-times worth of memories?

Recollection through the oh-so-monetisable Facebook interface? Welcome to history's newest gatekeepers."
janchipchase  evernote  memory  forgetting  facebook  gmail  googlereader  dopplr  remembering  future  history  trends  privacy 
december 2009 by robertogreco
Data as seductive material « Magical Nihilism
"It was their first (and hopefully not the last) Spring Summit at the Umeå Institute of Design, entitled “Sensing and sensuality”. I tried to come up with something on that theme, mainly of half-formed thoughts that I hope I can explore some more here and elsewhere in the coming months. It’s called “Data as seductive material”" slides here:
mattjones  data  visualization  everyware  ubicomp  aesthetics  dataesthetics  dopplr  stamendesign 
april 2009 by robertogreco
Exporting the past into the future, or, “The Possibility Jelly lives on the hypersurface of the present” « Magical Nihilism
"I’m still convinced that hereish-and-soonish/thereish-and-thenish are the grain we need to be exploring rather than just connecting a network of the pulsing ‘blue-dot’."
location  locative  location-based  geolocation  dopplr  serendipity  spacetime  precision  gps  design  space  socialsoftware  interaction  mattjones  fireeagle  place  time  latitude  herish  nowish  future  past  present  hereandnow 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Things I’m Standing Next To
"Nearby starts with a geotagged photo and then queries for other geotagged photos within a one kilometer radius. You can order the results by time and distance and interestingness but the important part is that they are photos, well, nearby to the photo you are looking at. Nearby is a deliberately fuzzy concept. Nearby in St. Peter’s Square in Rome might mean the person directly in front of you. Nearby in the streets of a small town might be the beautiful garden behind the fence and around the corner. Nearby encourages people to poke around and discover their surroundings, as though they were on foot and everything was just a short walk away."
flickr  location  longnow  geocoding  geotagging  dopplr  place  design  history  photography  narrative  bighere  maps  mapping  api  nearby  social  geo  geohash 
february 2009 by robertogreco
@ PSFK's Good Ideas Salon: What are the hot ideas in mobile? | Media |
"He sees mobile as something of a super power device and described something he calls "bionic noticing" -- obsessively recording curious things he sees around him, driven by this multi-capable device in his pocket. ... "We should be an embodied person in the world rather than a disembodied finger tickling a screen walking down the street. We need to unfold and unpack the screen into the world."" ... "We need to understand the difference between location and place. Computers and mobiles are very good at location, but we describe where we are as place, where culture meets location. Our whereabouts. Pirate maps, and scribbled landmarks. As long as we still have a bit of energy and money, that's where we going."
design  mattjones  dopplr  flickr  ubicomp  embodiment  mobile  maps  location  ideas  interaction  ui  place  everyware  cities  urban  urbanism  mapping  location-aware  location-based  street  innovation  future  iphone  observation  bionicnoticing  interestingness 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Dopplr presents the Personal Annual Report 2008: freshly generated for you, and Barack Obama…
"We’ve generated what we call the Personal Annual Report for all our users. It’s a unique-to-you PDF of data, visualisations and factoids about your travel in 2008, that we’re delivering over the next week via email to every Dopplr user who travelled in 2008.

To give you an example, we thought we’d show you the Personal Annual Report of someone who’s had a very busy 2008 - President Elect Barack Obama."
dopplr  infographics  data  statistics  visualization  barackobama  2008  politics  maps  graphics  personalinformatics  travel  mapping  carbon  design 
january 2009 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » Blog Archive » Yahoo Fire Eagle launches
"We’re big fans of this modular approach and think it’s the next step in the evolution of the web. Dopplr itself uses the services of many 3rd-party applications, whether it’s our Facebook app, our import of trips from Google Calendars or Upcoming events, social network import from LinkedIn or Gmail, or all the places we use Google Maps and Flickr Photos to give you better information on your trips."
dopplr  fireeagle  location  location-aware  modular 
august 2008 by robertogreco
Musing about lifestreams, subscribe-aggregation and publish-aggregation - "current lifestreams capture things that are happening or have happened; what we now need to do is augment all that with lifestreams of things that are in the future...
"Our intentions. Our wants and needs...I want to be able to say “I’m landing at SFO in 10 hours, I’m in the market for a Toyota Prius, 3 days, drop off Sausalito.” I want people who are interested in meeting that need to respond to me."
comments  blogging  aggregator  dopplr  upcoming  spacetime  timelines  future  lifestreams  internet  feeds  rss  flickr  twitter  43things  serendipity 
july 2008 by robertogreco
WorldChanging: Web 2.0, Ubiquity, Sustainability and Consumer Rights
"If we are going to interact with companies in intimate ways -- in ways that impact our deepest life choices -- those interactions ought not only to be held to a higher standard of transparency and public accountability; they ought to be safe-guarded in formal ways as well by having corporate decision-making structures that protect the user rights of the people involved."
sustainability  servicedesign  mattjones  tomcoates  ubicomp  everyware  socialmedia  worldchanging  dopplr  environment  ethics  informatics  privacy  unproduct  innovation  urban  web 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Blackbeltjones/Work » Polite, pertinent and pretty: a talk at Web2.0expo SF, April 2008
"It was a presentation by Tom Coates and myself on an area that fascinates us both – the coming age of practical ubicomp/spimes/everyware. Although hopefully grounded in some of the design ideas explored in our respective current projects, it was a whistlestop tour around the ideas and conversations of many."

[Now at: ]
mattjones  tomcoates  personalinformatics  ubicomp  spimes  informatics  information  mobile  place  fireeagle  dopplr 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » Blog Archive » In rainbows
"We get asked a lot about the colour-coding we give to places in Dopplr: what it represents, why we did it, how are the colours assigned."
dopplr  color  logos  evolvinglogos  sparklogo  cities  location 
july 2008 by robertogreco
[this is aaronland] We do it for the war stories, right? - FireDopplGängEaglr
"The answer is yes. It means you can use (drum solo, please) Flickr::Upload::FireEagle to not only geotag your photos but, in turn, use your photos to update FireEagle itself."
fireeagle  dopplr  flickr  geotagging  photography  mobile  phones  nokia  locative  location  location-based  maps  mapping 
april 2008 by robertogreco
Wish I’d seen this « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
"“user experience design” can no longer be understood as being somehow identical with “user interface design.” To my mind, these new standard setters demonstrate just how deep the design of humane systems runs"
dopplr  fireeagle  design  experience  interface  ux  data  ownership  portability 
april 2008 by robertogreco
russell davies: stealth fun
"There must have been many ways of doing this, but they went for the way that allows them to make a little joke/movie reference. It doesn't impair the efficacy at all but it hides a little bit of fun for those that notice."
dopplr  play  transparency  transportation  sustainability  emissions  carbon  russelldavies  pmog  arg 
april 2008 by robertogreco
a (very long) conversation with dopplr’s matt jones « Second Verse
"whatever you think of Ideo, ‘Build to think’ is a pretty fantastic way of incapsulating that thought...cheaper than thinking now [nose wink] With mobile it’s essential, yet hard to do. I’m still a big fan of Bruce Mao’s manifesto...“Joy is th
mattjones  dopplr  design  futurism  futurology  ubicomp  travel  mobile  phones  interface  manifestos  interviews  applications  social  socialsoftware  behavior  brucemau  software  creativity  ux  socialobjects 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Tom Coates: Web of Data - ReadWriteWeb
"He says a "web of data" is where data sources and services are the center of the Web, rather than pages. So, he says that "your site is not your product"."
data  internet  technology  trends  gamechanging  twitter  moo  amazon  flickr  facebook  dopplr 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Dopplr Offsetr: Authenticate
"little tool that allows you to calculate the total mileage for your entire Dopplr Network. Based on that mileage, the tool then calculates the total carbon consumption for your network, and makes light of it by placing it in the context of a scoreboard.
dopplr  environment  sustainability  socialsoftware  social  green  carbon  calculator  travel 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Yahoo! oneConnect™. A whole new way to communicate on your phone.
"Yahoo! oneConnect™ will be the first product that brings it all together—your people, your life, the ways you communicate—seamlessly, into the palm of your hand."
addressbook  mobile  phones  aggregator  communication  dopplr  facebook  iphone  lastfm  networking  socialnetworks  twitter  yahoo  location  messaging  sms  im  linkedin  myspace  flickr 
february 2008 by robertogreco
The Coming Ad Revolution -
"This does not mean that traditional online advertising will go away, just that it will become less effective. Value is being created in users' own walled gardens, which they will cultivate for themselves in real estate owned by the social networks."
advertising  ads  dopplr  future  facebook  privacy  publishing  socialmedia  socialnetworking  estherdyson  online 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » Dopplr Raumzeitgeist 2007: Where we went last year
"“Raumzeitgeist” translates literally as “Space Time Spirit” and that’s precisely what we’ve got here. It’s about where we, the users of Dopplr, travelled through space and time on our little planet last year…"
dopplr  statistics  travel  world  global  information  visualization  infographics  maps  mapping 
january 2008 by robertogreco
Musing about Capillary Conversations | confused of calcutta
"the relationship between the physical and the virtual world isn’t about either-or, it’s about and...not just about Twitter & Facebook [also]Flickr, YouTube, Dopplr, Netvibes....different collections of veins. W/out an e-mail in sight."
conversation  dopplr  flow  networks  social  socialnetworks  flickr  twitter  facebook  youtube  netvibes  communication  physical  virtual  relationships  adda  addas  language  technology  blogs  blogging  via:preoccupations 
january 2008 by robertogreco
BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The social flight
"What if a plane flight were networked and became a social experience with its own economy?...Once airplanes’ passengers are connected with the ground, that enables them to get connected with each other."
cooperation  flying  networks  social  travel  dopplr  flights  networking  socialnetworks  socialsoftware  socialnetworking 
december 2007 by robertogreco
Participo: optimising for the experience of being mobile...
"apps that are designed around the experience of examples: *Google Maps *TomTom *Twitter *Jaiku * Dodgeball *Shozu *Dopplr"
jaiku  twitter  shozu  mobile  phones  applications  dosdgeball  googlemaps  tomtom  dopplr 
november 2007 by robertogreco » Blog Archive » Dopplr Offsetr
"carbon calculator for Dopplr...load in all trips from your network, calculate how much carbon...used up...submit that data to the offsetr scoreboard...track how your network stacks up to others’ in terms of like, you know… ruining the environment"
dopplr  environment  sustainability  travel  community 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Reflective Moments, Carbon Footprints
"In what contexts is there a business case for travel agents to encouraging you not to fly? How about in a corporation trying to cut the frequency of employee travel. Or a health insurer who can offer discounts based on the correlation between sick days a
travel  future  flights  dopplr  carbon  sustainability  gamechanging  environment  work  green  consumption  economics  finance  insurance  markets  janchipchase 
october 2007 by robertogreco
IFTF's Future Now: The Future of Presence
"I was trying to unpack some of our hopes and fears about the prospects of emerging immersive telecommunications technologies to displace high-energy, high-impact air travel."
mobile  mobility  presence  travel  communication  technology  internet  web  online  telecommunications  airplanes  sustainability  environment  ambientintimacy  presentations  dopplr  future  awareness  chat 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » In rainbows
"As you add trips to different destinations, Dopplr’s logo becomes your logo, reflecting what you’re doing - right the way through to the ‘favicon‘ that shows up in the address field of most browsers."
algorithms  color  design  graphics  infographics  logos  programming  dynamic  dopplr  sparklines  evolution  sparklogo  favicons  place  ambient  location-based  locative  location  glancing  evolvinglogos 
october 2007 by robertogreco
disambiguity - » Gardening Tools for Social Networks
"I want more information to help me ‘fine tune’ my social network so that I can make better decisions about who I include in my network so that I can continually fine tune it in a way that gives me the best ongoing value over time."
socialnetworking  overload  human  limits  scale  information  dopplr  jaiku  socialsoftware  informationmanagement  management  time  ai  recommendations  googlereader  trends  socialnetworks  social  twitter  flickr  collections  tools  gamechanging  future 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Nick Sweeney · searching for the one-eyed jesus
"Monocle’s world exists nowhere outside its pages. You don’t have to be a long-emergencist to appreciate that this is a moment of supreme cultural privilege...But it’s fundamentally unsustainable, and perhaps the sick thrill of the magazine is to te
monocle  place  branding  placebranding  consumer  marketing  magazines  culture  travel  dopplr  green  italocalvino  global  globalization  globalism  wealth  consumption  consumerism 
september 2007 by robertogreco On Monocle, Nat Torkington & Place branding... [comment by nick sweeney]
"Monocle is...emblematic of a blink in time: a global perspective that's plainly unsustainable...the Dopplr generation...the artificial construct of a model lifestyle that, if it exists, exists only for...Bru-lay. It's fantasy. It's Calvino-grade hyperrea
monocle  place  branding  placebranding  marketing  magazines  culture  travel  dopplr  green  italocalvino  decadence  global  globalization  globalism  wealth 
september 2007 by robertogreco
Flux » Articles » Dopplr shift
"So what can designers of educational software learn from Dopplr? Simply that tools exist within a wider system: that it is better to create something to do a single job well than it is to build something which does many things badly."
design  dopplr  focus  simplicity  online  internet  tools  socialsoftware  smallpieceslooselyjoined  socialnetworks  distributed  alacarte  buildyourown  vles  ples  software 
june 2007 by robertogreco
I.D Magazine - Border Game: Results of our Global I.D. Card Competition
"Bryan Boyer's winning design for a global I.D. card forgoes photos and statistics in favor of short-hand notes describing the card holder's past, present, and future destinations."
travel  personal  identity  global  international  debate  design  dopplr  globalization  world  place  flights  future  past  id  idmagazine  identification  idcard  identificationcard 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Bryan Boyer's simple yet elegant entry won I.D. Magazine's "global... (
"Bryan Boyer's simple yet elegant entry won I.D. Magazine's "global identity card" competition. What does an ID card mean for those without enough money to buy a car or have a credit card?"
travel  personal  identity  global  international  debate  design  dopplr  globalization  world  place  flights  future  past 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » Slides from the Reboot talk
"Travel and Serendipity: How personal informatics are engineering coincidence, lowering environmental impacts and forging a new golden age of travel"
dopplr  serendipity  travel  yearoff  change  perspective  human  technology  web  online  tools  cities  urban  sustainability  green  globalization  digitization  digital  international  world  flights  personal  place  footprint 
june 2007 by robertogreco

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