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The New Sweatshop | Aron Solomon is a Global Brand
"The new sweatshop preys off the young. In places like Buenos Aires and Stockholm, the young work in the new sweatshops because they need money and they have few other options. A few dollars a day for soul-crushing work is the margin of survival. And they usually have espresso machines. And sometimes cake, which is intended to be hipster-ironic (or “ironical,” if you’re a doorknob).

Not to belabor the already belabored point, but you get it, yes?

The game is simple:

1. create a “cool” brand and workspace, ideally with a nightclub feel;

2. dangle the carrot of  “career” advancement;

3. poke with the stick of trying to find a job in a permanently imploded global economy;

4. give people a MacBook to work on;

5. let them dress pretty much how they want (while making fun of “suits”);

6. have the occasional dog saunter through the office.
Add caffeine and, voila, instant new sweatshop."
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july 2012 by robertogreco
“I just want to say one word to you….” « aronsolomon dot com
"When I graduated teacher’s college (most useless year in school EVER, by the way) I took a teaching job along with my closest friend from the programme. It’s over 20 years last & he’s still at that first teaching job. & while my place is not to judge, I would have jumped into the sea ages ago, wearing my Billabongs & an anchor.

In The Graduate, Benjamin’s post-adolescent angst was a product of a society’s expectation upon what he was expected to become…

Been there, done that. I left behind a cushy job for a risk, then I left behind a cushier one for a bigger risk then the cushiest for the biggest risk. My entire career has been this Sesame Street of risky, riskier, riskiest, cookie! Mmmm…coooooookie… And I wouldn’t change that for anything, not because I need to live on the knife edge (I don’t, actually, as I like reading Borges with a cup of green tea every once in a while) but because the omnipresence of change drives creativity."
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may 2011 by robertogreco
Nothing « aronsolomon dot com
"Years ago, when I was a teacher and coach, I’d often finish my early-morning workouts on the basketball court. It was a simple routine of taking a foul shot, running a sprint, taking another foul shot, and so on and so forth.

I made the kids do it because they were going to be tired when they shot their throws in a game. Good practice replicates game conditions.

But I did it in the mornings to fall into a nothingness, as pure and black as the pre-dawn fields I’d look out upon through the gym windows. In thinking of nothing I was open to taking in everything.

The day would progress with classes and meetings and practice and dorm duty and every “thing” would make a light mark on the darkness. I could reset in the morning.

We make too little of nothing. We fear it by filling our nothing with meaningless marks. We chip at it with noise and let our technology create an illusion of full.

I crave nothing."
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may 2011 by robertogreco

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