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Radio Re-Volt [at the Walker Art Center]
"If the broadcasting power of the most powerful radio station in the Twin Cities is 100,000 watts, we propose a network of microradio transmitters, which can cumulatively match this power. A movement should be set into motion in the spirit of de-centralization and diversity in ownership and programming of the radio waves. Radio Re-Volt! - Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla


Radio Re-Volt
This project seeks to rethink the voltage (who has the power to transmit, who owns this power, how can this power be re-thought, re-formed, re-directed) in order to recover radio as a self-controlled tool and generate diversity in the ownership and programming of the radio waves.

There will be a series of free radio workshops held throughout the Twin Cities led by different technicians (media activities, radio aficionados, etc.). Participants will receive and learn how to operate a one milliwatt transmitter and create a personal sculpture to house the electronic equipment The programming for each radio is to be determined by each radio owner-transmitter.

Radio Stations
Each radio transmitter has the potential to become a meeting station, a place for people within their one block (walking or bicycling distance) transmission range to meet and exchange ideas. These stations could generate a different type of community radio--a dialogue between the transmitters and the listeners, and, as a result, generate new identifications and community formations: block by block, house by house, person by person.

Mob-ile Power Stations
Hundreds of mini-FM radio stations can relay and transmit together through this radio network that will be formed throughout the Twin Cities.

Exercise your Communicative Rights: Transmit Now!"

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january 2015 by robertogreco
Web Journalist Blog » How to live broadcast your Google+ Hangout
"But today’s tech development goes to (formerly Mogulus) that has been owning the desktop/laptop broadcasting space. They have a downloadable application called Procaster.<br />
The piece of software has a simple interface and is loaded with a ton of features, including the ability to broadcast your desktop. What’s also great is that you can zoom in/out to frame your shot, which makes it the ideal Google+ Hangout broadcasting tool."
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july 2011 by robertogreco
Maria Popova: In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism
" If information discovery plays such a central role in how we make sense of the world in this new media landscape, then it is a form of creative labor in and of itself. And yet our current normative models for crediting this kind of labor are completely inadequate, if they exist at all."

"Finding a way to acknowledge content curation and information discovery (or, better, the new term we invent for these fluffy placeholders) as a form of creative labor, and to codify this acknowledgement, is the next frontier in how we think about “intellectual property” in the information age."

"Ultimately, I see Twitter neither as a medium of broadcast, the way text is, nor as one of conversation, the way speech is, but rather as a medium of conversational direction and a discovery platform for the text and conversations that matter."
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june 2011 by robertogreco
Why TV Lost
"[1] the Internet is an open platform... [2] Moore's Law, which has worked its usual magic on Internet bandwidth... [3] piracy. Users prefer it not just because it's free, but because it's more convenient." ... "After decades of running an IV drip right into their audience, people in the entertainment business had understandably come to think of them as rather passive. They thought they'd be able to dictate the way shows reached audiences. But they underestimated the force of their desire to connect with one another."
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march 2009 by robertogreco
PdF2008 Talks: Doug Rushkoff on the New Renaissance
"argues there is no such thing as "personal democracy"...genuine democratic discourse can only be participatory & collective...real democracy isn't just blogging and commenting, it's treating the entire world as "open source" and remakable by direct parti
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july 2008 by robertogreco Is the pace of change really such a shock?
"My sense of these media organisations that use this argument of incredibly rapid technology change is that they're screaming that they're being pursued by a snail and yet they cannot get away! 'The snail! The snail!', they cry. 'How can we possibly escap
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july 2008 by robertogreco
hyperpeople » Blog Archive » Unevenly Distributed:Production Models for the 21st Century
"Sharing is an essential quality of all of the media this fifteen year-old has ever known. In his eyes, if it can’t be shared, a piece of media loses most of its value. If it can’t be forwarded along, it’s broken."
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january 2008 by robertogreco
Content is Not King
"Content has never, it is not, and is unlikely to ever be king. Internet has done quite well without content, can continue to flourish without it. Content will have a place on the Internet...However, its likely to be subordinate to business & personal com
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october 2007 by robertogreco
Local Theory - Home
"Local Theory creates consumer and branded entertainment that merges mobile and web technologies, location specific content, live productions and broadcast."
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october 2007 by robertogreco
"Justin wears the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
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march 2007 by robertogreco
BBC Training & Development > Free Online Broadcast & New Media Courses
"These online modules and guides are free for you to use. They were originally designed for BBC staff and in publishing them here we have not made many editorial changes to them."
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march 2007 by robertogreco
SplashCast: Channel Yourself Across the Web
"SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media 'channels' that combine video, music, photos, narration, text and RSS feeds. These user-generated channels can be played and easily syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. When channel
aggregator  broadcast  collaborative  community  film  flash  flickr  free  journalism  mashup  video  text  rss  sharing  social  software  youtube  media  movies  multimedia  online  streaming  blogs  onlinetoolkit 
february 2007 by robertogreco (beta)
" is a video sharing site. We believe that the world is fundamentally changing as it becomes easier and easier for individuals and small groups of people to create their own excellent video shows."
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october 2006 by robertogreco
Dimdim: The world's free web conferencing company - Home
"Dimdim is the Open Source web conferencing company. With Dimdim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. You can chat, show your webcam and talk with others in the meeting."
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august 2006 by robertogreco
Democracy - Internet TV Platform - Free and Open Source
"Download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide. Stop squinting at tedious web videos-- sit back and watch big, high resolution videos."
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