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Find the best movies on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and more | Leanflix
"Leanflix is the easiest way to find movies worth watching on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO (and it's free).

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We pull in movies from Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and HBO to make it easy to find the best movies across all your streaming options."
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april 2015 by robertogreco
Media Hint - Unblock the Web - Easy to Use Proxy
"Content unblocked

Countries have borders. The Internet shouldn't.

We believe an open internet is a better internet. Media Hint is your key to unlock the web and keep it worldwide. Get access to the content you want and deserve, whenever you want it, wherever you are.

Browse privately and securely. Media Hint protects your identity when visiting your favorite sites. Surf the web without revealing your location to intrusive governments, corporations or web sites.

Speak Freely! Un-blocking the internet has the power to change the world. Media Hint makes it possible."
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october 2014 by robertogreco
The Speculist » Blog Archive » In the Future Everything Will Be A Coffee Shop
"Eventually you could have local campuses becoming places where MITx students seek tutoring, network, & socialize—reclaiming some of the college experience they’d otherwise have lost.

Phil thought this sounded like college as a giant coffee shop. I agree. Every education would be ad hoc. It would be student-directed toward the job market she’s aiming for.

This trend toward…coffeeshopification…is changing more than just colleges:

Book Stores Will Shrink to Coffee Shops…

The Coffee Shop Will Displace Most Retail Shops…

Offices Become Coffee Shops…Again…

What Doesn’t Become a Coffee Shop?…

…houses of worship…

What will remain other than coffee shops? Upscale retail will remain…[for] experience…Restaurants remain. Grocery stores remain.

Brick and mortar retail stores will be converted to public spaces. Multi-use space will be in increasing demand as connectivity tools allow easy coordination of impromptu events…"
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february 2012 by robertogreco

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