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Master of Go Board Game Is Walloped by Google Computer Program - The New York Times
"Mr. Hassabis said AlphaGo did not try to consider all the possible moves in a match, as a traditional artificial intelligence machine like Deep Blue does. Rather, it narrows its options based on what it has learned from millions of matches played against itself and in 100,000 Go games available online.

Mr. Hassabis said that a central advantage of AlphaGo was that “it will never get tired, and it will not get intimidated either.

Kim Sung-ryong, a South Korean Go master who provided commentary during Wednesday’s match, said that AlphaGo made a clear mistake early on, but that unlike most human players, it did not lose its “cool.”

“It didn’t play Go as a human does,” he said. “It was a Go match with human emotional elements carved out.”

Mr. Lee said he knew he had lost the match after AlphaGo made a move so unexpected and unconventional that he thought “it was impossible to make such a move.”"
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