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RT : Oh, hey! We just broke the 7K registration mark at ! Help us make another mammoth push to 8K!
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21 hours ago
Killer cyclist gives son a lesson in how to break the law | New York Post
I assume the only reason the doesn't follow Killer Drivers around is they don't have enough reporters:
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21 hours ago
Explore the River - Killing the Colorado - ProPublica
The Colorado River interactive from is SO HELPFUL in getting the full picture.
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Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Necessary dirt and sun time out west this past weekend
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2 days ago
The Language of the Unheard
Why preventing police killings, not bracing for riots, should be a city's priority

RT : Cities are busy trying to prevent riots instead of police abuse. Me in , on the "language of the unheard."
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24 days ago
Friends Chat
introducing Friends: a p2p, decentralized, secure messaging platform made it over the weekend
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29 days ago
Yes, Black America Fears The Police. Here's Why.
as I watch images from Baltimore, my mind recalls this, from ' essay in March
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4 weeks ago
bl.ocks.org - about
So I just realized that is "just" a gist viewer... huh.
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5 weeks ago
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