Core Data Versioning
mes the changes just aren’t executed and there will occur a problem when you try to call a method related to the changes.
may 2012
Bacula Network Backup »
What is the most important and boring job an administrator has to do? Backup! You may have the super duper high availability cluster, redundant storage arrays with multiple raid levels. But what if you make a mistake? Do you believe mistakes are rare? Count how many typos you have during a typical day working on a Unix/Linux console… I suppose it is not that difficult to type “rm -fr . /” instead of “rm -fr ./” …. So we need to have regular, reliable, manageable and carefully planned backup strategy.
backup  sysadmin 
may 2012
iPhone - How to use "ShareKit" only to post to facebook or only to twitter - Stack Overflow
es my work simple. But as shown in the sample code of share kit, i don't want to show any action sheet and allow user to select one option. From my app, if facebook is clicked, it should directly post to face book (after a
february 2012
Cleaning Down Equipment
. This only applies to bags which have been on expeditions and are heavily retaining, for example, moisture, body odour, grease and cooking fuel. However, the general mountaineer's down equipment can be cleaned without going to this extreme. Both sys
january 2012
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