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Half an Hour: Questioning Pedagogy
"my view on centered around richness & diversity of the learning experience. I am interested in the sorts of experiences that will manifest themselves in useful dispositions (or habits of mind) across a wide spectrum of disciplines, where these dispositions are not taught as content, but rather, acquired as habits, through repeated exercise in increasingly challenging environments. Thus learning (& pedagogy) as I see it is more about the development or creations of capacities (such as the capacity to learn, capacity to reason, capacity to communicate, etc) where these capacities are (again) not 'subjects' but rather complex developments of neural structures - more like 'mental muscles' than anything can focus on a certain muscle, or you can focus on a certain sport, but only at the expense of your wider fitness - & a cross-training approach would be more appropriate.

The role of technology is to place learners into these environments."
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january 2010 by robertogreco
Thinking in Mind: Really Good Teachers - What Do They Need to Know?
"Research shows there are no common practices between teachers with extensive, effective records, but there are similar dispositions:

* Less concern for curriculum coverage or the exam than student learning
* Really listen to their students – student answers transform teacher responses
* Genuine interest in research and PD
* High complexity
* Growth mindset
* Effortful
* Expansive consciousness (these last four are esoteric, hard to define)"
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january 2010 by robertogreco

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