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No need for President Trump to worry: NFL TV ratings doing just fine
The numbers don’t lie.
Remember that the next time President Donald Trump or one of his minions do.
NFL ratings are not tanking in response to the player protests. In fact, they’ve had little, if any, effect, according to a new USA TODAY analysis of Sunday Night Football viewership last season. Less than a percentage point decline in markets where Trump won big in 2016 – the same as markets where neither he nor Hillary Clinton had a significant advantage.
Even more telling is that in markets where the local team was good – say, Pittsburgh or New Orleans – ratings were higher. In markets where the local team was bad – pointing at you, Phoenix and Indianapolis – ratings were lower.
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october 2018 by rgl7194
President Trump, NFL protests and ratings: Deep dive into numbers
Did President Trump's attacks on player protests hurt NFL ratings? We looked at the numbers.
Who’s winning, President Trump or the NFL?
We dove into the numbers to see what's really been going on since quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the national anthem in 2016, and since player protests became a political rallying point for President Trump in 2017.
We examined TV viewership for Sunday Night Football in 37 markets in 2016 and 2017. The data, courtesy of Comscore, shows the percent of TVs in a market that were tuned to the big game. Then, we looked at how people in those places voted in the last Presidential election — plus a bunch of football factors.
There was some evidence of a Trump effect. But it was, at best, weak.
What really stood out was that people stuck with football if there was a "football reason" to watch. The data show that quality football and home team loyalty drove the TV audience far more than political tribalism.
As has been well-documented, NFL viewership on TV was down in most places. A little over half of markets we analyzed saw a year-over-year decline in the share of the TV viewers watching Sunday Night Football.
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october 2018 by rgl7194

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