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Michael Wesch at Pasadena City College - YouTube
[Questions that burn in the souls of Wesch's students:
Who am I?
What is the meaning of life?
What am I going to do with my life?
Am I going to make it?]

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Work and Family Counseling [Website of Judith Wyatt and Chauncey Hare]
"Work abuse is more than simply "bullying"; it's the systems-sourced brutalizing or persistent emotional dehumanizing of people at work. Work abuse goes beyond "bullying" and "mobbing" to describe the systems that demand and enforce "bullying" and "mobbing" behavior. As with child abuse fifty years ago, work abuse is mostly denied and the victim is blamed for his or her reactions to the maltreatment that has its origin in dysfunctional work systems. Workplace violence can often be traced to emotionally abusive work found in dysfunctional work systems."
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