Roadmaps are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps! by C. Todd Lombardo - Mind the Product
To understand where features fit within a roadmap, you have to understand that there are three key elements: outputs, outcomes, and impact.

Outputs are what you produce. They are the features.
Outcomes are the behavior change you are trying to drive. What problem does that feature solve? If we solve that problem, what is the outcome we want to see?
Impact is the business metric you are looking to increase or decrease with this outcome. How do we know we’ve actually done what we wanted to do?
When you combine the outcomes and the impact, you get your objectives and key results. At that point, your theme becomes a headline for your problem or need.
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20 days ago
No. 23. Uncertainty of friendship.
“The most fatal disease of friendship is gradual decay, or dislike hourly increased by causes too slender for complaint, and too numerous for removal.—Those who are angry may be reconciled; those who have been injured may receive a recompense: but when the desire of pleasing and willingness to be pleased is silently diminished, the renovation of friendship is hopeless; as, when the vital powers sink into languor, there is no longer any use of the physician.”
4 weeks ago
Twitter is not your friend. The Sarah Jeong saga shows us why.
We write for an audience we think we know, in a vernacular they’ll understand, using reference points they’re familiar with. Six years later, our tweets are weaponized to an audience we don’t know, thick with terms they understand differently, with the reference points completely absent.

Twitter is not your friend. It is built to reward us for snarky in-group communication and designed to encourage unintended out-group readership. It fosters both tribalism and tribal collision. It seduces you into thinking you’re writing for one community but it gives everyone the ability to search your words and project them forward in time and space and outward into another community at the point when it’ll do you maximum damage. It leaves you explaining jokes that can’t be explained to employers that don’t like jokes anyway.

And it’s not just what we write. It’s what we see. Our feeds are filled with reasonable, funny, thoughtful comments from our groups and the most unreasonable, offensive tweets sent by our out-groups.

If you’re a conservative, the liberal tweets that get shot into your sightline aren’t the most thoughtful or representative missives; they’re the ones designed to make you think liberals hate you, are idiots, or both. The same is true if you’re a liberal: you see the worst of the right, not the best. And after you’ve seen enough of these kinds of comments from the other side, you begin to think that’s who they are, that you’re getting a true picture of what your opponents are really like, and what they really think of you — but it’s not a true picture, it’s a distortion built to deepen your attachment to your friends, your resentment of your opponents, and your engagement on the platform. And it’s one that plays on our tendencies to read the other side with much less generosity than we read our own side.
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6 weeks ago
'Hipster kryptonite': will CDs ever have a resurgence?
While CDs are often maligned for their rigid packaging, some also see this as an attractive feature. Stephen Thomas Erlewine, the senior editor at AllMusic, says: “I want to have the liner notes around. I’ve found that CD liner notes, especially for reissues in the 90s and beyond, can be the only detailed writing available for certain artists, scenes, eras and labels.”

Secondhand CDs are proving just as popular: it is the fastest-growing sales format on the music marketplace Discogs, chalking up 28% growth last year. The company’s discography specialist, Brent Greissle, says: “As someone who is always looking for new music, the overall lack of attention being paid to CDs means I can generally find a lot more of what I like without having to pay a premium.”
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6 weeks ago
My Favorite PM Interview Question…for Managers
The question comes late in the interview, but early in the overall hiring process. The setup goes like this: “Now that I know you a bit, I’d like to give you a list of 4 broad work attributes. You’re a product manager, so I already expect that you’re strong in each. But I highly doubt that you consider yourself equally competent in all of them. So I’m going to ask you to stack rank them in order of strongest to weakest”. This setup should be disarming. The candidate must understand that there is no correct answer to the question, hopefully setting up an honest conversation.
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6 weeks ago
Great PMs don't spend their time on solutions - Inside Intercom
40% of our 100 units spent before we’ve even started designing anything. We obsess about problem prioritisation and problem definition. I mean obsess. I drive our people crazy sometimes interrogating whether we really truly deeply understand the problem we’re attempting to solve. It is highly encouraged for our PMs to openly share and debate early definitions of the problems we’re defining.
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10 weeks ago
Ding Dong, the Feed Is Dead
The decline in oversharing wasn’t just about the difficulty of maintaining a pristine persona; it was also that the space for oversharing started to feel inappropriate, and sometimes even unsafe.
11 weeks ago
Families In A Maya Village In Mexico May Have The Secret To Getting Kids To Do Chores : Goats and Soda : NPR
The moms see it as an investment, Mejia-Arauz says: Encourage the messy, incompetent toddler who really wants to do the dishes now, and over time, he'll turn into the competent 7-year-old who still wants to help.

Research supports this hypothesis, says the University of New Hampshire's Andrew Coppens. "Early opportunities to collaborate with parents likely sets off a developmental trajectory that leads to children voluntarily helping and pitching in at home," he says.

Or another way to look at it is: If you tell a child enough times, "No, you're not involved in this chore," eventually they will believe you.
children  parenting  psychology 
11 weeks ago
Maya Children In Guatemala Are Great At Paying Attention. What's Their Secret? : Goats and Soda : NPR
Now, many parents in the U.S. can't go full-on Maya to motivate kids. It's often not practical — or safe — to give kids that much autonomy in many places, for instance. But there are things parents here can do, says cognitive psychologist Mike Esterman.

For starters, he says, ask your kid this question: 'What would you do if you didn't have to do anything else?' "

"Then you start to see what actually motivates them and what they want to engage their cognitive resources in when no one tells them what they have to to do," Esterman says.

Then create space in their schedule for this activity, he says.

"For my daughter, I've been thinking that this activity will be like her 'passion,' and it's the activity I should be fostering," he says.

Because when a kid has a passion, Esterman says, it's golden for the child. It's something that will bring them joy ... and hone their ability to pay attention.
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11 weeks ago
“Bursty” Communication Can Help Remote Teams Thrive
People often think that constant communication is most effective, but actually, we find that bursts of rapid communication, followed by longer periods of silence, are telltale signs of successful teams.
june 2018
The Netflix Binge Factory
Netflix now makes more television than any network in history. It plans to spend $8 billion on content this year. “I’ve never seen any one company drive the entire business in the way Netflix has right now,” says Chris Silbermann, managing director of ICM Partners
netflix  blog 
june 2018
You Love Wine Science Until it Detracts From the Magic in Your Glass
Wine lovers who believe in science perform mental acrobatics. If asked what actually goes into a bottle and then into our mouths, we have to admit that it’s fermented grape juice, and that the scientific study of how to grow grapes has significantly improved the quality of wine in recent decades.

But the beauty of wine — the reason why we love it — is elsewhere, and lives very happily in the land of myths and stories. We tell those stories, and believe those myths, when we drink wine, because doing so makes us very happy. Then we go to bed, and wake up sober, and believe in science.
june 2018
Skateboards vs. Cars Revisited
Henrik’s article shows how to get the value of basic Agile – and that’s no small feat as many teams are not yet getting this value.  What I’m trying to show is how strong cross-functional product teams have moved beyond Lean and Agile to tackle risks up front; solve hard problems for our customers and our business through collaboration between product, design and engineering; and focus on business results and not just shipping features.
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june 2018
Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore
No one picks up the phone anymore. Even many businesses do everything they can to avoid picking up the phone. Of the 50 or so calls I received in the last month, I might have picked up four or five times. The reflex of answering—built so deeply into people who grew up in 20th-century telephonic culture—is gone.
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june 2018
Music to their ears: Why you should play music for your children's developing brain | PhillyVoice
Studies show that children who are exposed to music have improved language development, enhanced fine motor skills, better social skills, higher IQs, advanced spatial intelligence, increased concentration and basic memory recall. Learning how to read music and play an instrument offers even more mental and physical benefits.
music  parenting  blog 
may 2018
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