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When We Say 70 Percent, It Really Means 70 Percent | FiveThirtyEight
One of FiveThirtyEight’s goals has always been to get people to think more carefully about probability. When we’re forecasting an upcoming election or sporting event, we’ll go to great lengths to analyze and explain the sources of real-world uncertainty and the extent to which events — say, a Senate race in Texas and another one in Florida — are correlated with one another. We’ll spend a lot of time working on how to build robust models that don’t suffer from p-hacking or overfitting and which will perform roughly as well when we’re making new predictions as when we’re backtesting them. There’s a lot of science in this, as well as a lot of art. We really care about the difference between a 60 percent chance and a 70 percent chance.
That’s not always how we’re judged, though. Both our fans and our critics sometimes look at our probabilistic forecasts as binary predictions. Not only might they not care about the difference between a 60 percent chance and a 70 percent chance, they sometimes treat a 55 percent chance the same way as a 95 percent one.
There are also frustrating moments related to the sheer number of forecasts that we put out — for instance, forecasts of hundreds of U.S. House races, or dozens of presidential primaries, or the thousands of NBA games in a typical season. If you want to make us look bad, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to do so because some — many, actually — of these forecasts will inevitably be “wrong.”
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A Better Way To Think About This Month’s Jobs Numbers | FiveThirtyEight
The context you need to understand job growth and unemployment in the U.S., updated every month.
You’ve probably seen some headlines today about the latest unemployment rate (3.7 percent) or others saying 164,000 jobs were added in July. Those are the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly jobs report, published this morning, that get the bulk of the media coverage. And that makes a certain amount of sense — they are important measures of our economy’s health and inform policymakers: Keeping the unemployment rate stable is one of the Federal Reserve’s goals when setting interest rates.
But without the right context, they’re a bit misleading. Let’s start with job growth.
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iOS 12 adoption reaches 90% on eve of iOS 13 launch | iMore
The numbers are based on usage traffic to the App Store.
What you need to know
Apple said 88% of all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices are using iOS 12.
That figure goes up to 90% if we only count devices released in the past four years.
The figures were released on the eve of iOS 13's fall launch.
Apple has released updated figures related to iOS adoption, with Apple's latest release, iOS 12, far and away the most-used version currently available.
According to Apple's figures, as of August 6, 88% of all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models were updated to iOS 12. Only 7% are still on iOS 11, while the remaining 5% are using an earlier version of iOS.
If we only look at iOS devices released over the past four years, adoption of iOS 12 is even healthier at 90%. Apple calculates its figures by measuring traffic to the App Store.
As 9to5Mac points out, adoption has increased with the release of iOS 12. Around the same time last year, iOS 11 adoption was at 85%.
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Walker Buehler is your player of the series - True Blue LA
Buehler’s second complete game highlights the weekend series
The Dodgers had to go late on Sunday afternoon to win their third of four games against the Padres. And while several Dodgers had good moments against the Padres this weekend, only one was able to stand out to be the Player of the Series.
Walker Buehler pitched a complete game victory on Saturday night, his second complete game of the season. By striking out fifteen, one shy of his career high, with no walks, he also joined two really good pitchers on this list.
Buehler also put made some Dodger history with this performance.
Buehler is one of five pitchers to have three starts where they had a game score of 80 and higher. On Saturday, his complete game had an 88 game score. He gave up one run, five hits and had 15 strikeouts.
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At age 28, Aaron Donald is in rare company statistically
Aaron Donald is in a class of his own when it comes to defensive tackles in the NFL right now. He’s quite possibly the most dominant player at any position in the league, which makes his performance as a defensive tackle all the more impressive.
On Thursday, Donald turned 28 years old and is in the midst of a Hall of Fame career. He’s accomplished just about everything a defensive tackle could have hoped to do, excluding a Super Bowl title.
Just take a look at his numbers up to this point, which doesn’t even include his 97 tackles for loss.
Every step of the way, he’s checked off boxes, whether it was Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year (twice) or setting the single-season sack record for a defensive tackle. He’s still relatively young, too, and is hitting his prime playing days with the Rams.
In relation to other players’ accomplishments before turning 28, only two other players have recorded at least 59 sacks and 95 tackles for loss by the age of 28 in NFL history: J.J. Watt and Jared Allen.
To widen the scope a bit, we excluded tackles for loss, which didn’t become an official stat until 1999. Only three other players have had at least 59 sacks and five Pro Bowl appearances before turning 28, and two of them are in the Hall of Fame. Those players are Derrick Thomas and Lawrence Taylor, as well as Von Miller.
With four first-team All-Pro selections, five Pro Bowls, two Defensive Player of the Year awards and Defensive Rookie of the Year to his name already, you could make the case that Donald is deserving of a spot in Canton. He’s a game-changer at defensive tackle the way Warren Sapp and John Randle were, and yet he’s only 28 years old.
Donald is well on his way to donning a gold jacket in the future, and his case will only get stronger as time goes on and his stats pile up.
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Top-10 active wide receiver-quarterback tandems in catchable target percentage | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics | Pro Football Focus
84.9% Catchable Target Percentage 
Since Kupp entered the league in 2017, he has done nothing but be the go-to slot receiver for Los Angeles as the Rams’ quarterback has had a 127.0 passer rating, 11 touchdowns and just two interceptions when targeting the young receiver with catchable passes. Although, they’re not the longest-tenured couple – Kupp’s 84.9 catchable pass percentage leads all qualifying duos
Kupp saw 50 targets in just eight games last year as a consequence of his season being cut short due to an ACL injury. The excitement is mounting for the Rams receiver’s return, and his name has even been circulating in Comeback Player of the Year discussions as we approach NFL Training Camp. Undoubtedly a challenge, although, that award may not be out of reach for Kupp. In one-and-a-half seasons Goff has targeted Kupp 139 times resulting in 118 catchable passes. If the L.A. duo continues at this rate, they could be one of the most in-sync duos in the entire league.
79.1% Catchable Target Percentage
Goff, the only quarterback to be listed with two separate receivers on this list, targeted Cooks 110 times, 87 of which were catchable balls (79.1%). Although the sample size is small relative to this group, the duo still managed to gain 1,204 yards on catchable passes, good enough for an average of 10.9 yards per attempt which exceeds all other duos on this list.
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Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp’s chemistry is evident in NFL-leading stat
The importance of Cooper Kupp’s return in 2019 cannot be overstated. He was Jared Goff’s favorite receiver last season before injuring his knee twice, the second of which was a torn ACL. Kupp is extremely valuable to the offense, and it showed in Goff’s regressed numbers after the second-year wideout went down.
Their chemistry is already off the charts, consistently connecting week in and week out. Kupp’s hands were much-improved in 2018 after dealing with some drops as a rookie, showing he’s already making great progress.
Goff regularly delivers accurate passes to Kupp, too, which makes their pairing deadly against opposing defenses. Of all the active quarterback-wide receiver pairings, Goff and Kupp are No. 1 in catchable target percentage, according to Pro Football Focus.
It’s a testament to how often they’re on the same page because Goff is regularly throwing accurate, catchable passes in Kupp’s direction. There are hardly ever any mix-ups or miscommunications, with Goff having a great sense of where Kupp will be at any moment.
Since Kupp entered the league in 2017, he has done nothing but be the go-to slot receiver for Los Angeles as the Rams’ quarterback has had a 127.0 passer rating, 11 touchdowns and just two interceptions when targeting the young receiver with catchable passes. Although, they’re not the longest-tenured couple – Kupp’s 84.9 catchable pass percentage leads all qualifying duos
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How many quality starts do the Dodgers have this season - True Blue LA
Dodgers lead majors with 57 quality starts
The 2019 Dodgers are doing something they have not done for several seasons. Their starting pitchers are pitching deeper into games and giving a little more breathing room to their bullpen.
This season, the Dodgers have 57 quality starts in 101 games. A quality start is one where the starter pitches six innings or more and gives up three or less earned runs. The Dodgers are 46-11 in those starts.
Hyun-Jin Ryu leads the team and is tied for the major league lead with 16 quality starts. Clayton Kershaw threw his 14th quality start last night and Walker Buehler enters today with 11 quality starts.
The Dodgers have been trending upwards since the 2016 season in terms of quality starts.
The 2016 Dodgers had 60 quality starts after having 95 quality starts in 2015
The 2017 Dodgers had 68 quality starts and last season, the team had 79 quality starts.
Right now, the Dodgers are on pace to have 91 quality starts this season.
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Los Angeles Rams land two WR-QB tandems in Pro Football Focus Top 10 - Turf Show Times
But today’s focus is on their recent list of Top 10 active wide receiver-quarterback tandems in catchable target percentage. The Los Angeles Rams have not one, but two, WR-QB tandems on their list — and again, this is among all active players.
79.1% Catchable Target Percentage
Goff, the only quarterback to be listed with two separate receivers on this list, targeted Cooks 110 times, 87 of which were catchable balls (79.1%). Although the sample size is small relative to this group, the duo still managed to gain 1,204 yards on catchable passes, good enough for an average of 10.9 yards per attempt which exceeds all other duos on this list.
For the fourth straight season - and with this third different team - Cooks eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark in receiving. And the 1,204 yards marks the highest of his young career. I’m not certain why he can’t seem to find a home, but the Rams locked him up for five years last summer, so he and Goff can just continue to pick apart opposing defenses for several more years together. And that’s fine by me.
The next Rams’ WR-QB duo on PFF’s list...
84.9% Catchable Target Percentage
Since Kupp entered the league in 2017, he has done nothing but be the go-to slot receiver for Los Angeles as the Rams’ quarterback has had a 127.0 passer rating, 11 touchdowns and just two interceptions when targeting the young receiver with catchable passes. Although, they’re not the longest-tenured couple – Kupp’s 84.9 catchable pass percentage leads all qualifying duos
Kupp saw 50 targets in just eight games last year as a consequence of his season being cut short due to an ACL injury. The excitement is mounting for the Rams receiver’s return, and his name has even been circulating in Comeback Player of the Year discussions as we approach NFL Training Camp. Undoubtedly a challenge, although, that award may not be out of reach for Kupp. In one-and-a-half seasons Goff has targeted Kupp 139 times resulting in 118 catchable passes. If the L.A. duo continues at this rate, they could be one of the most in-sync duos in the entire league.
That’s right. Numero uno.
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Lakers offseason signings show progress from last year - Lakers Outsiders
For the first time since perhaps the 2009-2010 season, the Los Angeles Lakers are legitimate title contenders. LeBron James chose to come to LA for reasons that were perhaps larger than basketball, but he still chose the purple and gold and plays at an elite caliber, even as he approaches 35 years old.
The team traded high-level assets that they had been accumulating over the course of half a decade for a top-10 player in Anthony Davis. They are making smart free agency signings after striking out on Kawhi Leonard. For all intents and purposes, they are a team well built to make a deep playoff run.
However, so are about six other teams in the Western Conference, along with around three or four in the East that can make a huge splash in the postseason.
The last time that the NBA saw parity going into a season like this was after the first time that Michael Jordan retired. Over the course of a decade, it felt as if the same teams or players would make it to the finals every year and the storylines would be the same.
Now, the NBA enters unprecedented territory, something that will surely line the pockets of teams with ticket revenue and increased viewership.
How will the Lakers capitalize on a wide-open league? How can they attempt to shut the door on all other competition and reign supreme at the end of next season and host the Larry O’Brien trophy for the 17th time in franchise history?
Last season, the focus for the team was on playmakers and ball-handlers. This was a highly controversial strategy that ultimately did not pan out and led to James missing the playoffs for only the third time in his career and the first time since his second season. It’s unclear whether that strategy was put in place by general manager Rob Pelinka or former President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson, but it did not work whatsoever. This season, Pelinka went with a new strategy, a more effective one, with his free agent acquisitions: effective long-range shooters.
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Picking the NFL's best offenses at every personnel grouping
1 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs)
Why it works: With a tight end on the field, offenses can pick up an extra blocker on the line of scrimmage in pass protection while adding another gap to attack in the run game. Plus, tight ends with pass-game upside give offensive coordinators another weapon in the toolbox to complement the three wide receivers on the field.
The team that ran it most: The Los Angeles Rams logged 955 snaps out of 11 personnel last season, ranking first in total pass attempts (539) and rushes (384). This is a staple of coach Sean McVay's system, which features reduced sets -- wide receivers aligned inside of the numbers -- and pre-/post-snap misdirection to put defenders in constant conflict. And the play-action concepts are pretty slick.
The team that ran it best: The Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have to be mentioned here, as they led the league with 8.6 yards per pass attempt out of 11 personnel. But let's go with the Rams as the pick, as they dominated in this alignment, producing a league-high 6,319 yards, 51 total touchdowns and 348 first downs, while averaging 8.4 pass yards per attempt and 5.2 rushing yards per attempt. It's an offense that can create open throwing lanes off play-action, attack wide in the run game and create screen-game opportunities. Take a look at the play-pass concept below -- from NFL Next Gen Stats -- that highlights the use of the jet sweep and split-flow run to create an open window for quarterback Jared Goff to target wide receiver Brandin Cooks...
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Dodgers Week 15 review: Coasting to the break - True Blue LA
The Dodgers were rejuvenated once they returned home, but not even the friendly confines of Dodger Stadium could prevent a slide heading into the break.
A pair of walk-off wins against the Diamondbacks and a series-opening garden variety victory over the Padres gave the Dodgers momentum, but then three straight losses to San Diego gave the Dodgers a poor taste heading into the All-Star break.
But even with their first three-game losing streak at home, their first of the year, the club’s play at Dodger Stadium has fueled their march to the top of the standings. The three losses weren’t enough to wrestle the best record in baseball from the Dodgers, the only MLB team with 60 wins.
LA is 37-12 at home, three games better than any other team (the Astros, at 33-14, are second-best), and off to one of their best home starts in franchise history. Their current winning percentage at home (.755) trails only the mighty 1953 Brooklyn squad, who was an unreal 60-17 (.779) at Ebbets Field, and if we extend before the modern era, they also trail the 1899 Brooklyn Superbas, who were 61-16 (.792) at Washington Park. Through 49 home games, this year’s team trails only those two Brooklyn teams and the 2017 Dodgers.
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The Rolling Stones’ Setlist by the Numbers: What to Expect from the “No Filter Tour” | Consequence of Sound
A deep dive into the hits, rarities, and forgotten songs going into the band's latest US tour
The Rolling Stones recently rescheduled 17 dates from their “No Filter Tour” after previously postponing the shows due to Mick Jagger’s heart surgery. Now that he’s up and dancing again, the Stones are ready to hit the road, starting in Chicago, IL, on June 21st.
To celebrate the restart of this tour, we decided to take a deep dive into The Rolling Stones’ touring history. Ahead, we’ve highlighted which songs to expect, which ones you’re unlikely to hear, their go-to deep cuts, and several other fun facts.
So take note: though you may not get what you want, on this tour, you just might find you get what you need.
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Finally their year? Dodgers looking unstoppable
Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the greatness of these 2019 Dodgers. So let’s offer a toast to something that is as close to perfection as just about any team can achieve in Major League Baseball.
To review: the Dodgers reached the halfway mark of the season on Tuesday by winning for the 55th time with a 3-2 victory over the D-backs. This does not mean the Dodgers will win the World Series or that the Dodgers are headed for 110 wins.
It just means that for the past three months the Dodgers have been a work of art. Their plus-131 run differential is 21 more than any other team (Twins). They’ve got the deepest rotation. They’ve scored the second most runs in the National League.
If the season ended today, the Dodgers would have the NL MVP (Cody Bellinger), Cy Young Award winner (Hyun-Jin Ryu) and a legit Rookie of the Year candidate (Alex Verdugo). Dave Roberts would be the NL Manager of the Year for the second time in four seasons.
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Hernandez hits leadoff homer, Dodgers beat Diamondbacks 3-2
PHOENIX -- The Los Angeles Dodgers hit the halfway mark of their schedule with the most wins in the majors and matched the best midway mark in franchise history.
The season hasn't been perfect so far, but it's pretty close.
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Everything you need to know halfway through the MLB season
The Dodgers
The Los Angeles Dodgers begin the week with a 54-25 record, a 110-win pace (or 111, if you prefer to round up). That's not quite a record-breaking pace like they were on a couple of years ago, until they lost 16 of 17 late in the season; but this year's team might be even more impressive, given the overall depth of the National League.
Consider that in 2017, six NL teams lost 90-plus games, including the Giants (98) and Padres (91) in the NL West. This year, only the Marlins and Giants are on a 90-loss pace. Putting together this kind of record against a balanced league is a testament to the dominance of the 2019 Dodgers.
Here are the best records after 79 games over the past 10 seasons:
2018: Yankees, 53-26 (finished 100-62, lost in American League Division Series)
2017: Astros, 53-26 (finished 101-61, won World Series)
2016: Cubs/Rangers, 51-28 (Cubs finished 103-58 and won World Series; Rangers finished 95-67 and lost in ALDS)
2015: Cardinals, 51-28 (finished 100-62, lost in NL Division Series)
2014: Athletics, 49-30 (finished 88-74, lost wild-card game)
2013: Pirates, 49-30 (finished 94-68, lost in NLDS)
2012: Rangers, 50-29 (finished 93-69, lost wild-card game)
2011: Phillies, 49-30 (finished 102-60, lost in NLDS)
2010: Yankees, 48-31 (finished 95-67, lost in AL Championship Series)
2009: Dodgers, 50-29 (finished 95-67, lost in NL Championship Series)
So, 10 of the 11 teams played worse after their hot first half, although all 11 reached the playoffs. Barring a surreal turn of events, the Dodgers are going to win their seventh consecutive division title. And I predict they will break the L.A. franchise mark of 104 wins by the 2017 team -- and maybe even get to 110 wins. This team is that good -- even with a mediocre bullpen that ranks 11th in the majors in ERA and 24th in win probability added. With a better pen, we'd be looking at one of the best teams of all time.
Hyun-Jin Ryu's amazing start
The Dodgers are so dominant in large part because of their new ace. Hyun-Jin Ryu's stat line in this year of the long ball is like that pack of baseball cards in a Christmas stocking otherwise filled with coal: 9-1, 1.27 ERA, only six walks and seven home runs in 99 innings.
He has given up just one home run over his past 10 starts, a span of 71⅔ innings. He has allowed more than two runs just once all season and that came in his last start, and two of those were unearned. Since the mound was lowered in 1969, only 10 pitchers have finished with a first-half ERA below 1.50 with a minimum of 75 innings (and three of those guys were relievers). Not that anyone should expect him to maintain a 1.27 ERA, but Ryu's adjusted ERA+ (for park and league environment) of 335 would shatter the single-season record and top Pedro Martinez's modern mark of 291 in 2000 (when he had a 1.74 ERA versus a league ERA of 4.91). It has been a half-season for the ages.
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Is Dodgers handy man Cody Bellinger the best player in baseball?
After being benched in the World Series, Cody Bellinger now leads MLB in WAR and owns the lefties who once owned him. How's he done it? The Los Angeles Dodgers' All-Star wields five tools like a master craftsman.
Hitting for average
Bellinger is a true Triple Crown threat (.358, 24 homers, 60 RBIs) thanks to that huge improvement against left-handers -- he's hitting .359 with a 1.188 OPS against them (.226/.681 last year). He has cut his strikeout rate (14.8 percent) nearly in half from two seasons ago and bumped his contact rate (77.1 percent) to a career best. Oh, and he leads MLB with 6.2 WAR. If he accrues WAR at this pace, he'll finish with 13.3, within shouting distance of Babe Ruth's single-season record (14.1).
Hitting for power
Bellinger set a Dodgers record with 14 home runs through April. His homer rate (7.7 percent of his plate appearances end in round-trippers) is almost double the MLB average (4.1 percent). He's accomplishing all this because he's hitting everything squarely. If he maintains his line drive rate of 40.6 percent, it would be the best of anyone in the past decade. Figuring out how to hit lefties hasn't hurt either. He's gone deep 10 times in 92 at-bats against them. He had just six homers facing lefties in 2018.
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Andrew Whitworth, Rob Havenstein named top-5 tackle duo in NFL
One of the biggest reasons for the Los Angeles Rams’ sudden turnaround in the last two years has been the play of the offensive line. It’s gone from one of the worst units in football to arguably the best in 2018, winning Offensive Line of the Year last season.
Andrew Whitworth and Rob Havenstein are two elite offensive tackles and do an excellent job protecting Jared Goff from edge rushers, while also getting out in the open field and laying blocks for Todd Gurley.
Pro Football Focus ranked the top five offensive tackle tandems in the NFL and the pairing of Whitworth and Havenstein were slotted at No. 5.
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Max Muncy’s 2018 wasn’t a fluke - True Blue LA
He can hit and play defense at an All-Star level
One of the biggest questions surrounding the Dodgers coming into the 2019 season had to be that of Max Muncy and whether his 2018 was a fluke. This question being asked about Chris Taylor before the ‘18 season after his great 2017 campaign.
We’re more than two months into the season and Muncy is proving that his production last season was not fluky and appears to be quite sustainable.
Muncy ended the 2018 season with a .263/.391/.582 batting line with a 162 wRC+ and an eye-popping 5.2 fWAR. Not only that, he had an MLB-best .319 isolated power (minimum 450 plate appearances). On most teams, he’d have been the best player by a good margin, and while he led the Dodgers in WAR last season, I’m not sure how many would have claimed he was their best player.
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Rams’ Aaron Donald named ‘team-killer’ of all 3 NFC West rivals
As a team, the Los Angeles Rams have owned the NFC West the last two seasons. Individually, no team has dominated his division more than Aaron Donald has. He’s gotten the best of every Rams rival since coming into the NFL, wreaking havoc on a consistent basis each year.
He was recognized by Pro Football Focus, which put together a list of every team’s “team-killer” – or the player that has the highest overall grade against them since 2006. Donald was the pick for the Seahawks, the Cardinals and the 49ers, too. Essentially, he’s a “division-killer.”
Against the Cardinals, Donald owns an overall grade of 92.5. Against the 49ers, it’s slightly higher at 92.9. And finally, his 94.8 overall grade against the Seahawks is the highest of any player to face Seattle.
Not surprisingly, Donald’s best numbers are all against NFC West rivals. He has 10.5 career sacks against the Seahawks, 9.5 against Arizona and 8.0 against San Francisco, all of which are higher than any other team he’s faced.
Here’s what PFF wrote about Donald’s grades against each of the NFC West teams.
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How great is Anthony Davis? He’s in a class with Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and Kobe - Los Angeles Times
Anthony Davis will soon be the Lakers’ next superstar big man after New Orleans agreed to a trade Saturday that will ship three young Lakers and three first-round draft picks to the Pelicans.
A look at the career highlights of the six-time all-star and three-time all-NBA player who played seven seasons in New Orleans.
— First overall draft pick in 2012 draft.
— NBA All-Rookie team (2013).
— All-NBA first team (2015, 2017, 2018).
— NBA All-Defensive first team (2018), second team (2015, 2017).
— Career averages for 466 games: 23.7 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.4 blocks, 1.4 steals.
— From Dec. 1, 2018, to Jan. 2, 2019, he had 331 points and 157 rebounds to become the first player since Shaquille O’Neal in 1994 to have at least 325 points and 150 rebounds in a 10-game span within a single season.
— Became the first player with nine games of at least 45 points and 15 rebounds in his career since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976 with a 48-point, 17-rebound effort on Dec. 28, 2018, in a 114-112 win over Dallas.
— Set franchise playoff record with 47 points in a win over Portland on April 21, 2018. It was the most points scored in a series-clinching win since Kobe Bryant’s 48 points in 2001 versus Sacramento.
— Recorded his first career triple-double with 24 points, 11 rebounds and a franchise-record 10 blocks against Utah on March 11, 2018.
— Became the first player in history with 53 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots in a game versus Phoenix on Feb. 26, 2018.
— Joined Bob McAdoo as the only player in history with at least 40 points, 15 rebounds and five steals in back-to-back games when he had 44 points, 17 rebounds and six steals in a double overtime win at Brooklyn on Feb. 10, 2018.
— Became the only player since 1983 to have 40 points, 18 rebounds and three blocked shots in less than 30 minutes during a game against the New York Knicks on Jan. 9, 2017.
— Had 45 points and 17 rebounds against Golden State on Oct. 28, 2016, making him the third player in the last 40 years to record back-to-back games with at least 45 points and 15 rebounds, joining Charles Barkley (1988) and Moses Malone (1982).
— Became the first player in history with 50 points, 15 rebounds, five assists, four blocked shots and five steals in a loss to Denver on Oct. 26, 2016.
— Set a franchise record for points in a game with 59 in a win at Detroit on Feb. 21, 2016, becoming the youngest player in history with that many points. Became the third player with 59 points and 20 rebounds in a game, joining Wilt Chamberlain (four times) and Shaq (2001).
— On Dec. 27, 2014, he played in his hometown of Chicago for the first time and had 29 points, 11 rebounds and six blocked shots in a 107-100 loss to the Bulls.
— Joined McAdoo, Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only players to average at least 31 points, 11 rebounds, two assists and 1.3 steals in the first four playoff games during a 2015 playoff series against Golden State.
Sources: NBA.com, basketball.reference.com
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Rob Havenstein was NFL’s best run-blocking tackle in 2018
Somewhat surprisingly, the Los Angeles Rams gave Rob Havenstein a four-year, $32.5 million extension last August just before the start of the season. He was entering the final year of his rookie deal, but he didn’t look like the third-best right tackle in the NFL, which is exactly what his new contract paid him to be.
After seeing him dominate in 2018, the $32.5 million deal now looks like a bargain. He was outstanding at right tackle last season, particularly in the running game where he was frequently a lead blocker for Todd Gurley.
In fact, there wasn’t a better run-blocking tackle in the league last year than Havenstein. According to Pro Football Focus, Havenstein had a run-blocking success rate of 12.7 percent in 2018, which was the best of any offensive tackle – left or right.
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Key PFF stats to know about the Rams
The Los Angeles Rams are gearing up for their third season under Sean McVay and hope to continue their streak of improving each year. Of course, bettering their 2018 season will require a Super Bowl title after they lost to the Patriots in February, but with the roster they have, that wouldn’t be the least bit surprising.
They just wrapped up their second week of organized team activities and have one more week of practices left before sessions become mandatory. Minicamp begins on June 11 before the break for summer ahead of training camp.
To gear you up for the coming months and eventually the regular season, we’ve compiled some stats and notes from Pro Football Focus about the Rams.
Brandin Cooks dominates intermediate routes
Cooks loves to run dig routes and intermediate crossers, and for good reason. He’s arguably the best in that area of the field and Jared Goff found him consistently on those patterns.
Rams littered with above-average starters
There are quality starters at every level of the roster, and the above graphic doesn’t even include Todd Gurley (77.4 overall grade) or Cooper Kupp, who missed eight games in 2018.
Robert Woods was L.A.’s best WR in 2018
Woods may not be the flashiest or well-known receivers in the game, but he’s Mr. Reliable for Los Angeles.
Rams’ coverage was better than many thought
Surprisingly, the Rams earned the fourth-best coverage grade in the NFL last season despite ranking 14th in passing yards allowed.
David Long is an underrated asset at CB
Long won’t get much playing time as a rookie, but he was a true lockdown corner in college.
Alex Bachman is a sleeper as a deep threat
While the Rams have Cooks as a deep threat, Bachman is a speedster who could impress coaches this offseason.
football  rams  statistics 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
Jared Goff is one of five QBs in NFL history with these stats
Jared Goff isn’t widely viewed as an elite quarterback, especially after a shaky second half of the 2018 season. He struggled after the Rams’ Week 11 bye, particularly against the Bears and Patriots.
Yet, he’s a two-time Pro Bowler and helped lead the Rams to the Super Bowl in just his third season. His career numbers are pulled down a bit by his rookie year, but otherwise, they look like the stats of a top quarterback.
To put it into perspective, check out this stat from Benjamin Allbright. Goff is one of only five quarterbacks in NFL history with a touchdown rate over 5% and an interception percentage below 2.5% (min. 1,000 pass attempts).
If you widen the scope and reduce the minimum pass attempts to 500, only two other quarterbacks join the list: Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Mahomes’ touchdown percentage is a mind-boggling 8.1%, while Watson’s is 6.3%. Goff’s is 5.2% with a touchdown rate of 2.09%.
If you exclude Goff’s rookie season, his touchdown percentage is 5.8% and his interception rate is 1.8%, which would be the second-lowest of the group.
Goff may not get the recognition of being a top-tier quarterback, but his numbers the last two seasons suggest he’s performed well above average. Granted, there are other factors that go into it, like his frequent fumbles, struggles against great defenses and the weapons that he has around him – Sean McVay’s mind, included – but Goff is clearly one of the better quarterbacks in the game today.
football  rams  goff  statistics  ranking 
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Dodgers Week 10 reviews: Will Smith debuts, LA romps - True Blue LA
Pitcher of the week
This may come as a shock to you, but for the fifth time in 10 weeks Hyun-jin Ryu takes top honors as the best pitcher on the team. Ryu was magnificent yet again with his 7⅔ scoreless innings against the Mets on Thursday, lowering his season ERA to a paltry 1.48.
Ryu leads the majors in ERA, ERA+ (284), walk rate (1.9%) and strikeout-to-walk ratio (13.80), and is second in innings per start (6.64). He leads the National League in both wins (8) and WHIP (0.808).
Rich Hill gets special mention for a spectacular week of his own. He allowed two runs in 13 innings over his two starts, including seven scoreless innings in a win on Sunday.
baseball  dodgers  ryu  statistics 
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Four reasons why Dodgers' Cody Bellinger could be MLB's first .400 hitter since Ted Williams - CBSSports.com
We haven't seen anyone hit .400 since Ted Williams in 1941
Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers has been the best player in baseball in 2019 and it's not really even close. He has the potential to do a lot of special things this season if he maintains a pace even close to this. We'll focus on an old-school throwback here in a second, but let's go through the breadth of his greatness so far. 
Bellinger has 4.6 WAR on baseball-reference.com. No other player has more than 3.3 and no other position player has more than 3.1 (not surprisingly, that's Mike Trout). Keep in mind this is through 46 games. All of last season, only 23 position players had at least 4.6 WAR. That's where Bellinger is right now! Amazing.
Cody Bellinger
LAD • RF • 35
Bellinger leads the majors with 42 runs, 46 hits, 44 RBI, a .405 batting average, a .485 on-base percentage and a .791 slugging percentage. He also leads in total bases. His OPS+ is 238 (also leading the majors), roughly meaning he's been 138 percent better than a league average hitter. He's also second in home runs, fifth in the NL in steals, 10th in the NL in walks, second in extra-base hits and first in times on base. 
It's just absurd how good he's been. 
Let's circle back to batting average, though. 
baseball  dodgers  bellinger  statistics 
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Alex Verdugo proving to be better than advertised - True Blue LA
Power and contact numbers put him in rare company
We all knew Alex Verdugo was kinda good. I ranked him as the top prospect in the organization coming into the season, as did David Hood and a number of other prospect sites. But what he has done through his first, roughly, 100 plate appearances is impressive and he’s in uncharted territory for Dodger hitters of recent memory.
Most surprising has been his power. Verdugo has a .232 isolated slugging percentage (ISO), which is almost 60 points better than league average for this season. His career-best in the minors — not counting rookie ball — was .143, which he established last season with Oklahoma City. He already has four home runs, five doubles and two triples. More than a third of his hits have gone for extra bases, which hasn’t been his MO. But with the Dodgers’ hitting philosophy through the minors and now in the majors, Verdugo is falling into line by cutting his ground ball rate from 51.9 percent with OKC last season to 43.8 percent with LA this season.
baseball  dodgers  statistics 
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MLB Umpires Missed 34,294 Pitch Calls in 2018. Time for Robo-umps? | BU Today | Boston University
After studying four million game pitches, BU researcher suggests how to fix a broken baseball system
This article is based on 11 seasons of Major League Baseball data, almost 4 million pitches culled and analyzed over two months by Boston University Master Lecturer Mark T. Williams and a team of graduate students at the Questrom School of Business experienced in data mining, analytics, and statistics.
Baseball is here, another season of amazing catches, overpowering pitching, tape-measure home runs, overpriced beers, and, yes, television replays of every missed call by umpires, revealed in painful, high-definition slow motion.
It’s time for Major League Baseball to put an end to the agony caused by at least some of those blown calls—the balls and strikes.
Each season, MLB home plate umpires make tens of thousands of incorrect calls (read on for evidence backing up that assertion). These controllable errors impact players, managers, batters, pitchers, performance statistics, game outcomes, and even the big business of fantasy baseball. They shorten careers and diminish fan experience. Pace of play is also impeded.
In 2018, umpires made 34,294 incorrect ball and strike calls. That’s 14 per game.
But throughout its history, MLB has protected its error-prone umpires, resisted adopting strong performance measurements, and not taken advantage of available technology that could better the game. At a time of autonomous cars and machine learning, MLB needs to embrace useful change.
The duty of an umpire is complex: get the split-second call right. It is a mentally and physically demanding job. For 2018, there were 89 MLB umpires, all of them with a profile of male, average age of 46 and 13 years of experience. Each season, umpires individually participate in an average of 112 games, one fourth of them (28) from behind home plate, calling about 4,200 pitches. A crew of four umpires is assigned for each game, assuming one of four designated field positions (except for the World Series, when seven umps are used).
baseball  statistics  analytics  technology 
may 2019 by rgl7194
Just How Hot Has Cody Bellinger Been? | FanGraphs Baseball
By now, most baseball fans are probably aware of Cody Bellinger’s start to the 2019 season. Through 31 games and 132 plate appearances, Bellinger has put up an almost-immortal .431/.508/.890 slash line, with a 256 wRC+, swatting 14 home runs, drawing 19 walks and striking out just 15 times.
He’s leading baseball in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, wOBA, wRC+, home runs, RBI, and runs scored. (He’s even stolen five bases so far this year, good for 15th.) As the calendar has now officially turned, Bellinger has tied the record for most home runs before May 1, and has set the record for most RBI before May 1.
Now, this season, baseball’s March 28 Opening Day was the earliest that it has been in history, giving Bellinger (and, Christian Yelich, who also tied the home run record) a few more games than their historical counterparts to set these marks. And, as we know, more games equals more opportunities to pad one’s numbers, especially counting stats like home runs and RBIs.
(Warning: I’m about to talk some about RBI. I also know that RBI isn’t an especially illuminating stat. I am writing about this for historical sake, so just bear with me.)
Consider this: Bellinger set his RBI record on April 29, his 30th game of the season. Mark McGwire and Juan Gonzalez — who previously shared the RBI-prior-to-May-1 record with 36, each doing so in 1998 — had only played 25 and 24 games, respectively, upon reaching that pinnacle.
Just how hot has Cody Bellinger been? We probably have some idea as to the answer, but let’s go ahead and put his first 30 games in true historical perspective to be absolutely certain.
baseball  dodgers  bellinger  record  statistics  analytics 
may 2019 by rgl7194
The most feared lineups in baseball
Scariest Lineup the Rest of the Way: Los Angeles Dodgers (6.28 runs per game)
The Dodgers blasted a record eight home runs on Opening Day and scored 29 runs in a three-game sweep at Coors Field, but then they lost six in a row to the Cardinals and Brewers, erasing their air of invincibility. The Dodgers hit 235 home runs last season, third-most in National League history, and the early returns suggest they can break the 2000 Astros' National League record of 249.
Cody Bellinger has been an absolute monster, hitting .433/.513/.925 with nine home runs through 18 games. The scary development for opposing pitchers is Bellinger has more walks than strikeouts and has cut his K rate from 23.9 percent to 11.5 percent. Note that strikeout and walk rates stabilize much earlier than other statistics for hitters, so if Bellinger's strikeout rate is going to take a big dip, that means more balls in player and a higher average than his .260 mark from last year. He was hit in the knee with a pitch Monday and left the game, but X-rays were negative and he should be back in the lineup Wednesday.
Can the Dodgers score six runs per game for an entire season? Unlikely. Since the extreme rabbit-ball season of 1930, the only NL team to do that was the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers, who averaged 6.16 runs per game. Only three other NL teams have averaged 5.75 runs per game -- the aforementioned 2000 Astros and two teams that played in Coors Field. Still, with Max Muncy looking like 2018 wasn't a complete fluke, Joc Pederson locked in, Enrique Hernandez thriving in an everyday role and Austin Barnes hitting well so far, the lineup goes eight deep -- and Corey Seager, Justin Turner and A.J. Pollock haven't even done much yet (just three home runs combined).
baseball  dodgers  statistics  bellinger 
april 2019 by rgl7194
Rams’ Aaron Donald gets custom Nike cleats with 2018 stats on them
Aaron Donald is arguably the most dominant player on the planet, having won Defensive Player of the Year in each of the last two seasons. Last year, he set the NFL record for sacks by a defensive tackle (20.5), also breaking the single-season franchise record.
He’s received countless pieces of hardware for his play on the field, from the two aforementioned trophies to Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2014. On Monday, he got another piece of memorabilia to commemorate his 2018 season, though not the traditional kind.
Nike sent Donald a pair of custom cleats for winning Defensive Player of the Year, and on both the box and the shoes are his stats from last season.
football  rams  AD99  footwear  statistics 
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Bellinger is the top performer in Dodgers’ opening series - True Blue LA
We’re highlighting a player who made the biggest impact in the series against the D-Backs.
The Los Angeles Dodgers had a lot of top-tier performances in the Opening Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.
There was a lot to take in: eight home runs on Opening Day, a 13-inning-long game, 18 runs scored and a comeback win - it was hard to choose just one person to highlight. But alas, it has been decided.
The top performer of the Dodgers’ first series of the season is Cody Bellinger.
Bellinger is having a remarkable start and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. In series No. 1 for the Dodgers, Bellinger leads the team in hits, home runs, RBIs and stolen bases. In 20 at bats, he has some impressive stats.
7 R 10 H 4 HR 8 RBI 1 SB .500 AVG .524 OBP 1.100 SLG 1.724 OPS
Manager Dave Roberts said Bellinger’s success is credited to his preparation.
“Right now with the mechanics and the approach, the mental clarity, the compete - all that stuff he’s doing right now, it doesn’t really matter who’s pitching,” Roberts said. “You just feel when he’s in the box, he’s going to get a hit [or] something good is going to happen.”
baseball  dodgers  bellinger  statistics 
april 2019 by rgl7194
Mike Trout Is A $430 Million Bargain | FiveThirtyEight
Now it’s up to the Angels to finally build a winner around him.
As reported by ESPN’s Jeff Passan on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Angels are closing in on a 12-year contract extension worth at least $430 million with outfielder Mike Trout, setting the all-time mark for both the largest contract (passing Bryce Harper’s $330 million deal from a few weeks ago) and the greatest average annual contract value in baseball history. Trout is a longtime object of fascination for us here at FiveThirtyEight; we’ve frequently extolled his virtues as baseball’s best and most consistent star. Now he has the record-breaking contract to match his talent — but one that might still represent a big bargain for the Angels. And the deal’s long-term nature only renews questions about Trout’s ability to win in L.A., as well as his potential to break through as a star off the field.
At first glance, about $36 million per year seems like a tremendous deal for the Angels. According to FanGraphs’ estimated market values based on wins above replacement (WAR), a player with Trout’s 2018 production should have been worth about $79 million last season. That’s nothing new for Trout: FanGraphs estimates that he was worth $55 million (in 70 percent of a full season) in 2017, $78 million in 2016 and $74 million in 2016. So if Trout continues his recent pace, the Angels will basically be paying him half of what he’d be worth on the open market over the next few seasons.
Of course, Trout is also 27 this year, traditionally the age at which baseball players peak. Trout’s new deal will take him through 2030, his age-38 season. Even though no player in baseball history has posted more career WAR through their age-26 season than Trout,1 it’s probably safe to assume that Trout won’t continue to be a 10-WAR-per-season machine throughout the entire life of this contract.
The old saying that “Father Time is undefeated” remains true — perhaps truer now than ever. And even star-level players peak more quickly than you might expect. While Willie Mays and Hank Aaron were superstars late into their careers, other outfielders similar to Trout — such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Andruw Jones — fell off a performance cliff after age 30 and never recovered.
baseball  money  business  538  statistics 
march 2019 by rgl7194
The Lakers Badly Miss Lonzo Ball, Flaws and All, but Do They Want Him to Stay? | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
LOS ANGELES — The Lakers season is winding down, well short of their playoff goal. It wasn't supposed to be this way at 31-38, not with LeBron James in town and a roster filled with young players poised for stardom.
Injuries and chemistry took care of those hopes. And while the season at hand was the greatest loss, right behind it was the development those young players were supposed to make with James. Few lost more than second-year point guard Lonzo Ball, sidelined since he suffered an ankle injury in a Jan. 19 loss to Houston and ruled out for the rest of the season.
On the court, Ball needed time to adjust to playing alongside a superstar like James. Gradually, though, the two began to build a rapport, with Ball proving to be a willing and active screener to help James get open lanes to the basket. The 2017 No. 2 overall pick made his biggest mark defensively, with relentless activity, great hands and sharp instincts.
"He's an impact player on that side of the ball," a Western Conference executive said. "I'm surprised he's that good defensively. Coming out of UCLA, that was a question."
In the 34 games Ball and James played together this season, the Lakers won 20, per NBA.com. That's a 58.8 winning percentage, which projects to 40-ish wins through 69 games played. It would put the Lakers in range of the Houston Rockets (43-26), Portland Trail Blazers (42-26) and Oklahoma City Thunder (42-27), fighting for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.
Over that stretch, whenever James and Ball shared the court, the Lakers had an offensive net rating of 105.8 points per 100 possessions, a positive 3.1 with the team's 102.7 defensive rating. In comparison, the tandem of veteran point guard Rajon Rondo and James has an offensive rating of 101.4, a defensive rating of 108 and a minus-6.6 net rating.
lakers  basketball  lonzo  statistics 
march 2019 by rgl7194
PFF analytics show us what we already know: Brandin Cooks is elite - Turf Show Times
We knew that Cooks was an outstanding WR, PFF shows us that he is elite - and versatile
Any reasonable NFL fan can recognize that Los Angeles Rams WR Brandin Cooks is a very, very talented player. It led many to question why the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots traded Cooks in successive offseasons.
One mans trash is another’s treasure though, and the Rams jumped at the opportunity to acquire a player the caliber of Cooks. Sean McVay has been able to take Cooks’ talents and integrate them seamlessly into his offense to elevate his already remarkable production.
Last Season, #Rams Tyler Higbee ranked 1st in Quick Outs with a Receiving Rating of 143.3, and Brandin Cooks ranked 2nd in Screens, Post routes, and T-1st in Corner Routes
Check out #PFF's Route-Rating Breakdown for all Receiving positions & routes:https://t.co/RcvCCUefap
— PFF LA Rams (@PFF_Rams) March 18, 2019
Some of these stats can be misleading as you need at least 10 targets with any one route to qualify, but Cooks placing in the top two of three different categories is astounding. It shows that he has the explosiveness to make plays downfield as well as the quickness to be effective in the screen game.
football  rams  cooks  statistics  twitter 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Brandin Cooks was among league leaders on these 3 routes in 2018
Brandin Cooks continued his consistent ways in 2018, posting his fourth straight season with at least 65 catches and 1,000 yards. It was his first of many years with the Los Angeles Rams, meeting (and exceeding) just about every expectation he faced when he was traded by the Patriots.
Jared Goff targeted Cooks frequently throughout the season, throwing 117 passes his way. More often than not, Cooks came down with receptions, producing an excellent passer rating for Goff.
According to Pro Football Focus, Cooks thrived on three particular routes: corners, posts and screens. On corner routes, he produced a perfect passer rating of 158.3, which was tied for Austin Hooper for the best in the NFL.
On post routes, Cooks’ rating was 143.9, second only behind Jordy Nelson (155.8). With his speed, he was able to get behind the defense and break open for Goff on several occasions. His quickness was also deadly on screen passes, which he produced a rating of 127.4 on – second in the NFL behind Christian Kirk (136.7).
football  rams  cooks  statistics 
march 2019 by rgl7194
The best QB duels of the 2018 season | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus
This shootout between the veteran Drew Brees and the third-year Jared Goff delivered one of the best QB battles of the season. The spoils ultimately ended up with the Saints after a 45-35 victory, but the 80-point thriller was a fascinating watch, as two of the league’s best-coached passing attacks battled it out. Drew Brees was spectacular on the night, as was his work targeting the intermediate to deep areas of the field, as he completed 9-of-13 attempts for 210 yards, two touchdowns, and not a single turnover-worthy throw when targeting players at least 10 yards downfield.
Goff, on the other hand, carved up the Saints’ defense with the play-action passing game; he completed 11-of-13 play-action attempts for 183 yards, two touchdowns and a perfect passer rating of 158.3 on the night.
This TNF aerial assault featured some of the best deep passing of any game this year. Combined, Kirk Cousins and Jared Goff completed 9-of-10 deep passes for 295 yards and a staggering seven touchdowns. Where Goff was able to separate from Cousins was his play when not blitzed. When facing four-or-fewer-man rushes, Goff completed 17-of-18 targeted passed for 301 yards and five touchdowns, which produced an exceptional passing grade of 98.1 – the best single-game mark by a quarterback with at least 10 dropbacks against the four-or-fewer-man rush.
football  rams  goff  statistics  review 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Stats show Eric Weddle is still one of the best safeties in the NFL
Rather than spending big money on a safety like Earl Thomas or using a first-round pick on one, the Los Angeles Rams filled the void expected to be left by Lamarcus Joyner in a more affordable way Friday. They signed veteran Eric Weddle to a two-year deal worth up to $12.5 million with only $5.25 million guaranteed.
It’s a very affordable contract for a team that doesn’t have an abundance of cap space in 2019. Weddle, 34, said in January that he would retire if the Ravens cut him – which they did this week – but he changed his tune and is returning for at least one more year.
Given his age and the fact that the Ravens released him, many are wondering if Weddle can still play. He’s been in the league for a dozen years and at 34, there’s no way he can still be as good as he was in 2011 when he was a first-team All-Pro, right?
Not exactly, but he’s still one of the best safeties in the league and the numbers are there to prove it. Take a look at his career grades from Pro Football Focus and notice the consistency he’s shown from 2007 to now. His regular-season grade of 77.9 was his second-best of the last four years.
football  rams  statistics  twitter 
march 2019 by rgl7194
ESPN social reacts to LeBron passing Michael Jordan
LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the NBA's all-time scoring list Wednesday night, moving into fourth place overall. Here's how ESPN social covered one of the biggest moments in the NBA this season.
It's important to get fans hyped for such a stellar moment.
The moment itself, plus LeBron's emotional reaction.
Dave McMenamin captured what it looked like from a fan's perspective.
Here's how we celebrated the moment.
The Lakers gave props to LeBron on the big board.
He even got a chain from 2 Chainz.
Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson couldn't let the moment go without ribbing their former teammate.
The students at LeBron's I Promise School were thrilled.
LeBron paid tribute to MJ on his sneakers ...
... and later thanked him for everything.
Here's how the two legends stack up now that LeBron has passed one of his role models.
Even though LeBron took Jordan's place on the NBA's scoring Mt. Rushmore ...
... in the end, he's still a kid from Akron.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  history  twitter 
march 2019 by rgl7194
LeBron James, overcome with emotion from passing Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list, wants to inspire kids like MJ inspired him - Silver Screen and Roll
LeBron James dreamed about following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan for his entire childhood. On Wednesday night, the Lakers star did just that.
When LeBron James was a kid, he and his friends would walk the streets of Akron, Ohio singing as they went. As they trekked through the rain or snow to play basketball on outdoor courts, they would often find themselves crooning a familiar jingle to anyone who watched the NBA during the Hall of Fame career of Michael Jordan.
Sometimes I dream
That he is me
You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be
I dream I move, I dream I groove
Like Mike
If I could Be Like Mike
Decades later, long after the first time James donned Jordan’s signature No. 23 jersey for the first time on his fifth grade AAU team, he passed Jordan in scoring, moving into fourth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list with 31 points in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  history 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Lakers vs. Nuggets Final Score: L.A. can’t close out as LeBron James passes Michael Jordan on NBA all-time scoring list - Silver Screen and Roll
LeBron James made some history and the Lakers made a spirited comeback attempt, but they couldn’t get a win over the Nuggets
Despite a spirited fourth quarter run from an unlikely supporting cast, the Los Angeles Lakers were unable to make the most out of what was a historic night for LeBron James.
On Wednesday against the Denver Nuggets, James moved past Jordan to take the fourth spot on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. All James needed was 13 points, but he ended the night with a game-high 31 points to go along with 7 rebounds and 7 assists.
Up next on the all-time scoring list is Kobe Bryant, who James will likely pass while wearing a Lakers uniform. I’m sure Lakers fans will have a very calm and positive reaction when that happens.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  history 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Watch: LeBron James passes Michael Jordan for fourth place in all-time scoring - Lakers Outsiders
The 2018-19 NBA season has been a disappointing one for the Los Angeles Lakers. While it started with much fanfare, the basketball has not matched that level of excitement. Between injuries, roster construction and outside distractions, the Lakers are almost certainly out of the playoff race, a colossal failure after massive preseason expectations.
Despite the disappointment, however, the Lakers are still in an enviable position, mainly due to the fact that they still employ one LeBron James.
James’ injuries and defense left a sour taste in the mouths of Lakers fans but the superstar is still the best player in the world at full strength. On Wednesday, he reminded everyone of his position on the Mount Rushmore of NBA stars.
In the second quarter of the Lakers’ matchup against the Denver Nuggets, James reached 32,293 points for his career, surpassing Michael Jordan for fourth all-time in scoring.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  video  history 
march 2019 by rgl7194
LeBron -- Passing MJ ranks up there with title wins
LOS ANGELES -- LeBron James says his first encounter with Michael Jordan was like meeting God. Now, he is a spot above him in the scoring heavens. James passed Jordan on Wednesday night to move into fourth place on the NBA's all-time points list.
Entering the Lakers' game against the Denver Nuggets trailing Jordan by 12 points, James tied Jordan at 32,292 career points with a fadeaway 19-footer midway through the second quarter, then passed him with an and-1 layup at the 5:38 mark.
James sank the free throw to complete the three-point play and went on to finish the game with 31 points, putting him at 32,311 for his career. The Lakers lost 115-99.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  history 
march 2019 by rgl7194
LeBron passes Jordan: NBA player reaction, shot chart and highlights
LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on Wednesday night on the NBA's all-time scoring list. James moved into fourth place with 32,311 points for his career, trailing leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387). Kobe Bryant currently sits in third place at 33,643; Karl Malone (36,928) is second.
James scored his 13th, 14th and 15th points against the Denver Nuggets on a drive to the basket, collecting an and-1.
Prior to the game, James shared his excitement on social media.
basketball  lakers  lebron  statistics  history 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Aaron Donald powered his way to the best single-game grade by a DI in 2018 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus
Picking out the NFL’s best interior defensive lineman might be the easiest of positions to perform such a task. It comes as no surprise, then, that Los Angeles Rams interior defender Aaron Donald earned the highest game grade at the position — a feat he accomplished in Week 7 against the San Francisco 49ers.
From the box score, Donald’s four sacks en route to a 95.4 overall grade immediately jump out, but the dominant anchor inside contributed in other ways as well. For starters, his 46 snaps against the 49ers were the second-fewest total he played in a contest all year, making his stat line even more impressive.
Donald worked his way to seven stops (tackles which constitute a “win” for the defense) against the 49ers, a season-high mark, and it was his work against the ground game where he made sure his muscular 280-pound frame was felt. When Donald made first contact on running plays — something he did a respectable four times in Week 7 — he allowed just 0.75 yards after contact. Simply put, if Donald got to the ball carrier, he wasn’t going anywhere.
football  rams  AD99  statistics  grade 
march 2019 by rgl7194
#EastCoastBias: Why Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Quick is Still Underrated - Jewels From The Crown
The rumor mill says that Jonathan Quick may be on the move this summer. No matter what happens, he’ll always be the most important goalie the Kings have ever had.
Resume: 11 years, 9 quality … Conn Smythe (’12 Kings)… Jennings Trophy 2 times (’14, ’18) … Top 5 Vezina 3 times (’12, ’’14, ‘16) … Top 10 (’11, 15, 18) … 5-year peak/average per season: 30 W, 19 L, 7 OTL, .916 SV %, 2.19 GAA, 6 SO … ‘12 Playoffs: 16 W, 4 L, .946 SV %, 1.41 GAA, 3 SO, 4-0 in Overtime … Top 5 Hart Trophy 1 time (’12) … best player on 1 champ (’12 Kings) … 2 Stanley Cups (’12, ’14) …
Lately I’ve been a little obsessed (well, maybe a bit more than usual) about the Los Angeles Kings, Jonathan Quick and the rumors the team will trade their best goalie ever for draft picks and other assets...
...And that’s how it is for Jonathan Quick. He’s always the best penalty killer on the ice, brings his fire every game, and always gives a damn. He’s the goalie you want in net when it really matters for one reason only: at his peak, Quick guaranteed you a title run.
If he’s on a team (the Kings or a new team come next year) that can figure out a way to score at the league average and make the playoffs, most will discover that he’s still at this peak.
hockey  kings  quick  statistics 
march 2019 by rgl7194
Super Bowl LIII: PFF’s highest-graded Rams on offense, defense
Super Bowl LIII wasn’t a complete disaster for the Los Angeles Rams, but it obviously wasn’t a success, either. The offense was especially bad, scoring a paltry three points and punting on eight straight possessions to start the game.
The defense stepped up in a big way by allowing just 13 points to Tom Brady and the Patriots, but Jared Goff’s unit couldn’t get anything going from start to finish. It wasn’t all bad as there were some strong performances by players on both sides of the ball.
Pro Football Focus handed out grades for the top five Rams in the Super Bowl, led by Brandin Cooks and his eight catches for 120 yards. No one else on offense received a grade higher than 70, which just goes to show how much they struggled on that side of the ball.
football  rams  superbowl  grade  statistics  cooks  gurley  AD99 
february 2019 by rgl7194
The Secret To The Rams’ Blocking Success Isn’t The Linemen. It’s Sean McVay. | FiveThirtyEight
Todd Gurley began the 2018 season on fire, accumulating yards and scoring touchdowns at a historic pace. Despite missing the final two games of the season, the second-highest-paid running back in the NFL led the league in rushing touchdowns and finished fourth in yards from scrimmage. And yet, Gurley may start Super Bowl LIII as a backup. Since returning from injury, the Rams star has been outplayed by fill-in journeyman running back C.J. Anderson, who has more or less relegated Gurley to a change-of-pace role.
How is this even possible? How can a player go from being the league’s premier running back to backing up a guy who was cut by the Denver Broncos in May, the Carolina Panthers in November and the Oakland Raiders in December? We’ve seen backup running backs fill in admirably before — when the Chiefs released star RB Kareem Hunt this season, Damien Williams was just as, if not more, productive1 — but it’s hard to remember it happening to a back as seemingly indispensable as Gurley, let alone on a stage as big as the Rams are on now.
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FiveThirtyEight: Secret to Rams dominant OL is Sean McVay - Turf Show Times
The Los Angeles Rams have a dominant offensive line and the performance shouldn’t be solely credited to the personnel but the mastermind behind the scheme.
The Los Angeles Rams are in the Super Bowl. Armed with a strong rushing attack led by Todd Gurley for the majority of the season, Gurley led the league in rushing touchdowns while finishing fourth in yards from scrimmage. These gaudy stats were despite Gurley missing the final two games of the season.
With the nagging injury (that no one wants to admit to), Gurley actually doesn’t even lead the Rams in rushing for the postseason. That would go to NFL journeyman, C.J. Anderson. Anderson has been spectacular after being signed off the street.
The secret to the Rams' blocking success isn’t the linemen.
It's Sean McVay. https://t.co/W7crRLo7Lb
— FiveThirtyEight (@FiveThirtyEight) January 31, 2019
According to FiveThirtyEight, the secret to the Rams continued dominance isn’t solely that the offensive line is just that good, it’s that Sean McVay has schemed an attack that has truly maximized the talents of the team.
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Jared Goff Needs To Play Better | FiveThirtyEight
Most quarterbacks drive the bus to the Super Bowl. Their play is so sharp that it’s a major factor in their team’s advance through the postseason. A few, however, are merely passengers on the bus.
Based on his performance so far in the playoffs, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who will face off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday, may be a part of this second group. This is strange considering all that Goff accomplished in the regular season: He was top five in the league in yards per attempt and top 10 in passer rating, threw 32 touchdowns to 12 interceptions, was named to the Pro Bowl for a second straight year and was even a leading MVP candidate. But that Goff was absent from the divisional and championship rounds of the playoffs.
Through the first three rounds of the playoffs, Goff’s overall performance as measured by Total Quarterback Rating is 62.8, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group.1 Among the 26 postseason performances by quarterbacks who have played in the Super Bowl since February 2007 (including Brady’s 2018 postseason to date), Goff’s ranks 20th. That’s more than 10 points worse than the average Super Bowl quarterback over the same span (73.7). And it’s nearly 23 points short of Brady’s current postseason performance, the best of his six seasons in the sample.
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Daring Fireball: NHL Develops iPad App to Give Coaches Live Stats During Games
Greg Wyshynski, reporting for ESPN:
“There are two stat types across the board that every coaching staff said that, without question, helped them make in-game moment decisions: Time on ice and faceoffs,” Foster said. “With time on ice, you want to manage your top players to make sure they have gas in the tank at the end of the game, or if they’re coming back from an injury.”
For both ice time and faceoffs, the app offers something that the coaches uniformly requested from the NHL: easy-to-read displays. Faceoff success or failure is depicted as a series of green circles with check marks or red circles with X’s, and faceoff percentages can be broken down by where they were held and against whom.
This app with live stats replaces paper printouts, which team staffers would scamper to get into coaches’ hands as quickly as possible.
Interesting contrast, too, to Major League Baseball, which has had iPads in the dugout since 2016, but which expressly forbids those iPads from being online. Whatever stats are on those iPads at the start of the game are the only stats available during the game. This NHL system is all completely live.
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Rams’ top PFF grades vs. Cowboys: Gurley, Anderson absent
Saturday’s win over the Dallas Cowboys wasn’t the result of one single player for the Los Angeles Rams. It took a complete team effort on offense, defense and special teams. As a result, they’ve advanced to the conference championship where the Saints await them.
Looking back at Saturday’s win, two players did stand out: C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley. Anderson racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries, while Gurley had 115 yards of his own on 16 carries. They played a huge role in the Rams’ win, controlling the clock and wearing down Dallas’ defense.
Pro Football Focus apparently didn’t think their performances were all that impressive, though. Both Anderson and Gurley were left off PFF’s top grades for the Rams on the offensive side of the ball. Robert Woods had the highest grade of the night at 83.8, just ahead of three linemen and Jared Goff.
PFF has a tendency to grade running backs in mysterious ways, as evidenced by not only this game, but the entire 2018 season. For example, Gurley was the site’s 16th-ranked running back this season, while the NFL’s leading rusher, Ezekiel Elliott, was 31st.
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Stats shed light on Todd Gurley’s health, how Rams stopped Zeke
On the flip side, the Cowboys defense had no answer for Todd Gurley or C.J. Anderson. Gurley faced an eight-man box just 6.25 percent of the time on Saturday night compared to 8.2 percent in the regular season, which was the third-lowest rate in the NFL this year. The Cowboys expected a running play more often with Anderson on the field, loading the box 17.39 percent.
That’s a sign of respect, but it also shows the Cowboys expected the Rams to throw it with Gurley on the field. And that expectation wasn’t wrong. Anderson played 34 snaps and carried it 23 times on those plays. Gurley, on the other hand, had just 16 carries on 45 snaps.
As for Gurley’s health, there’s no question he’s feeling good. Sean McVay said as much on a conference call Sunday, and the numbers indicate that, too. He averaged 12.08 mph at the line of scrimmage on Saturday night, which is his highest number this season. The same goes for his six carries hitting 15 mph.
With Thunder and Lightning in the backfield, the Rams have a two-headed monster that will be difficult to stop moving forward.
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LA Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys playoffs: PFF answers questions for fans - Turf Show Times
Rams fans were worried about OL age and under-performing stars. Saturday’s win put those concerns to rest.
Here are the Pro Football Focus notes for the Los Angeles Rams 30-22 divisional playoff victory against the Dallas Cowboys.
Starting left tackle Andrew Whitworth not only earned his first ever playoff win on Saturday night, he did so earning his highest grade since week four of the regular season (82.8). He didn’t allow a single quarterback pressure on 30 pass-blocking snaps and has not allowed one since week 15 against the Eagles(70 combined pass-blocking snaps).
Running back C.J. Anderson rushed 23 times against the Cowboys, four or which went for 10 or more yards after avoiding 10 tackles and gaining 68 of his 123 yards after contact. Of those 23 carries, he also generated 13 first downs/touchdowns. Since signing with the Rams, Anderson has 14 carries of 10 or more yards, 264 of his 422 yards have come after first contact and has avoided 10 tackles while running for 33 first downs/touchdowns (half of his rushing attempts) for an overall run grade of 89.1.
Leading the way for the Rams’ defense was interior defender Ndamukong Suhwith his overall 80.5 game grade. He generated four quarterback pressures and added two defensive stops. His four quarterback pressures were the most he’s had since week 16 and the sixth time this season he has had at least four in a single game. His 88.2 run defense grade was easily his highest of the season with his second best being an 82.5 he earned in week nine against the Saints.
Edge defender Samson Ebukam found himself in coverage on 13 of his 51 total snaps and was targeted three times. On those three targets he allowed only one catch for -2 yards while breaking up what looked like a pick-six until he dropped it. He earned a 90.1 coverage grade while allowing a 42.4 passer rating into his coverage and showing some versatility to his game.
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6 craziest stats, records from Rams’ playoff win vs. Cowboys
Rams set franchise record for most rushing yards in postseason game
You’ve probably heard just how great the Rams’ ground game was on Saturday night, but you may not realize just how historic it was. Their 273 yards rushing were the most in a postseason game in franchise history. The previous record was also set against the Cowboys when the Rams rushed for 269 yards against Dallas in 1986. In that game, Eric Dickerson had 248 yards on the ground, which is an NFL postseason record.
Anderson’s 6-yard run on second-and-5 with 1:46 left to play not only sealed the win, but put the Rams just over the edge of that previous franchise record. It wasn’t his best run of the night, but it had plenty of meaning behind it.
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Stats show Cowboys’ interior OL is no match for Aaron Donald
Despite finishing in the middle of the pack in team sacks this season, the Los Angeles Rams generated pressure at a higher rate than any other team in the NFL. That’s largely thanks to Aaron Donald and his sheer dominance on the interior, leading all players in sacks, pressures, quarterback hits and tackles for loss.
If not for Donald, the Rams likely wouldn’t have finished 13-3 with a first-round bye and on Saturday night, he’ll need to come up big against the NFL’s leading rusher in Ezekiel Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott. Fortunately for L.A., he has a very favorable matchup on the inside.
The Cowboys have really struggled to protect Prescott from interior pressure, ranking toward the bottom of the league in that department. On the flip side, Donald is at the top of the NFL in pressures, disruptions, time to sack and total sacks.
According to these numbers from Next Gen Stats and Pro Football Focus, Dallas’ interior O-line is no match for Donald.
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Kirk Cousins Is Not Better Than Joe Montana. So Let’s Fix Passer Rating. | FiveThirtyEight
According to the NFL’s official passer rating system, the most efficient quarterback in NFL history is Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, with a lifetime mark of 103.1.1 That makes sense: Rodgers is generally regarded as one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. But if you scroll further down the list, the results become much harder to explain. In the world of passer rating, Kirk Cousins is better than Joe Montana; Derek Carr and Matt Schaub top Dan Marino; and, after one season, Broadway Sam Darnold is running circles around Broadway Joe Namath.
Passer rating is often criticized as Byzantine (have you seen that formula?), incomplete (it does not include data on rushing plays or sacks) and arbitrary (again, have you looked at the formula?). Yet its biggest shortcoming might be the way it is unmoored from changes in the game itself. Passing has never been more efficient than it was this season, in which the league’s average QB posted a rating of 92.9. That is remarkably high considering that a quarterback who posted a rating of 92.9 would have led all qualified passers in 15 separate seasons from 1950 through 1986. Clearly, the scale needs recalibrating.
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Rams finished 2018 season with highest pressure rate in NFL
Despite having the best interior pass rusher in the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams only finished 15th in the NFL with 41 sacks this season. Aaron Donald can only do so much by himself, and even with Ndamukong Suh playing next to him, he was still doubled more than 70 percent of the time.
Donald had exactly half of the Rams’ 41 sacks with 20.5 on his own, but Los Angeles still ranked atop the league in pressure generated. According to Buffalo News’ Chris Trapasso, the Rams had the highest pressure rate in the NFL at 40.1 percent – just barely ahead of the Eagles (39.7 percent). There was a big gap between the Eagles and the next-closest team with Jacksonville having a pressure rate of 37.8 percent.
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Final list of PFF's highest-graded quarterbacks in the NFL in 2018 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus
Overall Grade: 85.5
Goff had a career year with coach Sean McVay and the Rams in 2018. He was so much more than a system QB, as he finished eighth in the NFL in clean-pocket big-time throw percentage (5.45) on the year.
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LA Rams QB Jared Goff makes Pro Football Focus’ top 10 - Turf Show Times
The third-year quarterback is gradually shaking off the “system QB” label.
Los Angeles Rams starting QB Jared Goff is the 8th-best passer in the league according to Pro Football Focus.
PFF graded Goff with a 85.5, which places him above Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan:
Goff had a career year with coach Sean McVay and the Rams in 2018. He was so much more than a system QB, as he finished eighth in the NFL in clean-pocket big-time throw percentage (5.45) on the year.
This has been Goff’s best season under head coach Sean McVay. Compared to last season, Goff threw for 884 more yards, four more touchdowns and raised his completion percentage two more points. Additionally, he also threw five more interceptions this season (12).
Goff has proven he’s beyond the “system quarterback” label with his accurate passes both in the pocket and on the run, and his ability to lead an offense under pressure. Some defenses (New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Green Bay) showed there is still a lot of work to be done with the third-year quarterback.
Personally, I agree with this ranking. It’s difficult to take away anything from the Top 7 quarterbacks above him: Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.
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PFF ranks Rams’ offensive line 6th best in NFL for 2018 season
It’s no coincidence that the Los Angeles Rams have been far more efficient, explosive and consistent since revamping the offensive line in 2017. Jared Goff has turned into a Pro Bowler and Todd Gurley is the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, partly thanks to the play of the big men up front.
For most of the season, it was the best unit in the league. However, John Sullivan’s play has fallen off, Andrew Whitworth has slowed down a bit at left tackle and Rodger Saffold had trouble with the likes of Fletcher Cox.
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Pro Football Focus’ 5 highest-graded Rams of 2018 season
It was yet another impressive season by the Los Angeles Rams under Sean McVay, topping their 2017 win total by going 13-3 and sweeping the NFC West. They got some outstanding performances from their top players – led by Aaron Donald, of course – but a handful of role players like Austin Blythe and Cory Littleton also stepped up.
Pro Football Focus released its five highest-graded players from the 2018 season and it’s no surprise who’s No. 1. The next four players, however, might surprise some, especially considering Todd Gurley isn’t among them.
Despite leading the league in touchdowns and finishing third in rushing (1,251 yards), Gurley earned an overall grade of only 78.8 – 16th among running backs. What’s even more shocking is that Ezekiel Elliott, the leading rusher in the NFL this year, had a grade of just 72.3, which put him 29th at his position.
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Comparing Jared Goff’s passing grids from his first 3 seasons
It feels like just yesterday that Jared Goff was the first overall pick in the 2016 draft, but here we are three seasons later and the young quarterback is already a two-time Pro Bowler. He’s led the Rams to the postseason in each of the past two seasons, taking big steps forward as he looks to become an elite quarterback.
But just how far along has he come? As a rookie, he was arguably the worst passer in the NFL, going 0-7 with five touchdowns, seven interceptions and 26 sacks in his first seven starts. It wasn’t entirely his fault, considering Jeff Fisher was his head coach and the Rams’ offensive line was atrocious, but it was a difficult start to his professional career, nonetheless.
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LeBron James' 23,039 career shots in one graphic - NBA
LeBron James is one of the most dominant scorers in NBA history. He has scored 31,966 points, which is fifth all-time and only 326 points shy of Michael Jordan, who ranks fourth.
On LeBron's 34th birthday, let's take a quick look back at his buckets. All of them.
That's a lot of dots.
When you map out James' career 23,039 field goal attempts, you see 11,620 made shots and 11,419 misses. James' has made just over half of his career shots (50.4 percent).
James has scored from everywhere, but the key to his game is in the paint. Over his 15-plus year career, almost 36 percent of his shots have come within 3 feet of the rim. He's the King of the restricted area, and he has combined his incredible basketball IQ with his physical blend of speed and power to score more points in the paint than any player this century. Meanwhile, he has proven to be a capable, but average jump shooter, converting 34 percent of his 4,892 3-point attempts.
But here's the thing: He's not done. At 34, he has a lot left in the tank and a lotta dots left to map out. Happy Birthday, LeBron.
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7 crazy stats from Rams’ historic 2018 regular season
The Los Angeles Rams put a bow on a remarkable 2018 season Sunday by dominating the San Francisco 49ers, 48-32. They tied the Saints for the best record in the NFL at 13-3, earning the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye.
As impressive as their season was, it also came with some historical significance. This team was one of the best in franchise history, setting one major record and coming close to breaking a few others.
Here are the seven best stats from the Rams’ 2018 regular season:
Rams had more 30-point games this season than they did under Jeff Fisher
Third Rams team ever to win 13-plus games
Most 1st downs in franchise history, 4th team ever with 400-plus
Second-most points and yards in franchise history
Aaron Donald set 3 major records despite missing out on biggest one
Woods, Cooks accomplished something only Holt and Bruce have done
First time Rams have swept division since 1999
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NFL Players of the Month – December 2018 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus
To the surprise of absolutely no one, Donald has claimed the NFC Defensive Player of the Month crown for his work the past month. His 93.2 overall grade led all defenders over the past five weeks. He continues to push the boundary as a pass rusher on the interior of the defensive line, with 29 pressures in December and 106 on the season.
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My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories
Last year when I wrote about my must-have Mac apps, I was coming off a tumultuous year that started with a daily commute into Chicago for my old job and ended with me working from home. As the year came to a close, I was exploring what that meant for the way I work on the Mac.
That process continued into 2018. With the number of new things I took on in 2017 and the transition to indie life, I made the conscious decision to step back and settle into my new life. That wasn’t easy. There’s a natural tendency to take on everything that crosses your path when you go out on your own, but I’ve seen too many people fall into that trap in the past. Instead, I concluded that 2018 would be the year to improve the way I already work by refining existing workflows and reevaluating how I get things done, including on the Mac.
Three events led me to work on my Mac more in 2018. The first was the 27-inch LG 4K display I bought in January. It was a big step up from the 23-inch 1080p one I had before and, combined with a VESA arm, improved working at my Mac substantially.
The second factor was our MacStories coverage of the App Store’s tenth anniversary. For it, we produced seven extra episodes of AppStories that were released in the span of one week, which kept me in front of my Mac recording and editing for long periods of late May through June.
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3 Rams among PFF’s top 25 offensive linemen in NFL this season
Aside from the struggles the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive line has had in the past few weeks, the unit has been phenomenal this season. Guys like Andrew Whitworth, Austin Blythe and Rob Havenstein have provided outstanding protection for Jared Goff, while also opening up huge running lanes for Todd Gurley.
The offensive line is part of the reason the Rams’ offense has been so explosive this year, ranking third in points and yardage. Pro Football Focus has recognized the Rams’ line throughout the season, most recently ranking three players among the 25 best linemen in the NFL for 2018.
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7 crazy stats from Rams’ 31-9 win over Cardinals in Week 16
Aaron Donald is tied for second with seven multi-sack games in one season
We all know that Donald set the single-season sack record by a defensive tackle and broke Robert Quinn’s franchise record of 19 sacks in one season, but there’s a lesser-known record that Donald has a chance to match. He has seven multi-sack games this season, which is tied for the second-most in NFL history.
Reggie White is No. 1 with eight such games in 1987, so Donald will need two sacks next week to match that record. He’ll also pass Chris Doleman (1989) and Bruce Smith (1990), who each had seven multi-sack games in their respective seasons.
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Rams among leaders in pass-block, pass-rush win rate
Much has been made about the Los Angeles Rams’ recent struggles to rush the passer –outside of Aaron Donald – and protect Jared Goff. They’re both very warranted concerns, but over the course of the entire season, the Rams’ offensive line has been great.
Additionally, the defense is still overly reliant on Donald as a pass rusher, but his dominance up front makes up for a lot of the Rams’ inefficiencies on the edge.
ESPN created new metrics this season called pass-rush and pass-block win rate. Essentially, it measures how often a pass rusher or offensive lineman wins his battle against the guy across from him by either holding a block for 2.5-plus seconds or beating a block in under 2.5 seconds.
The Rams don’t have any representatives in the OLB/DE category, but to no one’s surprise, Donald is at the top of the list for defensive tackles. he has a win rate of 42 percent, which is substantially higher than the next-closest player, Chris Jones (35 percent). Strangely enough, Robert Quinn is No. 1 among edge rushers at 40 percent.
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Rams’ WR duo matches feat last accomplished by Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce
The Los Angeles Rams could do very little right on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears, falling 15-6 at Soldier Field. It was the team’s worst game under Sean McVay, bringing back memories of their loss to the Vikings last season.
As disappointing as Sunday’s loss to the Bears was, there was a milestone reached by the Rams’ receiver duo. With his seven catches for 61 yards, Robert Woods eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career.
He joined Brandin Cooks as the second Rams receiver to reach 1,000 yards receiving this season, giving the Rams two players with at least 1,000 yards each – a fairly rare feat even in today’s NFL.
It’s been especially rare for the Rams in the past decade with no wide receiver tandem accomplishing the feat in 12 years. According to the Rams’ game notes from Sunday, Cooks and Woods are the first wide receiver duo with 1,000 yards each since Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce did it in 2006.
They also reached 1,000 yards each in the same season from 200-02, as well as 2004. That’s what Cooks and Woods are looking up at, though if they stay together for several more years, there’s a good chance they’ll rack up quite a few seasons like this one.
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december 2018 by rgl7194
7 crazy stats that prove how clutch Aaron Donald is for the Rams
Aaron Donald has been the talk of the league this season for his absolutely astonishing level of play. He leads the league in sacks (16.5), tackles for loss (20) and quarterback hits (32), somehow improving upon a season in which he won Defensive Player of the Year.
As long as he keeps up this torrid pace, he’s a lock to win the award again, but he’ll also be in the MVP discussion. Rams Wire’s Andrew Ortenberg broke down why he deserves to be a contender for MVP and the numbers are there to back it up.
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december 2018 by rgl7194
Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack: $177M and worth every (guaranteed) penny - Chicago Bears Blog- ESPN
The saga lasted 18 months, included two training camp holdouts and endless speculation whether Aaron Donald sought to be paid quarterback money. But at last, 10 days before the 2018 season opener, the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year signed a six-year, $135 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Rams, including $87 million guaranteed, to become the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.
That title lasted less than a day. Then Khalil Mack stole at least part of Donald’s thunder.
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december 2018 by rgl7194
Blitzing hasn’t worked for Rams, and thanks to Aaron Donald, that’s OK
Despite having Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib on the same team, the Los Angeles Rams’ defense has been just average this season, if not subpar. Granted, Talib missed eight games, but the defense as a whole simply hasn’t lived up to the high expectations it carried into the regular season.
There are several areas you can point to as reasons why it hasn’t worked out as planned, but the run defense and lack of a pass rush outside of Aaron Donald are two key factors. The Rams have tried to counteract the latter problem by blitzing every now and then, but it’s been to no avail.
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december 2018 by rgl7194
How FiveThirtyEight’s 2018 Midterm Forecasts Did | FiveThirtyEight
On Nov. 5, the night before last month’s midterms, I got dinner with Sean Trende from RealClearPolitics. Over the years, Sean and I have learned to stare into the abyss and play out various “unthinkable” scenarios in our head. Sure, it was unlikely, but what if Republicans won the popular vote for the House, as a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted just before the election suggested? Or what if Democrats won it by about 15 percentage points, as a Los Angeles Times poll had it? What if polls were just so screwed up that there were a ton of upsets in both directions?
Instead, the election we wound up with was one where everything was quite … dare I say it? … predictable. Polls and forecasts, including FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, were highly accurate and did about as well as you could expect. So let’s go through how our forecast, in particular, performed: I’ll brag about what it got right, along with suggesting some areas where — despite our good top-line numbers — there’s potentially room to improve in 2020.
538  election  congress  state  statistics  review 
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NFL.com ranks LA Rams’ Jared Goff #3; does respect feel forced? - Turf Show Times
While NFL writers like Gregg Rosenthal remain enthralled with QBs like Aaron Rodgers, they are missing the greatness of LA Rams QB Jared Goff.
Old habits die hard.
In ranking NFL quarterbacks, we can pay attention to tradition, history, and Super Bowl rings. That makes sense, but the NFL is changing quickly. Last week’s Monday Night Football game proved that the new guard of NFL stars have arrived. So, what is NFL.com’s Gregg Rosenthal writing about this week in regards to his updated QB rankings? That Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has slipped a spot behind Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers. Gasp! My 2011 pearls are clutched.
At the beginning of the season, it was difficult to find any national NFL article that listed Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff as a top QB. To quote the late Rodney Dangerfield, “no respect.”
For Week 1, Rosenthal’s QB index listed Jared Goff at #18, right behind Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota. Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr was 16!
football  rams  goff  ranking  statistics 
november 2018 by rgl7194
This stat shows how excellent Rams receivers have been
Any top offense needs to have a group of skill position players with sure hands, and that’s exactly what the Los Angeles Rams have. Jared Goff has been delivering accurate passes all season long, and his receivers have returned the favor by never really letting him down...
In fact, the Rams have the lowest dropped pass rate of any team in the entire league. Drops are a surefire drive-killer and a great way to stall offensive momentum. Rams pass catchers have been credited with drops on just 2.2 percent of passes, and there isn’t a single Ram who has really struggled with drops much this year.
football  rams  goff  statistics  twitter 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Sean McVay says Aaron Donald is playing better than he did in 2017
Since coming into the NFL, Aaron Donald has been one of the toughest players to stop, regardless of position. He started out as the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2014 with nine sacks, followed by an 11-sack campaign in 2015. He was named a first-team All-Pro three straight years from 2015-17 and is well on his way to doing the same this season with a league-high 14.5 sacks.
Like a fine wine, Donald just keeps getting better with age.
He’s proved to be even better than he was in 2017 when he had 11 sacks in 14 games, earning Defensive Player of the Year honors. He already has 3.5 more sacks and one more tackle for loss this year despite playing three fewer games.
In Sean McVay’s eyes, he’s only progressed after a remarkable season.
football  rams  AD99  statistics 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Numbers behind pass-rush dominance of Aaron Donald of Los Angeles Rams - 2018 NFL
Aaron Donald is the NFL's best pass-rusher, and the No. 2 defender isn't even close. What's more telling is the way in which Donald dominates is completely different than how the rest of the league's best approach the job.
Yes, the Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle leads the league in sacks with 12.5, but sacks undersell Donald's greatness. That statistic fails to capture the impact of an elite disruptor on a play-to-play basis.
football  rams  AD99  statistics 
november 2018 by rgl7194
7 craziest stats from Rams’ 54-51 win vs. Chiefs
The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs treated fans to an absolute thriller on Monday night at the Coliseum, one of the best games in NFL history, if not the very best. It was back-and-forth all night with countless lead changes, defensive touchdowns and 105 total points.
They blew by the highest over/under ever (63.5) in the third quarter, topping the mark by almost 42 points. There are so many things that made this a historic game, so we’ll list seven of the craziest stats to come out of Monday night’s epic shootout.
Only game in NFL history with two 50-point performances
There were 14 total touchdowns and 1,001 yards, equating to the final score of 54-51. Believe it or not, but this was the first time in NFL history that both teams scored at least 50 points. Reaching 50 is crazy for one team to do in a single game, but it’s unheard of for both to score that many, as we saw on Monday night.
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