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so heres what (12 December 2002, Interconnected)
"And I wanted to howl like a wolf and grow and smash everything up, and I wanted not to be there, stuck in this Now, and what I did was curl up and lie on the sofa and not speak and not cry until mother said "Are you alright?"
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december 2008 by robertogreco
so ive been reading (3 September 2002, Interconnected)
"What if you didn't know all the rules when you started? ... what if the only win-state was that your opponent agreed you'd won? ... in the real world it is possible to break the rules, and the fact that's done changes the nature of the game. ... there are certain rules that can't be broken in the real world ... But there are rules ... which are more mutable. ... It seems to me that rules are an approximation of pushes and pulls; that if this was linguistics then the real world would be optimality theory. Rules are just the bottom of potential wells. ... How to make a game ... that has no rules except geography and a mutable incentive space that changes based on past moves, and no win-state except your opponent agreeing you've won? And how to make a game which uses present-day technology effectively to change the axis we can play along, one that has a mutable morality?"
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december 2008 by robertogreco

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