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Transfer Learning using differential learning rates
In this post, I will be sharing what is transfer learning and how one can use transfer learning with differential learning rates approach to create powerful custom models
transfer-learning  fast.ai  cnns  convolutional-neural-networks  differential-learning-rates  neural-networks  machine-learning  deep-learning 
february 2018 by rishaanp
Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Networks
Large Convolutional Network models have recently demonstrated impressive classification performance on the ImageNet benchmark. However there is no clear understanding of why they perform so well, or how they might be improved. In this paper we address both issues. We introduce a novel visualization technique that gives insight into the function of intermediate feature layers and the operation of the classifier. We also perform an ablation study to discover the performance contribution from diffe...
deep-learning  arxiv  convolutional-neural-networks  cnns  visualization  interpretability  interpretation 
february 2018 by rishaanp
Decoding the ResNet architecture // teleported.in
A blog where I share my intuitions about artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning.
resnet  shortcut-connections  network-architecture  convolutional-neural-networks  cnns  deep-learning  fast.ai  from pocket
february 2018 by rishaanp

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