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My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories
Last year when I wrote about my must-have Mac apps, I was coming off a tumultuous year that started with a daily commute into Chicago for my old job and ended with me working from home. As the year came to a close, I was exploring what that meant for the way I work on the Mac.
That process continued into 2018. With the number of new things I took on in 2017 and the transition to indie life, I made the conscious decision to step back and settle into my new life. That wasn’t easy. There’s a natural tendency to take on everything that crosses your path when you go out on your own, but I’ve seen too many people fall into that trap in the past. Instead, I concluded that 2018 would be the year to improve the way I already work by refining existing workflows and reevaluating how I get things done, including on the Mac.
Three events led me to work on my Mac more in 2018. The first was the 27-inch LG 4K display I bought in January. It was a big step up from the 23-inch 1080p one I had before and, combined with a VESA arm, improved working at my Mac substantially.
The second factor was our MacStories coverage of the App Store’s tenth anniversary. For it, we produced seven extra episodes of AppStories that were released in the span of one week, which kept me in front of my Mac recording and editing for long periods of late May through June.
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The Setup / Catherine Mulbrandon
Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Catherine Mulbrandon and I'm a designer. Economic data is scattered over many websites like the IRS, the Census Bureau, the Congressional Budget Office and in academic journals. Over the years, I have taken this data and tried to make it accessible through clear, easy to understand data graphics which I post to my site, Visualizing Economics. In 2009, I started consulting for clients who need my expertise creating static data-heavy graphics about financial/economic subjects or designing interactive dashboards for startups. In 2011, I used Kickstarter to raise funds for my book, An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States, which was published last year. What hardware do you use? My digital home is a 2011 MacBook Pro. It's starting to slow down and I hope to replace it in the next year or two. At home, I connect it to my 23" Apple Cinema Display set up on Ikea IVAR shelves, but a lot of my work is done at a co-working space in...
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