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"Free expressive tools for online creation.
Formed by the thousands of artists who’ve made and own a growing collection of extraordinary work.

The Camera app uncovers a fantastic digital world beneath the surface of reality. Choose from hundreds of animated backgrounds. Tap a few colors on the screen, and record a video – or enjoy a passing daydream on your screen.

Fields are your space to collage the internet. Much deeply personal and wonderfully diverse work has been done in these fields, from the serene to the unhinged.

Use the best set of tools online to easily make t-shirts and other printed products. We work with amazing partners that deliver the finest quality products. All made in the USA. "

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february 2019 by robertogreco
Mendeley - Reference Management Software & Researcher Network
"Access your library, everywhere
Add papers directly from your browser with a few clicks or import any documents from your desktop. Access your library from anywhere. Windows, Mac, Linux and all browsers.

Easy referencing
Generate references, citations and bibliographies in a whole range of journal styles with just a few clicks.

Build your Research network
30 million references and over 6 million researchers to discover. Our personalised recommendations makes staying up to date easy.

Career development and funding
172,785 science and technology jobs to advance your career. Grant information from over 2,000 organizations to launch your research project."
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november 2018 by robertogreco
"Our powerful, free image processing software, which already delivers the best quality RAW file processing, has been updated and expanded with new features that work seamlessly with all Hasselblad cameras.

The graphical user interface offers a clean and uncluttered workflow, making it easier for users to find their way around more quickly and simpler than before. The flatter design helps you concentrate on the job at hand and makes for simpler navigation. We’ve also added some new tools to enable finer control of the editing process and ensure the very highest quality output from your files."

Phocus can now scan your images and automatically detect moiré interference patterns. You can choose to correct the interference globally or locally via the brush tool.

The Local Adjustment Tools allow the user to apply exposure, white balance, colour and moiré corrections via either a radial or linear gradient, and for those finer corrections, a brush tool – which are all added via adjustment layers.

Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) enables you to produce outstanding and reliable colours so that skin tones, specific product colours, and difficult gradations reproduce beautifully every time, straight out of the box.

The Keystone Tool enables you to perform high quality perspective corrections directly in Phocus. This can be done both via a simple guideline interface or manual slider adjustments. Additionally, the dual-axis correction capability is extremely useful when copying flat artwork.

Highlight recovery is a part of the palette of local adjustment tools, allowing for quick and precise correction without the need for manual masking.

Margin and background color options can be configured for the viewer. This can be done separately for both the normal and a newly added proof mode.

Hasselblad’s modern lens design has been optimised for digital perfection, including full automatic correction of colour aberration, distortion and light fall off. Phocus makes use of its detailed knowledge of the lens design and calculates the optical corrections for every shot at the given distance and aperture setting, providing perfect images, and an ideal basis for optimal image rendering and further processing. Hasselblad digital lens correction technology works automatically with all Hasselblad H System lenses, even with tilt/shift movements and with all Carl Zeiss lenses from the classic V System, using manual settings."
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september 2018 by robertogreco
"Make an awesome website from your phone.


The internet is your canvas.

Visit Gallery ➔

Universe is the easiest way to make a website. Choose a custom domain, build your site, and share it in less than a minute—all on your iPhone, for free.

What kind of sites? Well, anything you can imagine. Start with a personal, business, or creator site and evolve from there. This site was made on Universe, of course. "

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september 2018 by robertogreco
The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
"Ren'Py is a visual novel engine – used by thousands of creators from around the world – that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell interactive stories that run on computers and mobile devices. These can be both visual novels and life simulation games. The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for complex simulation games.

Ren'Py is open source and free for commercial use.

Ren'Py has been used to create over 1,500 visual novels, games, and other works. You can find them at the official Ren'Py Games List, and the list of Games made with Ren'Py on"
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september 2018 by robertogreco
/addressbar •
"…or laments about the loss of autonomy on the web.


The web has lost a great battle, one that it was never given a chance to fight for. Apps got the upper hand for good. They’re easy to find: available through your favorite walled garden of a store. They’re are easy to use: they stay right there in your device, making use of all your device’s sensors; have access to all your files and contacts; they make sharing easy. Although HTML5 APIs are a huge leap forward, they are still in their infancy, whereas apps were the first to bear the benefits of sensors, notifications and offline functionality. All without breaking many UX conventions and the people’s safe zone.

No usage study would argue that people use their mobile phone’s browser more than they actually use the in-app browsers offered by default by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Search and co.

What was by design the core aspect of the World Wide Web, the “URL”, also known as web address, was irrelevant for in-app browsers. The user only needs to peek outside for a minute, then return to the silo. There’s really no need for multiple user journeys. And thus the address bar has vanished. I am frequently reminded of this from my parents, as they discovered mobile phones on their own, had little experience with computers beforehand. Even close friends, so called digital natives that can barely remember their life without internet, forget how to use the address bar. Why do if you can Google the website’s name?
The user can type a URL into the bar to navigate to a chosen website.

…says the collective author in Wikipedia: Address Bar. It still has a bit of truth in it. You can type a URL into it, if you can find where to type it. Even if you do have one, you are most likely using it for Google-ing.

All supporters of the open web should be alarmed. Reclaim your autonomy and make your property visible. Make the URL of your pages visible. Please don’t harm any beautiful hyperlinks in the process."
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august 2018 by robertogreco
‎Font Viewer - Your Design Helper on the App Store
"A font viewer app that helps designers choose a typeface for their project from a variety of different fonts. While at the desk, on the go or during lunch. Now fonts for iOS (system-installed), Google Edition(fonts at Google Fonts), and Font Awesome are available."
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august 2018 by robertogreco
‎textboard2 on the App Store
"textboard2 provides the smartest way to clear your mind. Using tags, you can organize your thoughts, tasks, executions, data, and more.

[ Main Features ]
* the board.
​​The players are your thoughts turned into text. Whatever short or long, one line or multi-lines, you can add. They are all listed in one board. Check with just scrolling.

* tags.
Reminders, snippets, drafts, and more. Your text is neatly organized by adding 'tags' so that you can easily pick up and reuse by coping to pasteboard.

* themes.
​Initially 4 visual themes are available as a start. Easy to change them at any time, and have fun with your mood. More will be added by update soon.

* sync.
Just turn on iCloud and now you will be able to back up your text and use in other iDevices. Mac app is also coming soon.

Upgraded features from the previous version

*refined interface / logics
​From many use cases, more quicker access to the controls and are built and tested. Now much more addictive for daily use.

*upcoming features
- Integrating more input methods (mac, keyboard, etc.)
​- Supporting more viewer devices (watch, etc.)
- Shop - buyable utilities, themes"
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august 2018 by robertogreco
‎Procreate on the App Store
"Apple Design Award winner and App Store Essential – Procreate is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for a mobile device, built for creative professionals. This complete artist’s toolbox helps you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are. Procreate features ground-breaking canvas resolution, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS.
Create a canvas and start painting with any of Procreate’s exclusive dual-texture brushes. Use the immediately responsive smudge tool to perfectly blend colour with any brush in your library. With Procreate’s incredibly high-resolution canvases you can print your artwork at massive sizes. Experience the revolutionary selection, transform, and perspective tools built exclusively for multitouch and finish your illustration with stunning cinema-quality effects. Procreate’s powerful and intuitive interface always puts your art in focus.

With a deep range of professional quality features, Procreate has all the power a creative needs."
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august 2018 by robertogreco
‎Dérive app on the App Store
"Dérive app is created as a simple but engaging platform that allows users to explore their urban spaces in a care-free and casual way. It takes the ideals of the Situationists and merges it with digital means in order to create a tool that allows for the exploration of urban space in a random unplanned way, as a game.

Too often in urban centers we are controlled by our day to day activities thus closing off urban experiences that exist around us. Dérive app was created to try to nudge those people who are in this repetitive cycle to allow the suggestions and subjectivities of others to enter into their urban existences."

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july 2018 by robertogreco
The iPad as a fast, precise tool for creativity – UX Collective
"Using these five premises, we built the prototype app as follows:

1. Stylus required: We take advantage of everything at the disposal of the average human: two hands (including ten individual fingers) and the stylus as distinct input methods, sometimes used in tandem.

2. Put your hands all over it: Dossier has almost zero chrome, allowing the user’s content to occupy the entire screen, and very few buttons activated by a single tap.

3. No-wait commands: Nothing in the Dossier command vocabulary requires long-press or other delay. The common operation of moving a card via one-finger drag responds instantly, metaphorically like sliding index cards around on a table.

4. Read the manual: Dossier has a cheatsheet available in the main menu which describes the full palette of commands available to the user.

All of this comes together with point 5, the command vocabulary. Commands such as copy, paste, and delete (normally hidden behind long-press context menus on mobile applications) are available by drawing a glyph with your stylus. We recognize glyphs using the $1 Unistroke recognizer as implemented in Swift."

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july 2018 by robertogreco
EquatIO Math Writing Software. A Digital Math Tool For Teachers & Students Of All Abilities | Texthelp
"easily add equations, formulas, graphs and more to g suite for education apps and microsoft word"

"We’ve made math digital
Made to help mathematics and STEM teachers and students at all levels, EquatIO® lets everyone create mathematical equations, formulas, Desmos graphs, and more on their computer or Chromebook.

Input’s easy. Type, handwrite, or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding or math languages to master. There’s a huge library of ready-made expressions to save you time, from simple formulas to complex functions. And when you’re done, just add the math to your document with a click."
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june 2018 by robertogreco
Florence on the App Store
[See also: ]

"Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman's very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little... stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish's relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes - from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow... to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from 'slice of life' graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story."

[See also: "Falling in Love? Sounds Glorious. A new series celebrating great game soundtracks. This week: Florence." ("This story can only be viewed in the App Store on iOS 11 with your iPhone or iPad.") ]
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june 2018 by robertogreco
Earthquake Early Warning Mobile App - Early Warning Labs
"The next big US earthquake is overdue. What if you could know about a quake before it strikes? Now you can. Early Warning Labs will soon release the beta update to QuakeAlert, a 100% free app that gives a warning up to 60 seconds before a dangerous quake."

[See also: "Angelenos might have an earthquake early warning app by the end of 2018: For a 5.3 quake near the Channel Islands today, beta-testers in Downtown LA had advance notice"

"Earthquake Early Warning Systems Save Lives. So Why Don't We Have One?" (2014)

more in this thread: ]
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april 2018 by robertogreco
The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS

It's almost worth buying one of the iOS editions just for research purposes, even if you don't need a task manager. Live with it for a few days, feel how considered it all is, how there are no real dead-ends, wasted movement.

Is it weird that I feel like Things is made in a way I'd expect a Japanese temple carpenter to make an app? Does that make any sense? It feels like an app made of hinoki, like it could have been plucked from a nook inside of Ise Shrine."]
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march 2018 by robertogreco
Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.
"Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.
• concept art
• texture and matte painters
• illustrations and comics"
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february 2018 by robertogreco
BBC Blogs - Academy - How to improve your mojo skills by sacrificing a latte
"A journalist using only the pre-installed apps on their smartphone is like someone driving a Ferrari in first gear. At the risk of stretching the metaphor to breaking point, you can get your phone purring along in fifth with the addition of just a few well-chosen apps. But you’ll have to buy them – yes, by spending actual money.

Before I highlight some of my personal favourites and explain how they could improve your mojo (mobile journalism) output, here’s a quick question: how often do you buy a coffee during the day? Perhaps once on the way to work to get yourself going and again later to counter that mid-afternoon slump? Anecdotally from my face-to-face training for the BBC Academy, many people don't think twice about spending £3 for a triple decaf caramel dry latte (extra nutmeg) once or twice a day.

Yet ask those same people when they last spent a comparable sum on an app to soup up their smartphones and I find that it’s rarely within the last month. More often it is "never".

But if the money on just one coffee a week went instead towards an app, within a few months that smartphone would have acquired new powers (and you might even have lost a few pounds from your waistline).

The apps I’m writing about here are established favourites within the growing global mojo community - that is, producers and reporters who cover news stories and create related content using just their smartphones plus a few gadgets and gizmos like a tripod, a lens, a microphone and a spare battery.

You can also find an entire level of high end apps which stray more into cinematography than video for news and journalism, but I won't be dealing with those here."
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february 2018 by robertogreco
You Can Now Stream Over 30,000 Movies For Free With Your SF Public Library Card: SFist
"The streaming service Kanopy has been steadily teaming up with libraries across the country—including in NYC and Los Angeles—to bring a massive movie selection to cardholders, for no additional charges. Today, Kanopy says that the service is available as of today at the San Francisco Public Library.

The on-demand video platform "allows users to experience a curated collection of more than 30,000 of the world’s best films," including movies and documentaries from award-winning filmmakers, film-fest picks, indies, classics, world cinema, rare and hard to find titles, and critical favorites. This includes films from the Criterion Collection. Here's the portal for the SFPL's offerings, which even features a special selection of San Francisco flicks, which you can find here—these titles highlight local filmmakers and locally set films.

There are no commercials or charges for use, all you need is your library card. (If you don't already have one, you can get one here.) You can access Kanopy via platforms and devices like Roku, iOS and Android, and (soon, they tell SFist) Apple TV.

All in all, Kanopy’s library is made up of 60% documentaries, with over 1 million minutes and more than 17,000 hours of content.

The CEO of the SF-based company, Olivia Humphrey, commented on the SFPL launch, noting, "We have curated a rich treasure trove of thoughtful entertainment and we hope San Francisco will enjoy."

A quick spin through the SFPL offerings shows recent releases like The Girl On The Train, true crime like Raising Adam Lanza, and classics like Nosfaratu. We can't speak for all of SF, but it's safe to say that, yes, we will definitely call in sick to binge movies today enjoy this."

[via Max's pointer to: ]

[See also: ]
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january 2018 by robertogreco
iMazing | iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager for Mac & PC
"Get a trusted software to transfer and save your music, messages, files and data. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Powerful and user-friendly, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC.

Go beyond iTunes. Get iMazing."

[via: "Why Apple Is Replacing the Battery on my iPhone SE" ]
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january 2018 by robertogreco
"The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

A pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing and flexible export make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds.

Do you sometimes struggle with distractions?

Ulysses Helps You Focus on What You Want to Say
Many writers praise the way Ulysses encourages immersion with the text, and testify how using it has considerably increased their productivity. Albeit a fully-fledged writing tool, Ulysses manages to stay completely out of your way – and can therefore rival any distraction-free writing app.

Are you tired of dealing with files and folders?

Ulysses Organizes All Your Projects in One Place
Ulysses’ unified library holds everything you’ll ever write, and is equipped for managing writing projects of all sizes and ambitions. Be it love letters, simple notes, daily blog posts or a Great American Novel – with Ulysses, your writing is in the best of hands. And you can focus on getting the words down.

Do you get your best ideas while away from your desk?

Ulysses Lets You Work Anywhere, Anytime
On the sofa, at a coffee shop, or while waiting for the bus: Work wherever you are, and whenever inspiration hits. You can use Ulysses on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones, relying on an identical feature set. With iCloud, your whole library syncs back and forth between all connected devices, and you can always continue where you left off.

Do you get your best ideas while away from your desk?

Ulysses Lets You Work Anywhere, Anytime
On the sofa, at a coffee shop, or while waiting for the bus: Work wherever you are, and whenever inspiration hits. You can use Ulysses on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones, relying on an identical feature set. With iCloud, your whole library syncs back and forth between all connected devices, and you can always continue where you left off.

Do you feel disturbed by countless menus?

Ulysses is a Clean and Intuitive Workspace
“Many options” can easily become too many options, and “complex” can get complicated. Ulysses confines to what is essential for writing, and keeps its advanced features out of the way until you actually need them. It’s a beautiful and focused experience, which turns work hours into fun time."

"What I do is I have a folder in Ulysses, which is a writing app I have on my iPhone (and I use for everything). The folder is called: What I Am Grateful For." ]
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august 2017 by robertogreco
Briar - Darknet Messenger Releases Beta, Passes Security Audit
"After extensive private beta tests, the first public beta of Briar was released today. Briar is a secure messaging app for Android.

Unlike other popular apps, Briar does not require servers to work. It connects users directly using a peer-to-peer network. This makes it resistant to censorship and allows it to work even without internet access.

The app encrypts all data end-to-end and also hides metadata about who is communicating. This is the next step in the evolution of secure messaging. No communication ever enters the public internet. Everything is sent via the Tor anonymity network or local networks.

With today's beta release, the Briar team also publishes the results of an independent security audit (PDF). It was performed by Cure53 who are known for their audits of SecureDrop, Cryptocat and Dovecot. Six testers took a total of thirteen days to look for flaws in Briar's cryptographic protocols and code. In their report, they state "the quality and readability of the app’s source code was rather exceptional" and highlight "a good understanding of vulnerability patterns and threats". All the issues found by the audit have been addressed in this beta release. The report concludes that Briar "is able to offer a good level of privacy and security. In other words, the Briar secure messenger can be recommended for use."

Briar's development team is looking for feedback on today's beta release. You can submit your feedback anonymously through the app or publicly in the project's issue tracker. Before the final release, changes to the peer-to-peer protocol are expected, so users will not be able to migrate their accounts to the final version. For security reasons, their accounts and data will expire with the beta."
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july 2017 by robertogreco
Wake up to Gentle Birdsong with This New Smartphone App | Audubon
"For many people, the idea of waking to the sweet trills of birdsong is idyllic. But the reality isn't always as pleasant—will that Mocker ever be quiet?—and not everyone has a morning routine that aligns with the lives of their local songbirds. But now none of that matters, because there's a way to create your own avian wake-up calls thanks to Dawn Chorus, a new smartphone app from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History and its design lab The Studio.

The free app, available for iPhone and Android, lets you mix a birdsong alarm using audio files from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For each alarm, you pick five species (out of 20 options native to the northeast United States) whose songs play in the order you select at whatever time you set. As the melodies gently wake you, the app displays softly painted renditions of the birds by Sam Ticknor, an artist with The Studio. Ashley Cecil, Carnegie’s 2016 artist-in-residence, created the accompanying flower designs.

If you're a new birder, the alarm clock can also double as a learning tool. I was able to customize my alarm to mix birdcalls I know, like the Black-capped Chickadee’s buzzy chickadee-dee-dee, with others I still want to learn, like the Magnolia Warbler’s whistly weta-weta-weta. The app also offers descriptions of each bird, along with information about the museum and BirdSafe Pittsburgh, a joint project from Carnegie and the American Bird Conservancy that works to study and reduce bird-glass collisions.

<<Freebie Alert! Download our Audubon Bird Guide app, which offers detailed profiles, sound libraries, photographs, and range maps for 821 North American species. Available for iPhone, Droid, and Kindle devices.>>

Dawn Chorus still has some kinks to work out, especially for fussy sleepers. Some reviewers have noted that the alarm played for only a minute until it snoozed itself, a feature which could cause problems for those prone to oversleeping. On the other hand, light sleepers worry that the app will inadvertently keep them up; unlike the built-in alarms on most phones, Dawn Chorus does not sound when your phone is in silent mode. This means that to use the app, you also have to endure the pings of texts or phone calls while you are sleeping—a possible dealbreaker.

The rest of us, however, can now rise with the birds we choose, and on our own schedule. Download Dawn Chorus from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store."

[See also: ]
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july 2017 by robertogreco
Card Thief
"Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards.

In Card Thief you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief. Sneak in the shadows, extinguish torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. In your thief hideout you can use your stolen goods to unlock powerful equipment cards. Each heist you can use 3 equipment cards to become a skillful master thief.

Card Thief, the official follow up to Tinytouchtales excellent dungeon crawler Card Crawl, attempts to condense the classic stealth genre into a solitaire style card game. The game offers an accessible core gameplay with a deep layer of tactical planning and various risk reward mechanics on top. In 4 different heists you can test your skills against various enemy and trap types. By successfully completing heists you can unlock and upgrade 12 equipment cards each with a unique ability to improve your highscores."
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june 2017 by robertogreco
Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes
"A new era for Tinderbox: the tool for notes. Tinderbox 7 is faster, more expressive, and more helpful than ever – the invaluable tool for capturing and visualizing your ideas.

• Composites build big ideas from small notes
• Gorgeous new fonts make your work even more legible
• Quick links connect notes instantly
• Hundreds of improvements

Whether you’re plotting your next thriller or writing your dissertation, designing a course, managing a legal practice, coordinating a campaign or planning a season of orchestral concerts, Tinderbox 7 will be your personal information assistant."

[via this thread:

"Anyone use good software for organizing a huge writing project? I dabbled in Scrivener but always give up. Want more org than writing tool."

"tinderbox is great for sprawling projects when the questions aren't yet known. Ask James Fallows about it"

"Eastgate is amazingggggg <3"

"Check history of Eastgate & hypertext — pioneering and sticking it out even to this day!!! "

"(To be fair, tinderbox is kinda convoluted and I haven’t picked it up as part of regular work, but I’m a huge admirer…!)"

"More from Fallows about Tinderbox: "

"Tinderbox has a learning curve, but it was essential for me. @eastgate "

"Check on Tinderbox and big writing projects with @JamesFallows" ]
tinderbox  software  productivity  notetaking  writing  caseygollan  allentan  natematias  eastgate  jamesfallows  mac  osx  applications 
june 2017 by robertogreco
Timebound: The App That Makes Time Travel Possible by Timebound — Kickstarter
"Timebound is an app for learning about the past in an easy and exciting way. It allows you to follow important historical events hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute. You can join the Titanic on her maiden voyage, witness the hunt for Jack the Ripper, see the first landing on the Moon, experience the first Woodstock festival, and dozens of other thrilling stories.

It’s a kind of time machine!

Timebound offers you access to an ever-expanding list of the most interesting and important events in history, from Ancient Greece to the beginning of the 21st century. Some events — such as the first spaceflight — last only a few hours or days; others (e.g. World War II) continue for years. Each event included in Timebound has played a crucial role in the history of humankind.

Now you can sit back, select an event, and let the time travel begin!

You’ll be notified about every twist and turn of the event you selected, and have a chance to explore its details through historical images, maps, and other media. For example, you can be living in World War II for six years and one day (its actual duration) by receiving event updates in real-time. With push-notifications, you’ll constantly keep time with history!

Live it as it happened

Push-notifications are an essential part of Timebound. They may come in the middle of the night, during a meal, or while you are commuting to work. History will become a part of your daily life.

Here is a demo of Timebound. It shows a push notification that leads to the “JFK Assassination” feed, as well as the countdown timer for “Man On The Moon.”

Is it iOS or Android?

It’s both! Right now we have an iOS beta ready for testing. But Timebound will be officially released on both platforms, and all our backers who buy a subscription will be able to choose between the two.

Examples of Timebound events

Timebound will be released in May 2017. Once that happens, we will add one new event each week. You can pick any event at any time and start following it, or wait for a specific start date and live through the event in full calendar sync.

Here are some of the events Timebound will offer (list may be subject to minor changes):

Is it free?

The Timebound app is free to download. A limited number of events will be free to follow. The full Timebound archive will be available via a monthly or annual subscription. In some cases, it will also be possible to purchase access to single events.

Why time travel?

We think of Timebound as an entry point to history. At the moment, academic historians are testing the app, and we will post their reviews as they will be coming in during the campaign. If you are teaching history and want to collaborate with Timebound, drop us a line! We’d love to give you and your students free access to the app:

What does a Timebound event look like?

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march 2017 by robertogreco
BBC - Earth - Story of Life
"Download the Story of Life app to explore more than 1000 of Sir David Attenborough’s most memorable moments from his 60-year career exploring the natural world. Explore your favourite moments, watch curated collections from Sir David and others, or create and share your own collections with the world. Available now."

[See also: ]

[via: "How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie" ]
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february 2017 by robertogreco
GitHub - jkriss/altcloud: A web server with extra powers. Run your own stuff.
"Altcloud is a web server with some niceties build in so that you can create real applications without any backend code or external services.

The idea is to set up an altcloud server on something like a Digital Ocean instance or a C.H.I.P. and run multiple sites off of that single server.

Altcloud is powered by simple configuration files and uses the local filesystem for storage. It doesn't scale, and that's just fine.

This implementation of the altcloud server is written in node.js, but the specification is platform and language agnostic.

DISCLAIMER: this is beta software. Please don't trust it just yet."
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february 2017 by robertogreco
Curb | The taxi app
"Curb connects you to safe, reliable rides from professional drivers. Download Curb for iPhone or Android to request your ride with the tap of a button, track your driver’s arrival, and pay your fare seamlessly."

[See also: ]
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january 2017 by robertogreco
Audm on the App Store
"Audm presents the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud word-for-word by celebrated audiobook narrators.

Listen to hours' worth of new stories every week, from publications including:

* The Atlantic
* Foreign Policy
* The New York Review of Books
* Outside Magazine
* ProPublica
* London Review of Books
* Aeon
* Epic Magazine
* Pacific Standard
* Guernica
* World Policy Journal
* The Bitter Southerner
* The Marshall Project
* The Millions
* The American Scholar
* The Morning News

Add stories to your playlist to download them, then listen on the go -- even with no Internet connection. Within a story, jump to any paragraph by tapping on it. Choose the narration speed you like best.

If you enjoy your free trial, subscribe for continued access. You will be charged $6.99/month for access to the entire Audm catalogue, to which new stories are being added all the time. Payment will be handled through your iTunes account. The first charge will occur upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each subscription period. You may cancel your subscription by going to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription period, your cancelation will become effective at the end of that period, and you will forfeit access to the Audm service for the remainder of that period.

Terms of use and privacy policy: "
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january 2017 by robertogreco
Type2Phone — Use your Mac as Keyboard for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV
"Type2Phone: Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

Use your Mac to type on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.
Type2Phone emulates a Bluetooth keyboard and is just as easy to set up. No extra app is needed.

Why waste money and desk space on a second keyboard?
You already have a keyboard connected to or build into your Mac.

• Text faster by using your Mac's full-sized keyboard
• Paste passwords, addresses, etc. from your Mac to your mobile device
• Reply to emails on accounts configured only on your iPhone
• Control your Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)
• Use a single keyboard with all your devices"

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january 2017 by robertogreco
Beaker | An experimental P2P browser
"Beaker is a Peer-to-Peer Web Browser, made for users to run applications independently of hosts. Using P2P Hypermedia, Beaker separates frontend apps from backend services, so that users are completely in control of their software and data.

[video: ]

"Beaker is a Peer-to-Peer Web Browser which lets users build socially and publish independently. Using P2P web-hosting, Beaker separates the frontend app from backend servers, so that users are completely in control of their applications.

At a high level, Beaker introduces concepts from BitTorrent into the Web. Anybody can publish a site immediately, independently, and for free, using only their browser.

Sites can contain files, data, media, and fully-featured applications. Using them, users can publish content without ceding control of the content to either an app or service. There is no walled garden. The keys that control each site remain in the user’s browser.

Public Peer services provide optional cloud hosting, so users don’t have to keep their devices online to self-host. These services provide the uptime of a traditional host, but with no lockin; a user can migrate from one service to another without any disruption.

With forking, you can modify any site, and deploy it instantly. Users can rebuild applications to work exactly how they like. Our mission is to put the tools of creation back into the users’ hands. It will be weird, chaotic, and creative – just like the Web should be!

Beaker was forked from Chrome. It is free and open-source."

[Update: mentioned here ]
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january 2017 by robertogreco
Hokusai on the App Store
"✳ The LARGEST COLLECTION of Hokusai's work EVER, over 1800 artworks from this great artist!!!!!!!!
✳ Welcome to the HD world of Japanese Art.
✳ HD collection of masterpieces of Hokusai + Interactive Biography Book + Many more other features= This App"
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december 2016 by robertogreco
Why just four seasons? Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons / Boing Boing
[twitter bot by Peter Richardson that announces them (via Max Fenton): ]


Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. Boring. Ancient Japan had 72 microseasons each lasting about five days. They each have wonderfully evocative names like "Spring Winds Thaw the Ice" and "The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow." We just finished “The Bear Retreats to its Den,” and this microseason 64, falling immediately after the solstice, is called "The Common Heal-All Sprouts.


Trivia: Prunella vulgaris, aka heal-all, sprouts this time of year near the ancient Japanese capital of Nara and is depicted in figure F below:


In Japanese it is called utsubogusa ("grass-quiver") and is used in traditional medicine.

There's even a nice free app available.
The 72 Seasons app brings you photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and words based on the poetic names of the seasons, each of which depicts a subtle change in the natural world throughout the year. The app updates according to the old 72 season calendar, approximately every 5 days, allowing you enjoy an ancient yet refreshingly new way to feel the year progress, unhindered by precise dates and times.

Soon you will celebrate “Dew glistens white on grass,” or “First peach blossoms,” or “Bush warblers start singing in the mountains.” Perhaps you can even create your own local observed microsseasons."

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december 2016 by robertogreco
Mathpix - Solve and graph math using pictures on the App Store
"Mathpix is the easiest way to create beautifully typeset mathematical documents. Simply take pictures of your equations and you instantly you get a digital document which you can export as a PDF, raw LaTeX file, or Overleaf link. "
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december 2016 by robertogreco
Bear - Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac
"Write beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose.

Use it everywhere
Bear works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you can write wherever inspiration strikes. Use todos to stay on task across every device.

Keep control
Link notes to each other to build a body of work. Use hashtags to organize for the way you think. All notes are stored in portable plain text.

Write your way
Bear is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays. A focus mode helps you concentrate, and advanced markup options are an online writer's best friend. Full in-line image support brings your writing to life.

A beautiful setting
Packed with beautiful themes and typography, and more options on the way, Bear makes your writing look great before and after publishing.

Editing tools and exports
Bear's simple tools take the effort out of writing, whether you need to hit specific word counts and reading times, or you need to convert your writing into PDF and Word docs. With Bear's custom markup shortcuts, you can add style and links with just a tap or keystroke.

Bear features at a glance

• Advanced Markup Editor that supports and highlights over 20 programming languages
• Rich previews while writing so you see prose, not code
• In-line support for images and photos
• Use Cross-Note Links to build a body of work, quickly reference other notes, and more
• Quickly add todos to individual notes to keep yourself on task
• Multiple themes, including dyslexic and color-blind options, to offer a style for everyone
• Multiple export options including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and more
• Smart Data Recognition of elements like links, emails, addresses, colors, and more to come
• Hashtags to quickly find and organize notes however you like
• One-tap formatting on iPhone and iPad with a custom shortcut bar
• Focus Mode hides notes and other options when it matters
• All your notes are stored in plain text for the ultimate in portability
• Effortless, secure, and private multi-device sync via iCloud
Regular updates to keep you and your writing current

Pricing model

The core version of Bear for iOS and Mac will be free.

Bear Pro will offer advanced features, including themes and exporting, which can be unlocked via a single In-App Purchase that covers all your devices. Unlocking Bear Pro also provide one year of sync between your devices. When the year is over, you'll be able to renew sync for another year. The other unlocked features remain yours forever.

We’ll announce the pricing for Bear Pro at the end of the public beta."
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Numi ‒ Beautiful calculator app for Mac
"Numi supports many units, and allows to easily convert one into another like $20 in Euro or 20 cm in inches. When it's needed, Numi will convert units automatically, like in 20 CAD + 4 Euro + 5 GBP.

You can easily convert time between time zones and get current time in different locations like Seoul time or now in Germany.

Numi supports word operations, scales and different numeral systems. So you can calculate 3 times 4 or use $1k instead of $1000 and convert 240 to hex. App allows to set variables, like var = $20 - 5%. Numi also supports tokens for operations like sum for sum of all results above or prev for the result on the previous line.

Numi supports many mathematical functions, constants and friendly percentage functions like 20% of $10 or 5% of what is 6 cm. Numi allows you to format your calculations with labels, comments and headers. Use special shortcuts to improve your calculation typing, like ⇧⌘0 for surrounding with parentheses."

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Primary - Rediscover Parenting
"Rediscover Parenting
An app for parents, with tools to encourage positivity, engagement, and learning.

Receive Tips & Activities
Get a little dose of inspiration and guidance directly to your iPhone or Apple Watch. Every Saturday morning, receive a more extensive activity to do with your family over the weekend!

Enjoy Helpful Articles
Read exclusive articles from Primary Contributors, including Montessorians, parents, educators, and more.

Chat with Fellow Parents
Engage with like-minded parents in a positive and helpful way by sharing tips, ideas, and questions!"
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july 2016 by robertogreco
Look Up
"As you near an intersection it prompts you to look up via...

• vibrating
• showing an eyeball animation if you're on the home screen
• showing a "Look Up" notification if you're in an app
• showing the intersection's energy score in the number of vibrations and iris rings in the eyeball animations

Look Up is an Android Live Wallpaper

It runs in the background as a wallpaper, so you can use other apps on top of it. You can choose to be prompted at every one to three intersections, or at random while on foot, on a bicycle or in a car. It doesn't require a SIM card and uses low battery and data.

Made with Processing and support from Google Creative Labs.

Phone distraction and
street awareness
Look Up breaks the habit of constantly checking our phones and builds a ritual of looking up at intersections and not missing out on the city – taking all the energy we put into our phones back into our streets.

People and energy
Every person who comes to NYC brings their own energy and when there’s a crash some of that energy is lost and forgotten. Look Up uses crash injuries and fatalities data from NYC DOT’s Vision Zero to create a 1–5 energy score reminding participants why our streets need their energy, eyes, and “hellos”. The higher the score, the more crashes, and the more energy participants should put back.

Free and open
Look Up uses intersections to free participants from their phones and opens them to the people and city around them. It doesn’t tell them who or what to connect with, who to make eye contact with or say hello to. It’s an open connection. Also the app will be free and open source!

Whether it's strangers making eye contact and saying hello or friends hugging, Look Up hopes to tear down the digital walls we build up, opening us to seeing, acknowledging and valuing the people and city around us."

[via: via @shashashasha]
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july 2016 by robertogreco
The App – Summer of Darkness
"Conceived to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the “Year Without Summer,” this iPhone/iPad app tells the story of the famous summer Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, and their companions spent in Switzerland — the summer the world was supposed to end.

Beginning in May 2016, the story of the “Year Without Summer” will unfold as a series of notifications appearing on your iPhone or iPad. Notifications will arrive in “real” time concurrent to the dates and times the events actually took place in 1816, from Claire Claremont’s romantic pursuit of Lord Byron to Percy Bysshe Shelley’s writing of Mont Blanc to the famous night when Mary Shelley had a vision of Frankenstein’s monster in response to a ghost story writing challenge issued by Lord Byron.

Each notification will unlock new content. The audience will follow the journeys of the group across a map of the region, encounter the daily weather from 1816, and read original source material: the journals, letters, and literary works of Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont, and Dr. John William Polidori. In this way the audience can experience the travels of Lord Byron and his entourage as if they were contemporaries.

Once the summer is over, you can continue to explore the fully unlocked content at your own pace or choose to reset the story and start over.

*This app does not contain any ads or in-app purchases."

[ ]

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may 2016 by robertogreco
The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop on the App Store
"Dream, design & play your own video games.

*** Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice ***
"Infinite Arcade makes it dead simple to make your own video games." — WIRED

Make platformer games, adventure games, pinball games, ball and paddle games, text puzzlers, and mazes. Make games with zombie mobs, hot lava, disco bricks, crystal geysers, trampoline tiles, oil slicks, wandering stars, and more!

Infinite Arcade is a video game construction kit. It’s the fourth app in Tinybop’s Digital Toys series which includes the iPad App of the Year, The Robot Factory.

Start quickly with a classic game to build on. Or invent your own! Create levels with terrain blocks, obstacles, hazards, enemies, and more. Make your game small or massive with lethal boundaries or magic passageways. Control gravity to make characters walk or float. You decide how many lives they get.

Create your own ninja or ball. Pick character colors or add a photo and special effects. Or choose one of six unique characters or balls: Chompers, Jellyclops, Inky Brains, and more! Each has their own skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Be wise with your choices.

Add words and thought bubbles to tell a story. Post signs, clues, and secret messages to help your character out. Add all kinds of sound effects: laughs, boos, cheers, and farts! Write your own messages for the end of the game: Super bummer if you lose. You are the champion if you win!

Let the gaming begin! Can you play as well as you make? Now’s the time to see. Run on a travelator, jump over hot lava, swim through water, and find the victory portal. Attack zombies, evil snails, and electromagnetic cats. Collect all the gold coins and glittery skulls. Is your game too easy? Go back and make it harder. Set the high score record!

You have your own video game showroom. Stockpile all your games, give them names, pass them over to a friend to play.

+ FREE gamer guide with tips and hints. Download The Infinite Arcade Technical Manual in your app or at
+ Original artwork by Roza Gazarian and Holly Graham.
+ Original sound design.
+ Open-ended construction kit with no rules. Curiosity is rewarded.
+ Multi-user system: each child gets their own avatar and showroom to save their own creations.
+ Fun for all ages."
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Open Whisper Systems
For iPhone and Android

• Say Anything - Send high-quality group, text, picture, and video messages, all without SMS and MMS fees.

• Be Yourself - Use your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.

• Stay Private - We cannot read your messages, and no one else can either. Everything is always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered in order to keep your communication safe.

• Get Organized - Archive functionality makes it easy to keep track of the conversations that matter to you right now.

• Pay Nothing - The development team is supported by community donations and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn't cost anything to use.

For iPhone and Android

• Speak Freely - Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.

• Stay Private - We cannot hear your conversations, and no one else can either. No exceptions.

• Pay Nothing - The development team is supported by community donations and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn't cost anything to use."
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april 2016 by robertogreco
mortenjust/cleartext-mac: A text editor that only allows the top 1000 most common words in English
"A text editor that only allows the 1,000 most common words in English

I just got Randall Monroe's new book Thing Explainer. Only using the top 1,000 words makes the text really easy to read. I thought I would make it easy for people to write like this, so I made this application. It's cool to be clear."

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march 2016 by robertogreco
It’s here: Quartz’s first news app for iPhone - Quartz
"We just released our first news app for iPhone, which you can download from the App Store right now. Tap or click here to get it.

The app, exclusive to iPhone, is a whole new way to experience Quartz. We put aside existing notions about news apps and imagined what our journalism would be if it lived natively on your iPhone. It wouldn’t be a facsimile of our website. It would be something entirely different, with original writing, new features, and a fresh interface.

Quartz for iPhone has all of that. It’s an ongoing conversation about the news, sort of like texting: We’ll send you messages, photos, GIFs, and links, and you can tap to respond when you’re interested in learning more about a topic. Each session lasts just a few minutes, so it’s perfect for the train, elevator, grocery store line, or wherever you have a spare moment to catch up on the news.

Some of our messages will also reach you through fun and relevant notifications throughout the day. You can pick what you want: haikus about how the stock market is performing, important developments in the global economy, etc. These are notifications you will actually enjoy receiving. And we won’t buzz you unless it’s really important; most alerts will just quietly light up your phone.

There are other treats to enjoy without even opening the app. On the Today screen, you can view our most compelling Atlas chart of the moment. And if you own an Apple Watch, add our complication to your watch face to see how the US markets are faring — in the form of an emoji. We make it easy to stay up-to-date on investor sentiment without doing any work at all. It’s just there.

This is a new kind of business news app, just as has strived to be a new kind of business news website. We’re excited to add Quartz for iPhone to the roster of ways in which you can get our reporting, perspective, and voice.

The editorial approach

The app’s interface may resemble an automated assistant, but here’s the secret about our little news bot: It’s actually written by humans! Smart journalists who want to keep you informed and entertained. We’ve assembled a global group of Quartz writers and editors, led by Adam Pasick, to give the app its voice.

Our intent is to take a similar approach to other platforms where this kind of media could live. This is a big and broad endeavor for Quartz as we experiment with new formats. Internally, we refer to the project as Jasper, which is a form of the mineral quartz.

Design and development

We started tinkering with concepts and prototypes for an app about a year ago. Quartz has long focused on the open web, and we were never interested in recreating our website as a native app. We still aren’t. But mobile has developed a lot in the last few years, and we saw some new opportunities worth exploring.

Sam Williams developed the app, and Daniel Lee designed it. We drew influence from all sorts of places, but were particularly inspired by Jonathan Libov’s “Futures of Text” and apps with conversational UIs like Lark and Lifeline. Other trends, like the rise of bots and messaging, gave us confidence in the direction.

This is actually Quartz’s second iPhone app, albeit the first one that’s strictly about the news. Last year we released Flags, a custom keyboard to easily type all of the world’s flags in emoji. We plan to keep experimenting with how a news organization can serve readers on their most personal devices.

MINI is the launch sponsor of Quartz for iPhone. Advertising is integrated with the rest of the app beautifully, unobtrusively, and in parallel with the editorial experience. You can engage with the ads just as you would any other content.

Support and feedback

The app is for iPhones only, and you need to be running iOS 9.0 or higher to install it. Report any bugs you encounter to And we’re looking forward to your feedback on the app as we work on the next version and also turn our attention to Android. Please send any thoughts to

Here, again, is the link to download the app. Thank you!


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february 2016 by robertogreco
Comprehend More with LiquidText
"LiquidText, an App Store Editors’ Choice, improves the way you read, annotate, and research on the iPad.

Retire the Printer.
We read to understand the world around us. But both paper documents and computer screens compromise this mission. LiquidText gives users a personalized reading experience, ideal for comprehensive reading, through intuitive interactions that allow the user to compare sections by squeezing a document, pull out key passages, organize ideas, find context, and more. #ComprehendMore with LiquidText."
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january 2016 by robertogreco
"Humans offers a way to rationally manage too many contacts and slows down the consumption of status updates, tweets, selfies, photos of all kinds.

Reduce the compulsion to perpetually check Instagram, Twitter and Flickr

A frequent use of multiple social media services reduces our ability to contextualize and focus. With Humans, you can mitigate that online social service schizophrenia and establish a rational regimen for following without the constant barrage and noise of too many extraneous strangers' updates. It works with the main social media platforms.

Keep away from the distractions in social media feeds

Get access to content stripped out of the social media distractions. Humans removes visual noise and arrange in their context the many status updates, links, selfies, photos of all kinds.

Mitigate feelings and symptoms of remorse whilst taking short or long offline breaks

If you have been away from your screens or too busy, Humans creates digestible doses of context that will get you up to date.

Experts recommend a balanced social media consumption for people with 100+ online contacts

Humans is a robust remedy to help with the ill-effects of social media overload

The Internet is where humanity has found a great new village. This means your Internet Community - your contacts, friends, connections, their lives, thoughts, experiences and event - are spread across multiple services, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

With Humans you can mitigate that online social service schizophrenia and establish a rational regimen for following without the constant barrage and noise of too many updates, too many extraneous strangers' updates, too quickly, too soon.

Unlike a drastic digital detox, Humans helps you establish a sustainable data hygiene

Rapid status overload - it damages our capacity to stay on task, pay attention and maintain focus, even in multitasking contexts. The resulting poor signal-to-noise ratios makes the frequent use of social media less rewarding and reduces our ability to contextualize or maintain situational awareness.

With Humans, you have access to an engaging dose of context, stripping out the social media distractions that come from constantly accelerating updates."

[See also:

"Humans is an app that offers a way to rationally manage too many contacts and slows down the consumption of status updates, tweets, selfies, photos of all kinds. Its design inspires from observations on how humans adapt to the feelings of information overload with its related anxieties, obsessions, stress and other mental burdens. Humans is the toothbrush for social media you pick up twice a day to help prevent these discomforts. It promotes ‘data hygiene’ that helps adjust to current pace of social exchanges.

First, Humans gives means to filter, categorize and prioritize feeds spread across multiple services, like Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. The result forms a curated mosaic of a few contacts, friends, or connections arranged in their context.

Additionally Humans strips social network interfaces and algorithms from their ‘toxic’ elements that foment addictions and arouse our desire to accumulate rather than abstract. And that without altering the fascinating dynamics of social networks. One inspiration this ‘data hygiene’ design pattern is the Facebook Demetricator provocative project that removes any number present in the Facebook interface. Its developer Benjamin Grosser advocates for the reduction of our collective obsession with metrics that plays out as an insatiable desire to make every number go higher. Another inspiration is the Little Voices app that removes the ‘noise’ from Twitter feeds and that is ‘ideal for those who like their feeds slightly quieter’.

Taken together, the benefits of using Humans are:

Reduce the compulsion to perpetually check Instagram, Twitter and Flickr

A frequent use of multiple social media services reduces our ability to contextualize and focus. With Humans, you can mitigate that online social service schizophrenia and establish a rational regimen for following without the constant barrage and noise of too many extraneous strangers’ updates. It works with the main social media platforms.

Keep away from the distractions in social media feeds

Get access to content stripped out of the social media distractions. Humans removes visual noise and arrange in their context the many status updates, links, selfies, photos of all kinds.

Mitigate feelings and symptoms of remorse whilst taking short or long offline breaks

If you have been away from your screens or too busy, Humans creates digestible doses of context that will get you up to date."]
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TextMate — The Missing Editor for Mac OS X
"TextMate brings Apple's approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks the best of both worlds to the benefit of expert scripters and novice users alike.

Whether you are a programmer or a designer, the production of code and markup is hard work. Without an editor dedicated to the task, it is also often cumbersome, overwhelming, and repetitive. Especially when you are dealing with a lot of files at once — like most projects do. TextMate puts you back in control, reduces the mental overhead, and turns manual work into something the computer does.

Created by a closet UNIX geek who was lured to the Mac platform by its ease of use and elegance, TextMate has been referred to as the culmination of Emacs and OS X and has resulted in countless requests for both a Windows and Linux port, but TextMate remains exclusive for the Mac, and that is how we like it!

TextMate is not an IDE but by using its powerful snippets, macros, and unique scoping system, it can often provide features that even a language specific IDE lacks. It has enough project management features to keep most users happy, but is otherwise kept lightweight with a clean and minimalistic GUI.

A list of highlights follow, you can follow the links to learn more.

• Ability to Search and Replace in a Project
• Auto-Indent for Common Actions Like Pasting Text
• Auto-Pairing of Brackets and Other Characters
• Clipboard History
• Column Selections and Column Typing
• Completion of Words from Current Document
• CSS-like Selectors to Pinpoint the Scope of Actions and Settings
• Declarative Language Grammars for Graceful Mixing and Hacking
• Dynamic Outline for Working With Multiple Files
• Expand Trigger Words to Code Blocks With Tab-able Placeholders
• File Tabs when Working With Projects
• Foldable Code Blocks
• Function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation
• Plug-able Through Your Favorite Scripting Language
• Recordable Macros With No Programming Required
• Regular Expression Search and Replace (grep)
• Run Shell Commands from Within a Document
• Support for Darcs, Perforce, SVK, and Subversion
• Support for More Than 50 Languages
• Switch Between Files in Projects With a Minimum of Key Strokes
• Themable Syntax Highlight Colors
• Visual Bookmarks to Jump Between Places in a File
• Works As External Editor for (s)ftp Programs
• Works Together With Xcode and Can Build Xcode Projects"

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Emojis are no longer cool in Japan.
"And so Japanese netizens moved on. The big thing in Japan now is Line, a wildly popular free messaging app that has some 58 million domestic users, though almost no profile abroad. Its key feature is users’ ability to send “stamps,” essentially mascots and cartoon characters, back and forth. Emojis differ slightly from platform to platform; Android’s don’t precisely resemble those used on Apple or Twitter or Skype, and vice versa. But since LINE users are all aboard the same service, the stamps are always the same. And many are set to automatically pop up in a window based on what you type, just like predictive text or spelling suggestions. The emojis are still there, too. But they’re relegated to a sideshow role rather than being the main event, all but upstaged by the far more flamboyant stamps.

Line stamps also have a big leg up on emojis from another standpoint: commercialization. The company’s main source of revenue is hawking an ever-changing array of new stamp sets to customers, many of which are designed in concert with big corporations merchandising their product lines. Line makes a great deal of money from paid corporate and celebrity tie-ins, which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the length of the campaign. On the other hand, even a company as deep-pocketed as Disney wouldn’t be able to pay Unicode to immortalize Mickey, Goofy, and the rest of the crew as emojis. The emoji system simply isn’t designed for monetization. There’s no such barrier with LINE.

The emojis have also taken another hit in Japan from an unlikely culprit: emoticons, those little pictorial representations of facial expressions constructed from punctuation marks. The West has emoticons and text art too, of course. Most English-speaking net users are familiar with the ubiquitous smiley :-) and frowny :-( marks and a handful of others. But Japanese emoticons—known as kaomoji, or face-text—come in a dizzying array of variations. They are complicated mixtures of punctuation, Japanese kana, foreign letters, and even scientific symbols, resembling something Dr. Frankenstein might have built had he majored in linguistics rather than played God. Perhaps the most common is キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! Pronounced kita, it’s the illustration of an excited “all right!” or “here we go!” that’s deployed endlessly on Japanese Twitter and chat rooms. The kaomoji express emotions in the way emojis do, but they’re composed of standard fonts rather than being illustrated by anyone in particular. This lets the constructions retain more ambiguity design-wise, which is a fancy-pants way of saying they’re more kawaii.

So bearing all of the above in mind: If emojis are in their twilight in their homeland, what are the implications for their popularity abroad? Are we heading for an emojipocalpyse?"

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december 2015 by robertogreco
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