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Why we must remember to delete – and forget – in the digital age | Technology | The Guardian
"Mayer-Schönberger envisages that each digital camera could have a built-in process to select expiration dates for a photo. Before taking a picture the camera would send out "picture requests" to what he calls "permission devices" (about the size of a key fob that, perhaps, might dangle from our necks) that respond to the request with the owner's preferred expiration date. That date could range from zero to three years to 100 years from now (an option reserved for really memorable pictures).

He concedes expiration dates are no overall solution to the problem, but what he likes about them is that they make us think about the value of forgetting and, also, that they involve negotiation rather than simply imposing a technical solution to a technical problem. There are alternatives, such as turning your back on the digital age. "I don't like digital abstinence. I want us to embrace participation in digital culture and global networks. Just not at any cost.""
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How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account - wikiHow
"Facebook normally allows users only to "deactivate" their accounts, leaving their information intact. This can simply be done by going to Facebook Home, Account, Account Settings and then Deactivate. But what if you want to permanently delete your account? Facebook does not publicise the method, we wonder why? Here's how:"
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Delete Files Forever / Wired How To's
"The only sure way to permanently erase sensitive material is to overwrite the disk space with new data."
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