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"A desire path (aka desire line or social trail) is a path developed by erosion caused by footfall…usually represents shortest or most easily navigated route btwn an origin & destination. The width & amount of erosion of the line represents the amount of demand.

Desire paths can usually be found as shortcuts where constructed pathways take a circuitous route.

They are manifested on the surface of the earth in certain cases, e.g., as dirt pathways created by people walking through a field, when the original movement by individuals helps clear a path, thereby encouraging more travel. Explorers may tread a path through foliage or grass, leaving a trail "of least resistance" for followers.

…take on an organically grown appearance by being unbiased toward existing constructed routes…almost always most direct & shortest routes btwn 2 points…may later be surfaced. Many streets in older cities began as desire paths…evolved over decades or centuries into modern streets of today."
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june 2011 by robertogreco Way more about paths at UC Berkeley than you'd ever want to read.
"For shame!

There's another interesting development. Look at the center of the first birdseye photo, and the bottom-right of the second. In the first, there's a wide dirt path cutting across the corner. In the second, there's a darker green patch, showing where it's been re-sod.

For some reason, Berkeley would rather spend it's money reinforcing it's poor landscape architecture with barriers and re-sodding, then recognizing that the paths suggest a valuable will of the people.

Though, this is not always the case. In another part of the campus, diagonal concrete paths were laid where it was clear that people walked, and are still in use:"
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june 2011 by robertogreco

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