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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017 - The Drive
We've compiled a list of the world's 10 most expensive cars (more or less) on the market.
The number of supercars and hypercars is growing at a fast clip. That means competition for the most expensive car in the world title is also growing. From the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster to the McLaren P1 to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, expensive, high-ticket rarities are crowding the top of the market. Surprisingly, a most expensive car list is not as easy to make as you might think. The prices for the most expensive cars fluctuate depending on customer build requests, which—among the buyers of the world's most expensive cars—can get rather baroque.
To assemble the list, we tried to filter out the wide spectrum of suspect vapor, such as the late Marussia, the Zenvo TS1, and the Icona Vulcano Titanium, and instead went with cars that have established sales, something of a history, and at least partially verifiable base prices—Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, and Pagani, and Koenigsegg, among others. 
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I can’t remember the actual brand of this Pagani. But it really doesn’t matter. – theLamleyGroup
CM Maybe? I ran with “Kyosho Factory OEM” back in the day.
Either way, I thought it was a good time to feature this Pagani Huayra again.
I have had it for a few years, and have always liked it. It is officially a “DMC Exclusive”, meaning a Daboxtoys exclusive from around 2013. The model was built in the factory Kyosho used at the time, but I can’t remember much more than that. But this color was created for Daboxtoys, and sold exclusively by them. This might have started the itch that led to Tarmac Works, considering one of the founders, Felix Kwong, was involved as well.
Significance aside, this model will always stay in the collection.
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster (2018 HW Exotics)
I love the gray paintjob done on this Huayra. Interesting red semi-translucent interior though, not sure why Mattel went with that but I like it actually.
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Take a Hard Look at the Pagani Huayra Roadster's Soft Top | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Flash rainstorms turn highway underpasses into temporary shelters, where wet mops of humanity huddle together, fumbling with convertible roofs, waiting it out. But it’s windy. You’re soaked. You’re in a Pagani Huayra roadster. The Harley guys just grin at you, the Wrangler bros are busy zipping their plastic windows. What’s your next move?
Behind the conventional doors is a handy soft top folded into one of the side trunks, a standard piece the company hadn’t detailed during the roadster’s debut last year in Geneva. Unlike the removable carbon-fiber hardtop with a glass panel, this top stays with the car as “the perfect solution for emergencies,” according to Pagani spokeswoman Giulia Roncarati. And it’s easier to install this top than the pup tents on a Jeep or a Porsche Boxster Spyder.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Top 7 fastest naturally aspirated road cars ever | DriveTribe
Natural aspiration has been falling down a slippery slope ever since the dawn of forced induction, with atmospheric performance engines now being chased with pitchforks and torches to the far flung reaches of the automotive world.
Twin-turbocharging is now the go-to method of creating supercar levels of power but there's still something to be said for a highly tuned, bored-out naturally aspirated engine. To celebrate the last free-breathing beasts alive today, we've collected the fastest of them all that stand defiant against any form of bolt-on compressor.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Case Report: 2018 Hot Wheels E Case – the Lamley Group
Loaded case alert.
Wheel Collectors just received their pallet of Hot Wheels 2018 E Cases, and there is a lot be excited about. Some of you have already found the batch at TRU and elsewhere, and other stores should get it soon. Or you can just get what you want at Wheel Collectors, and there is a lot (including a few Supers):
Hot Wheels 2018 Mix E at Wheel Collectors
As always, the gang at WC pulled a case at random and documented its contents, 3-by-3, for Lamley Readers. And they definitely picked the right case, as you will see ($oup alert).
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january 2018 by rgl7194
Two Lane Desktop: Hot Wheels 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster
Not to be outdone by Kinsmart Hot Wheels has revamped the Huyara with the introduction of the roadster by not only cutting the top off but also updating areas that were criticized in the coupe version when it arrived in 2014.
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december 2017 by rgl7194
Two Lane Desktop: Kinsmart 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Pagani Huayra BC
Kinsmart is one of the fastest growing pullback models in 1:32-1:43 scale range with more models being distributed now to several stores, most of them started selling them at the end of last year. In the beginning they tended to be rather sublime in style with a few incorrect details here and there, but over the years they have improved the quality and details of their models. Just one look at the new for 2017 Camaro ZL1 and Pagani Huayra BC shows how good they have gotten, and now you can find them almost anywhere.
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december 2017 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Pagani Huayra (2017 Entertainment - Forza Motorsport)
I can never get tired of these Entertainment cars! As always, it's all metal construction, comes with rubber wheels, and along with extra details. The Forza graphics aren't bad either!
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december 2017 by rgl7194
Didn’t want the whole Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza set? Wheel Collectors now has singles available. – the Lamley Group
When I previewed the Hot Wheels Forza set at TRU, a few of you mentioned you would wait until the singles were out in order to get the models you want. Some just want the BMW CSL, or Ford GT, or the brand new Porsche 356.
Now is your chance, as Wheel Collectors has the singles listed...
2017 Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza at Wheel Collectors
So head on over and take your pic. Or just buy the set. Choices.
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november 2017 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster (New for 2017! - HW Exotics)
Talk about an awesome exotic supercar! For the first release, it's in a nice navy blue with details. Not bad!
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november 2017 by rgl7194
Lamley Preview (Part 1): 2017 Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza 5-Car Set (with Toys R Us Exclusive Packaging) – the Lamley Group
This is a beautiful set.  Beautiful enough that I am going to give it a fair amount of attention before it hits TRU next month.
So here is Part 1.  The new Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza 5-Car set.  Full premium, with a new casting (Porsche 356 Speedster), and three new diecast chassis (BMW CSL, Ford GT Race, and Pagani Huayra).  And all packaged in a TRU exclusive box.
Part 2 & 3 are coming later.  Opening of course, and then a whole lot of photos.
Enjoy the video, and as always, thanks to Mattel for allowing me to preview these.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
From WWE to Hollywood stardom, Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock, is an idol for many. Starting off in professional wrestling, Dwayne quickly reached the top, becoming one of the most celebrated wrestlers of the 21st century. However, he eventually decided a career change was in order. Moving in to Hollywood, The Rock dominated once again, appearing in a number of action packed blockbusters including the Fast and Furious franchise and San Andreas.
In 2016, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth was estimated to be a staggering $185 million, making him the world’s highest paid actor for that year.
So, to celebrate this absolute beast of a man, we decided to take a look inside of his garage to see if his car collection matched his stature.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
This Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Is One of Three | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Production of the first car from Pagani Automobili, the Zonda, supposedly ended years ago. But then a surprise special edition was built. And another one. And another one, to the point where Horacio Pagani is starting to sound like DJ Khaled. Pushing the company’s second car, the Huayra, to the side, Pagani brought another old but new Zonda to Pebble Beach this past weekend, this time in roadster form as a special project built specifically for founder Horacio.
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august 2017 by rgl7194
Photographing a $2,500,000 Car with a $50,000 Camera
How would you go about photographing a $2.5 million car? That’s the challenge photographer Richard Thompson faced last year when he was tasked with shooting the Pagani Huayra BC on the streets of New York. For this car, of which only 100 were produced, Thompson decided to use a Phase One XF 100MP medium format camera kit that costs over $50,000.
The 5.5-minute video by Phase One above is a behind-the-scenes look at how the shoot was done.
Thompson spent two months pre-visualizing the shoot and came up with images that couldn’t be made in single NYC locations, so he decided to shoot different portions on location and composite them during post-production.
The shoot was held under the Long Island railroad. Since the location isn’t the safest of neighborhoods, the city required that the team had police on hand for protection during the shoot.
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august 2017 by rgl7194
2017 Hot Wheels M Case #290 '17 Pagani Huayra Roadster - New Model - Hall's Guide for Hot Wheels Collectors
Episode 220 – Is the ’17 Pagani Huayra Roadster just the Pagani Huayra without a top? Absolutely not! This 2017 Hot Wheels New Model is actually an even more incredible piece of machinery. Thumbs up if you love supercars!
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june 2017 by rgl7194
Pagani Huayra Roadster Photos and Info – News – Car and Driver
More powerful and lighter than the coupe.
If there’s one thing supercar builder Horacio Pagani wants everybody to know about his new Pagani Huayra roadster, it’s this: This is not just a Huayra with the roof removed. This is a brand-new car, even if it has the same name and general shape as the gullwing coupe that came before. Pagani says it applied lessons learned from creating the hard-core Huayra BC to every detail on the roadster. Although it uses the same Mercedes-AMG V-12 mounted amidships, the roadster is more powerful, lighter, stiffer, and said to offer better handling—all due to technological and materials improvements. Each of the 100 roadsters to be built will sell for $2.4 million, but leave your checkbook where it is: Every single one already is spoken for.
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february 2017 by rgl7194
the Lamley Group: The Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Set has hit the US, and is now available at Wheel Collectors...
Second only to Japan Historics, Hot Wheels Gran Turismo has been one of the most highly anticipated sets of the year, and for US collectors, it is finally here.
Wheel Collectors just unloaded a HUGE pallet of Gran Turismo, and they are available as sets or singles at the WC eBay store...
Hot Wheels Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors
We showcased the set a few weeks ago, and I remain convinced it is one of the best basic assortments Hot Wheels has done.  I still don't know exactly where it will show up at retail, so Wheel Collectors might be one of the best options to complete the set.  And while singles are nice, I would concentrate on the set.  The models are cheaper, and there isn't a weak one in the bunch.
Grab them while you can...
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may 2016 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2016 Gran Turismo Assortment (Set of 8)
This is one hot set of Hot Wheels cars! Most would agree that it is a must have for any Hot Wheels collector out there, myself included. The casting selection is amazing and each car has an excellent presentation. My personal favorites out of this set include the Skyline, Ford GT, and the Gallardo. How about yourself?
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may 2016 by rgl7194

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