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What #isamuseum | Sam Durant
"Is a museum a school?
Is a museum political?
Is a museum truthful?
Is a museum fun?
Is a museum for everyone?

Sam Durant, the 2013 Getty Artists Program invitee, is a multimedia artist whose work explores the relationships between politics and culture. His socially engaged practice addresses subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, Southern rock music, and modernism.

For his project, What #isamuseum?, Durant continues to investigate these ideas by engaging Museum visitors and staff in an exploration of the roles and functions of a museum. Through a call-and-response format, visitors discover a series of artist-designed questions placed in unexpected locations throughout the Getty Center. With these questions, Durant invites reflections on and responses to the expectations and preconceptions of what a museum is. Individual responses can be shared on, and visitors can input their answers at an iPad hub site located in the Museum Entrance Hall. Social-media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, and the Getty Voices project, also serve as channels to discuss the questions and broaden the discourse.

According to Durant, "By expanding the conversation and encouraging different forms of response, participants can become active within the project and even change the debate around the initial issue.”"

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Lisa Brahms | Remake Learning
"Lisa Brahms is Director of Learning and Research at The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh as well as project lead for the museum’s newest permanent exhibit, the MakeShop. Dedicated to “scaffolding authentic making experiences for very young children”, Lisa is interested in providing innovative learning experiences that inspire joy, creativity, and curiosity in her position at the museum.

Guided by the ongoing design philosophy to “play with real stuff”, The Children’s Museum has developed and introduced The MakeShop, the latest interactive exhibit that follows a long line of other educational innovations, including the garage and the water exhibits that families have enjoyed for some time.

Lisa cites two trends that have broadened innovation at the museum – specifically, the widening use of digital media and technology in informal learning spaces and a movement to include children in the middle demographic, ages 8 – 12, in interactive and creative learning experiences. As a result, in cooperation with partners like Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, and the University of Pittsburgh’s UPCLOSE program, exhibits like the MakeShop, where parents and children alike can learn to sew, woodwork, solder, and more through practical application and creative learning, have become a reality.

Lisa notes that it is wonderful to witness when “parents realize their child can make with a vision and  a purpose, and children achieve things they never even considered possible before.”

Lisa holds a Masters in Museum Education and Elementary Education from Bank Street College of Education, and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Policy at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to being a research fellow at The Children’s Museum, she is a researcher with the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in and Out of School Environments (UPCLOSE) at the Learning Research and Development Center."

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MAKE | In the MAKESHOP – Informal Learning and Making at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
"MAKE sat down for an interview with Lisa Brahms (Director of Learning and Research) and Adam Nye (MAKESHOP Manager) from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The Q&A mostly swirled around the museum’s MAKESHOP, both a program and a space inside the museum where kids and adults alike make things and learn about real stuff, from electricity and electronics to woodworking and sewing."

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The Uncataloged Museum: Checking out the Gallerie des Enfants: No French Needed!
"Like MassMOCA's children's gallery, which I also love, the museum [the Gallerie des Enfants, the Children's Gallery in Paris] assumes that children deserve and should see original artwork and that interactions should spring from that experience. Here's just a bit of what I observed. …

But here's the thing: there were virtually no labels telling you what to do or what to learn from the experience. When a little instruction was needed, it was provided graphically. Below, a pattern recognition and the hot pink illustration was the only information given.

This installation really made me think about my own practice. Could I do interactives with no instructions just symbols? Does this require a higher level of trust in your audience? Do we expect different kinds of learning from art and history organizations? What do you think?"
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Children's Creativity Museum
"The Children’s Creativity Museum is an interactive art and technology museum for kids. Our mission is to nurture the 3C’s of 21st-century skills – Creativity, Collaboration and Communication – in all youth and families. We believe that the ability to think critically, collaborate broadly, communicate effectively and generate and prototype multiple solutions, is the core of a 21st-century education.

We envision a world where creativity, collaboration and communication inspire new ideas and innovative solutions. We believe that the success of the next generation will hinge not only on what they know, but also on their ability to think and act creatively as global citizens."

"Here are the ways in which we are changing the world for kids and families:




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