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Podcast « You Are Not So Smart
"Episode Five | Selling Out | Andrew Potter
Episode Four | The Self | Bruce Hood
Episode Three | Confabulation | V.S. Ramachandran
Episode Two | Illusion of Knowledge | Christopher Chabris
Episode One | Attention | Daniel Simons"
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Trusting Edu-Corporations, Inviting Disaster - Get In The Fracas
"There’s accountability and assessment beyond corporate-controlled high-stakes testing. This year my school implemented “presentations of learning,” an Essential Schools-inspired performance-based assessment. Each student collected evidence of learning from throughout the year and shared it in a 45-minute presentation accompanied by a well-organized binder. It was impossible for a student to fake his way through it. Between a student’s grades, his teachers’ comments, a portfolio of work products, the presentation of learning, and—yes— some test scores, one could see a truly authentic picture of the student’s learning and growth."
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Learning Zeitgeist: The Future of Education is Just-in-Time, Multidisciplinary, Experimental, Emergent - Robin Good's Latest News
"skills valued today...not related those developed in educational prison facilities ...students in classrooms, disconnected from each...intellectual capabilities hammered into dirt by requiring certain outcomes rather than creativity&imagination."
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