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Top tips for project managers? (Tony Collins's IT Projects Blog)
Tony Collins' PM truisms. -- Rick Cogley |

Below is a compilation of project management truisms. Some have been around years; a few are my own concoctions - the result of researching and reporting on countless IT projects and programmes.
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february 2009 by rickcogley
20 cynical project management tips | IT Project Failures | ZDNet.com
Accurate, funny, cynical list of project management truisms. -- Rick Cogley | Ever wonder why so many projects fail? Well, here’s your guide to the seamy underbelly of IT project management. From Tony Collins, who writes a well-researched blog on government-related IT failures in the UK:

1. Projects with realistic budgets and timetables don’t get approved
2. The more desperate the situation the more optimistic the progress report
3. A user is somebody who rejects the system because it’s what he asked for
4. The difference between project success and failure is a good PR company
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february 2009 by rickcogley

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