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steelweaver - Reality as failed state - tl;dr version (I like doing this)
"I believe part of the meta-problem is this: people no longer inhabit a single reality.

Collectively, there is no longer a single cultural arena of dialogue…

The point, for the climate denier, is not that the truth should be sought with open-minded sincerity – it is that he has declared the independence of his corner of reality from control by the overarching, techno-scientific consensus reality. He has withdrawn from the reality forced upon him & has retreated to a more comfortable, human-sized bubble.

…denier’s retreat from consensus reality approximates role of the cellular insurgents in Afghanistan vis-a-vis the American occupying force: this overarching behemoth I rebel against may well represent something larger, more free, more wealthy, more democratic, or more in touch with objective reality, but it has been imposed upon me…so I am going to withdraw from it into illogic, emotion & superstition & from there I am going to declare war upon it."
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Adam Serwer Archive | The American Prospect ["This is birtherism with big words. This is the witchdoctor sign without photoshop, WorldNetDaily without the exclamation points. …]
"…D’Souza doesn’t need to stare at Obama’s birth certificate for hours to come to same conclusion as birthers, which is that the president is a foreigner. But neither is “Kenyan anti-colonialism” a superficial term. At once, it engages all the racialized elements of the conservative critique of Obama—not just that having an African father means he isn’t really an American, but that his inner life consists of deep anger towards white people, & office of the presidency is merely means to secure a collective payback. It also manages to nod in the direction of another conservative racist meme, that having a black president makes the US somehow analagous to African third-world countries run by bloodthirsty despots. Gingrich took a break from his clownish Islamophobia this weekend to embrace this idiocy, & drew a much harsher reaction, in part because we’re still so silly about race in this country that we’re still disarmed when a person of color makes a blatantly racist argument."
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