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How to become a designer without going to design school | Karen X. Cheng
I got my job as a designer without going to design school. I had hacked together my own design education in 6 months while working a full-time job. I didn’t think I was ready but started applying for jobs anyway – and got a job at a great startup, Exec.
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august 2013 by rlamarch
App Showcase with Grid Overlay | Codrops
Today we will be creating a little app showcase with a neat effect. The idea is to show a mobile device with a screenshot of an app and when clicking on the device, a grid appears, showing some more screenshots. The effect is very subtle: the device moves back and the grid fades in and scales up. When clicking on another screenshot, the device image gets updated and the grid disappears again.
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april 2013 by rlamarch
Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design
In this article, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what makes an effective logo design and we’ll also guide you through the principles and best practices of how to create an iconic brand identity.
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august 2009 by rlamarch
Become a really good graphic designer
Book and web site list for graphic design
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april 2009 by rlamarch
"Default Text" Fields Using Simple jQuery Trick
Setting helper text in form fields prior to data entry
jquery  form  design  default  text 
august 2008 by rlamarch
Web APIs Strategy
Good pointers on build web api's
web  api  design 
july 2008 by rlamarch
Styling form controls with CSS
Great samples of different formatting in different browsers
css  forms  design 
july 2008 by rlamarch
WWW SQL Designer
Online SQL database designer with export, import, generation
database  sql  online  design  generator 
august 2007 by rlamarch
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Keep It DRY, Shy, and Tell the Other Guy. IEEE artice by the Pragmatic Programmers, Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt
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may 2007 by rlamarch

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