A Life of Screens: Managing an All-Remote Team
People-managers are charged with building teams and figuring out how to help their employees do their best work as part of a group. So what happens when every member of a team works remotely?
work  management  teams  simple  remote 
How Did Consciousness Evolve? - The Atlantic
It depicts covert attention in a physically incoherent way, as a non-physical essence. And this, according to the theory, is the origin of consciousness. We say we have consciousness because deep in the brain, something quite primitive is computing that semi-magical self-description. Alas crocodiles can’t really talk. But in this theory, they’re likely to have at least a simple form of an attention schema.
consciousness  evolution  biology  brain  intelligence 
6 weeks ago
Textio: words + data = magic
Built on hiring data from over 10,000 companies, Textio's advanced models predict the success of your job listing in real time as you write.
hiring  analysis  job  text 
september 2015
Jar Pies | Jam Jar Bakery
Single-serving pie in a jar!
food  pie  dessert 
august 2014
HTTPie is a command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement.
http  tool  software  client  cli  api  rest  curl 
june 2014
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